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What to do with wasted animal parts?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Griffin Nov 27, 2015. 22 Replies

Biiiig trigger warning here, that I'll be talking about dead animals and how to utilize parts of them in practice. Please no vegan vs bloodmouth discussion... pretty please. It's really clear by the…Continue

Painting and Hidden Sigils

Started this discussion. Last reply by Demeter Jun 20, 2015. 20 Replies

Well, I'll be painting the entirety of my living space. Am considering putting some protective sigils on the walls before panting them. Has anyone else tried this and did it seem to have a positive…Continue

Tags: home, household

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About Me:
Trans masculine agender. He/him or they/them pronouns. An equestrian, goat herder, artist, vulture. I adore animals in life and death. I do hunt, I am not vegan, and I'm not willing to debate about it.

I have been practicing for about 7 years, being both crafty and spiritual. In 2012, I put roots down and began developing my own path, which I have decided to share openly with others.

I am proudly Tsalagi. I do not stand for cultural appropriation. I was denied my culture as a child, so people cherry-picking and appropriating hurts in my blood and bones. This may be why I choose to not associate with you. Thanks for understanding.

Eager for friends and to learn and to share!
Beliefs / Practices
Pagan, Witch, Native American Spirituality
Other Beliefs/Practices
Huntwitch is the specific name of my religion and practice.
How did you find PaganSpace?

Laws of Huntwitch

  • Observe and listen. Do not offer unwanted advise or opinions, or tell your troubles to those who do not wish to hear them.
  • Do not make sexual advances upon others without clear permission, always be clear in your intentions.
  • Do not lie or give false testimony, nor betray your Yood.
  • Do not unnecessarily take what belongs to another unless it remaining in their possession would harm them or another being.
  • Treat others with respect for their natural rights at all times; all other forms of respect much be earned- unless you are within their own home as a guest.
  • Do not unnecessarily harm the young, do not be sexual to adolescents, and let them be children.
  • Do not unnecessarily harm animals or elementals or otherwise unmentioned beings.
  • We are not perfect creatures, failure is inevitable in some cases. Accept this, but strive to do your best in all things.
  • Do what is right at all times, even if you may lose something for doing so.
  • All life is equal in stature, no life is worth any more or any less than another. Treat all people with equal regard and equal respect to them. Judge not, others for their gender, sex, age, shape, color, being; it is not purposeful in survival. Judge instead for actions, courtesy, honor, honesty.
  • Honor the natural cycles of the universe - the cycle of Birth, Life, Death, and Rebirth; the seasonal changes; the natural food chain - at all times.
  • Do not kill animals unless for survival, food, or to ease their suffering; utilize as much as possible from any kills and show reverence for the animal’s life.
  • When in nature, take nothing but what is necessary or abandoned; always leave something in repayment for what you take or keep.
  • Do not unnecessarily take what does not belong to you, from any human, animal, or elemental.
  • Honor the Great Five and devote everything you do in life to them.
  • Treat others with respect for their natural rights at all times; all other forms of respect much be earned- unless you are within their own home as a guest; remember that when in nature, you ARE a guest.
  • Do what you can to reduce your footprint in this life and the damage done to this Earth. Be kind to it, care for it, and protect it. It will be the beholder for the generations beyond us.
  • All life is equal in stature, no life is worth any more or any less than another. Treat all things, be they human, animal, or elemental, with equal regard and equal respect to their inherent and natural rights.

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At 8:55pm on September 15, 2016, Brooke Rothwell said…

Sisters of the Dark Moon


-Give beginners resources
-Help connect students to appropriate teachers
-Strengthen the Pagan political voice
-Provide an avenue for pagan networking
-Provide a meeting place for pagans
-Facilitate support groups for the pagan community's needs and desires
-Hold classes to further knowledge
-Support pagan run functions and events
-Hold public workshops, rituals, and functions

This new group is designed to help to give the pagan community more voice, more presence, and allow the people that are scattered by so many egos, paths, and issues to come together for the betterment of the community. To swallow our pride, to fight our ego, to embrace the divine in each other and use that power to have a political voice, a community service plan, and a network of so many wonderful brothers and sisters.

We invite each and every one of you to join the new group: and help me in this worthy cause.

This group is OURS. As such, we seek many. Those that can help with web sites, politics, organization, business, teaching, sites, leg work, ritual leaders, schmoozing and everything else. We embrace those that come with pure intention of making our community stronger and more united.

This is NOT for one type of pagan. We call to all that follow energy, craft magick, stylize ritual, or embrace the divine.

This group is not for judgment. We all have different tolerance, desires, beliefs, and perceptions. We must learn to accept everyone's. As Pagans we need to be able to do this because we have people looking at us to set the example..


At 3:18pm on November 27, 2015, Kixs said…

Thanks for the friend request Griffin. Send me a pm and I'll help ya out with the bone meal thing.

Griffin's Blog


Posted on November 21, 2015 at 9:21pm 1 Comment

I've prodded around on this site multiple times, but never really stuck to it. I'm very hopeful to perhaps find and make new friendships here. Sharing spirituality and practices with like-minds should be good for me. I need to reach out, so here I am! I'm very timid and anxious, so being the first to message might not be very likely.

Anyone here dabble in ancestry, death, animals, or trees?


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