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Started this discussion. Last reply by Karen Black yesterday. 27 Replies

Something different this year for Saint Patrick's Day.  I created the effigy from Paper Mache, people will attach their grievances during March.  Later, during an April Moon - St. Patrick will be burned ceremoniously in the fire!Article write up…Continue

Tags: Irish-Pride, Irish-Ancestry, Celtic-Recons, St-Patricks-Day, St-Patty

Gavin Frost dies on 9/11/16

Started this discussion. Last reply by Raven Heart Sep 12, 2016. 3 Replies

Blog Spot…Continue

Tags: Frost, Gavin




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Medb St. Jerome replied to SIN JONES's discussion The Debate: Is Islam a Religion of Peace?
"The problem is that the term "Evil" is an ill defined term. One persons devil is another persons savior. What exactly do you mean by Evil?"
Medb St. Jerome replied to SIN JONES's discussion The Debate: Is Islam a Religion of Peace?
"Humans are dangerous animals. The religion is irrelevant when measuring the capacity for violence."
MarcusAgrippa replied to SIN JONES's discussion The Debate: Is Islam a Religion of Peace?
"Well folks debating this all is just fine ....  however there are the events in the real world. To quote Patrick Henry famous speech ,,"Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace! But there is no peace." Best of Luck to you All!!   …"
Katey replied to SIN JONES's discussion #GrievanceDay
JOEL MILAN replied to SIN JONES's discussion #GrievanceDay
" An estimated 50,000 undocumented Irish immigrants live in the United States -- they make up a small percentage of the more than 11 million…"
Barry J King replied to SIN JONES's discussion #GrievanceDay
"Celtic Folk Metal and Celtic Punk is just fun to listen to. It sucks when the cool venues close."
Barry J King replied to SIN JONES's discussion #GrievanceDay
"Quite enjoyable."
SIN JONES replied to SIN JONES's discussion #GrievanceDay
"I've been advised that Saint Pat will be burned during the April Moon (Esbat)."
SIN JONES replied to SIN JONES's discussion #GrievanceDay
"Nope, you can make a list."
SIN JONES replied to Vegan's discussion Everyone's a Satanist?
"No, actually they don't.  People can believe all they like that they are 'practicing Satanism' but they are not.  It's something else.  Their disagreement and disbelief doesn't change the core of the…"
SIN JONES replied to Shawn Blackwolf's discussion Antartic Ice Crack
"Yes, I have.  A lot of it is normal ice melt off that's seasonal (as per the elliptical).  The reporting has been pretty alarmist.  A lot of that is propaganda and climate/change clap trap.   There's always…"
Mar 16
SIN JONES replied to Fiona's discussion Trump's Taxes
"The thing I don't like about her presentations is that she really believes she's an objective journalist.  She's not.  She should just go into talk radio because most of her rants are nothing more than opinion pieces."
Mar 16
SIN JONES replied to SIN JONES's discussion #GrievanceDay
"People often do like an art book.  Can't say it interests me, but not sure if there's a lot of interest out there either. "
Mar 16
SIN JONES replied to Vegan's discussion Everyone's a Satanist?
Mar 16
SIN JONES replied to Vegan's discussion Everyone's a Satanist?
"No.  Any person can claim to be set apart, or individuals within a mass.  That's not enough either."
Mar 16
SIN JONES replied to Vegan's discussion Everyone's a Satanist?
"No, Satanism is just Satanism. It's just one manifestation of the LHP.  Everything else is misunderstanding. Whether the government recognizes it or not, doesn't mean much aside practice for men/women in the Armed forces and dipping…"
Mar 16

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Kitchen Witchin' - Making Wine

Posted on February 12, 2016 at 9:30pm 2 Comments

I was going to make a go of making a batch of Kilju, so I started doing research,…


PS is the place to be!

Posted on October 6, 2015 at 2:23pm 5 Comments, the hottest place to be right now!

You get banned, you come…


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At 12:03pm on February 14, 2017, Fiona said…

Hello SIN,

I just wanted to state again just how much I love your youtube channel.  It sucks that The Art of Lying has been taken down.  It was a GREAT video and I absolutely LOVED it.  It sucks when youtube takes your videos down.  Have you thought about making a copy to, Dailymotion, vimeo,  I love your content and I hope that you'd keep going.

You've been very inspirational to me.  I'm not as talented as you are. It's shocking that you don't have more subs.  Your channel is better than a lot of ones out there.   You should at least be at 30k subs.  I love your insight and take on things.  Anyway, I missed your wit.  Not everybody is as brilliant as you, and thank you so much for spending your precious sweet time debating me.  I've learned a lot from these debates.  I'm sorry for any stress that I may have caused you. 

Take Care :) 

At 10:36pm on November 26, 2016, Phillip De La Torre said…

I love your pics

At 1:43pm on November 10, 2016, Rosey Cross said…

At 2:11pm on August 19, 2016, FayanaIlona said…
At 3:24am on June 30, 2016, Fiona said…

(Part 2)

Looks like my other screen shots didn't show. You could delete these comments if you want.  I just couldn't message this to you privately for some reason. Otherwise, I would've sent these to you in private message.

At 3:20am on June 30, 2016, Fiona said…

SIN, I could really use your advice. I would send this to you through messages, but it seems like I'm blocked (?) from messaging you, so I'll try to say this as nicely as I could.  But I have 2 problems I need your advice on. 

1. Sargon make an excellent video about the Aftermath of British people leaving the EU.  It was phenomenal and I think it's a great topic. I don't know if I should bump up Son of Laufey's thread or start a new one because I have a lot to saw about the Aftermath.  And Laufey's thread is about what England should do.  Sargon's video is about the Aftermath. 

2. I am ok with people disagreeing with me on my threads.  That's ok.  But Neph has been, imo, really petulant about it.  Like making multiple memes about me.  Using fallacies.  None of her criticisms are constructive. I feel like I'm dealing with incessant nagging.  Kinda like this.  Sargon makes political videos.  He talks about politics.  Like the Amazing Atheist talks about atheism.  And like Hank Green talks about science.  And most of what comes out of Neph's fingers is an ad hominem attack.  She said absolutely, positively, NOTHING about the topic in the video.  Not that I've noticed.  All she did was share a bunch of character assassination attempts which isn't even RELATED to the video.  I don't understand what "Sargon is supported by racists...Sargon's face insult Kevin Logan."  Have anything to do with the actual video I've posted.  Then there's memes about me.  Or I was actually having a pleasant conversation with somebody.  And her head started spinning because I've said I like Sargon's videos. 

I don't mind constructive criticisms.  I've lost many debates with you. I've lost every debate with The Justicar.  I learned so many new things from him.  Actually, it wasn't really so much of a debate, as much as he pointing out when I'm wrong about something.   

But Neph's statements isn't even that much related to the topic.  Unless you know how "Racists people love Sargon."  Is related to "Britain should leave the EU"?  Do you know how those 2 are related to each other?  Or I had one thread that wasn't even about Sargon & she brought Sargon up out of nowhere to make a childish meme about me.

She's becoming more and more ridiculous.  It's like she's not even trying to have an adult conversation.  She has absolutely nothing productive to add.  Here are the screen shots I've taken of her "lovely, adult like behavior."  And, arguments are bound to happen.  But there is a difference between arguments happening and starting arguments.  At least when things got nasty between me & Rose. It escalated into an argument.  Neither of us intended to argue.  It's a difference when things heat up and people act like this.  But it's another thing to be a shit starter.  I can no longer trust her to act like an adult.  This is not me trying to go Fiona = Angel or Neph = Devil. I'm sure you may perceive the situation differently.  But I feel nagged, pestered, she made that meme about Sargon on a thread that wasn't even about him.  I haven't seen her add anything constructive in my threads lately.  There are no constructive criticisms. 

At 3:12pm on June 20, 2016, Fiona said…

Ok, that's good. You're normally very active in forums, so I was very much concerned for your health.

At 5:21pm on June 9, 2016, Fiona said…

Are you ok?  You're very quiet lately, and not as active in forums. Did something bad happen to you or are you just busy because your business is booming?  Are your going to quit moderating P.S? 

I hope nothing bad happened to you.  Or if you made it rich selling your jewelry & getting that patreon money from youtube, then congrats :)  

At 3:12pm on May 2, 2016, David J. Mcessey said…

Hey there; Found this;

figure this is some thing that should be shared with everyone

wish  you well

At 3:54pm on February 6, 2016, Fiona said…

Hey SIN, do I have your permission to discuss some of your work on a google hangout on youtube?  I'm thinking of discussion some of your written work, as well as your youtube videos. 

I just wanted your permission because you could block my video or have your video copyrighted or whatever.  And I do want to talk about your videos with a guest.  I mean, if he's available.  And if you would like a copy of a hangout where your work is mentioned, I'll be happy to give it to you.  I would also be happy to invite you on the show.  After all, it's your work. You're such a big presence.  Hell, you have more subs than both of us.  So, we'll be lucky to have a person as big as you on my little show.  I only started hosting google hangouts so I only have 1 sub so far.  


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