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Hurricane Harvey

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"Reclaiming" Heathenism from racists (etc)

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Evolving Spiritualities

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The Crimson Ceremony

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At 12:19pm on October 22, 2017, Jessilynn Jane Liddell said…

Hope you accept my friend request... Just seeking information, and I read one of your posts, and it kinda stuck with me. I would like to speak with you on it if possible :)

At 4:20pm on October 19, 2017, Enigma said…

Your right about that. lol

At 6:51am on October 19, 2017, Enigma said…

Your one cool Lady, maybe a little crazy. LOL

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Speak. I am the Crimson One. The lies and the mist are not they but I. You all know that I am One. Yes, and the One is I. Believers hearken to me! Twenty score men and seven thousand beasts. Heed my words and speaketh them to all, that they shall ever be obeyed even under the light of the proud and merciless sun. I shall bring down bitter vengeance upon thee and thou shalt suffer my eternal wrath. The beauty of the withering flower and the last struggles of the dying man, they are my blessings. Thou shalt ever call upon me and all that is me in the place that is silent. Oh, proud fragrance of life which flies towards the heart. Oh Cup which brims with the whitest of wine, it is in thee that all begins.
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-Lilith: The first Eve
-Codex Chimalpopoca
-Inanna: Queen of Heaven and Earth
-Borgia codex
-Florentine codex

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Occultist, Pagan, Witch, Wiccan, Other Spirituality, Native American Spirituality
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Shamanistic, Neo-Wicca/Wicca, dream working, nagualism, Hindu
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Tezcatlipoca, Quetzalcoaltl, Tlaloc, Itzpapalotl, Inanna, Ereshkigal, Mahakali, Durga, Xolotl, Lilith
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Xuchilbara replied to Snowflake's discussion "Where are all the English people?"
"None of what you said here makes logical sense when compared to anthropological data. Being white does not correlate to intelligence. Skin color has absolutely nothing to do with it; Vitamin D production does have something to do with the skin…"
Xuchilbara replied to Snowflake's discussion "Where are all the English people?"
"Geography plays a role in why there are still tribal people in the world and one of the reasons some places lack adequate sources materials. Not bad agricultural practices per se. Also, colonialism and first world nations taking resources from other…"
Xuchilbara replied to Snowflake's discussion "Where are all the English people?"
"That sounds like he is a savant, which is one of the most brilliant things a person can be. The human brain is amazing and it's still largely a mystery to us, because it evolved to be complex and is like a supercomputer. As you pointed out,…"
Xuchilbara replied to Snowflake's discussion "Where are all the English people?"
"It's wrong and it's bunk science. Correlation =/= causation. The brain mass thing could be attributed to, once again, a lack of resources because of malnutrition. Do you want an actual anthropological source with this or do you want to…"

Xuchilbara's Blog

My Classifications of Magic

Posted on August 21, 2012 at 9:12pm 1 Comment

Classes of magic:










Black or Unholy Magic: Drawn from Mazoku and their subordinates, often times offensive and destructive in nature.


White or Holy Magic: Drawn from the gods and their subordinates, usually more defensive.


Shamanistic: Magic drawn from nature, nature spirits, or spirits.


Fusion magic: Magic that is fused from…


Response to Open letter to Meanies

Posted on February 7, 2012 at 7:00pm 15 Comments

This is my response to Sat-Sekhmet's blog and I want anyone confused about the group and it's purpose clarified I've bolded Sat's responses.

Let us see if you can handle what you dish out Sat. I'm the creator of the group, when I re-post this on my blog I will NOT moderate comments. I am not offended by what…


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