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Rev. Dr. Anne Frances
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  • lake katrine
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Rev. Dr. Anne Frances is an interfaith Ordained Minister, claircogant, clairvoyant, empathic multi- modality metaphysican whose practice is to connect with the angelic and spiritual realms to provide spiritual counseling, energy healing and intuitive guidance. Masters degree in Religion, Doctor of Religious Science, Doctor of Metaphysics,
certified Angel Therapist, Personal Fitness Trainer, Kundalini/Ra-Sheeba Reiki Master and Certified

Hypnotherapist. Presently working on Doctorate in Philosophy, Ph.D., in metaphysicsl parapsychology,

through the university of Sedona.

I am a Certified through the Professional Board of Hypnotherapy.

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Anything Ted Andrews writes. All of Doreen Vitures Books. Hutchers, Abadie, Newton, James Vanderkam, Peter Flint
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Occultist, Spiritual but not Religious, Pagan, Witch, Wiccan, Mystic, Shaman, Other Spirituality, Native American Spirituality, Druid
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You are The Moon

Hope, expectation, Bright promises.

The Moon is a card of magic and mystery - when prominent you know that nothing is as it seems, particularly when it concerns relationships. All logic is thrown out the window.

The Moon is all about visions and illusions, madness, genius and poetry. This is a card that has to do with sleep, and so with both dreams and nightmares. It is a scary card in that it warns that there might be hidden enemies, tricks and falsehoods. But it should also be remembered that this is a card of great creativity, of powerful magic, primal feelings and intuition. You may be going through a time of emotional and mental trial; if you have any past mental problems, you must be vigilant in taking your medication but avoid drugs or alcohol, as abuse of either will cause them irreparable damage. This time however, can also result in great creativity, psychic powers, visions and insight. You can and should trust your intuition.

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claircogant, clairvoyant, empathic metaphysican ,angelic and spiritual counseling, energy healing and
intuitive guidance. certified Angel Therapist, Personal Fitness Trainer, Kundalini/Ra-Sheeba Reiki Master

and Certified Hypnotherapist. Presently working on Doctorate in Philosophy, Ph.D., in metaphysicsl

parapsychology, through the university of Sedona.

I know I am here for a higher purpose and offer assistance through my life experiences, my deep connection with Spirit, and divination skills. I use Universal LOVE in guiding others to access that part of themselves which is hidden. I align myself with Spirit to reach out to show others that there are options and choices. I offer the use of all my skills and spiritual methods. I offer the use of my true self and God to do the healing work, for he and the Angels are the source of my power and loving light. I know I am completely directed by spirit and will guild my clients as such. It is through Spirit I have received this wisdom ( which is within me)- to guild, inspire, educate, and perceive truths. Spirit guides me, in All my Angelic readings. All that I am and All that I do is guided with loving light through Spirit with one purpose in mind to heal the social and environmental problems of the world.
The gym, The outdoors, meditation, Reiki, healing, animals, readings, studing,
Jesus, My husband and my Daugthers
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I was invited by a friend M D

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Rev. Dr. Anne Frances's Blog

its show time

Posted on April 18, 2009 at 3:50pm 0 Comments

Photobucket join us for 2 hours of readings at no charge from 530-730 est Saturdays @ heavenly whispers see what's in the cards for you. ILLUMINATION is the Keeper of the Universal Sacred Law. She instills the wisdom for those who want to see things beyond the limitations of their one-dimensional thinking and guide you to understand what you believe and question your ideas… Continue

overcoming ego

Posted on April 3, 2009 at 3:38pm 0 Comments

Heavenly whispers 530 730 pm est 347 884 9491
We are tuning up and tuning up for a great show hope to see ya there. Our topic will be " Overcoming Ego’s Hold on You" Love to have ya call in. Free readings and a great chat room with host ILLUMINATION Author of 4 books and Gifted psychic empathic metaphysician. Call in to see what's in the cards for you! Blessings and Illuminating loving light ILLUMINATION

you dont want to miss this show

Posted on March 20, 2009 at 9:09am 0 Comments

This is a don't want to miss show - This weeks heavenly topic is:

What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies with in us. Your Host ILLUMINATION and Special Guest which we are honored and blessed to have I must say, The beautiful and wonderfully gifted Author, who is also a facilitator of healing, Caroline Davina Best.She is a certified Spiritual Psychology Practitioner and an Ordained Lightworker Metaphysician. Caroline Davina is a graduate of the… Continue

talk radio lets talk love

Posted on February 5, 2009 at 2:00pm 0 Comments

Through Spiritual guidance and loving light I have been given the prophetic power which has allowed for the gift of six sense. Only Spirit Knows all truths, therefore only Spirit can have real wisdom and it is Spirit who know the right thing to do at the right time. It is through Spirit I have received this wisdom ( which is within me)- to guild, inspire, educate, and perceive truths. I do what spirit does and I see what spirit sees. Spirit shows all… Continue

Heavenlywhispers talks UFOs this week

Posted on January 27, 2009 at 8:38am 0 Comments


This week along with our weekly readings we have the honor of sharing the spotlight with the wonderful author of the Blog "Messegers of Love" David Kobza as a guess host here On Heavenly whispers. He is an amazingly fantastic author in the making, with a fascinating history who is here with us to share his unique experiences As well as "A message from the… Continue

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At 8:05pm on September 25, 2010, Angel Starr said…
if u dont mind, will me and rob get back together thanks a million
At 2:53pm on June 12, 2010, Bell Book and Candle said…
At 7:06pm on December 8, 2009, The Lady Ella HPS said…
At 1:20pm on August 29, 2009, SpiritWind said…
Hello!!! I am glad to have you as a friend, thank you! Warmly, Becky ☺

At 8:43am on August 23, 2009, shadowdance said…
Thank you. Yes she was so pretty. and so missed. It is such a pretty day this morning. I looked out and there was a doe in the corral. She is very young. I just love looking at the animals here. The wild turkeys should be coming thru soon also.
Have a blessed day dear friend.
At 2:03pm on August 20, 2009, shadowdance said…
Good morning. I hope that all is well with you.. Just wanted to stop by and let you know that you are being thought of. May the Goddess Bless you.
in love and light,
At 9:32am on August 6, 2009, Pam said…

At 8:02pm on April 22, 2009, Fire Robin said…
This is his
At 7:41pm on April 22, 2009, Fire Robin said…
Thanks for the add so much. I am in lust with a hypnotherapist and now it seems all types of worlds have opened up to me. I am a Sagittarius too. So, you are my opposite sign.
At 6:03pm on April 7, 2009, Charlene,, windwalker said…
hi, friend ,, how are you?



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