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cluthin drew
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cluthin drew replied to Eric C. Friedman's discussion Thelemic Wicca in the group Thelema
"I have been a Thelemic Wiccan for Many Years as is also the case with many Traditionalist witches. It should be remembered that Crowley was a Traditional witch and that there was an ancient 93 current long before Crowley. The 93 Current is directly…"
19 hours ago
cluthin drew liked Eric C. Friedman's discussion Thelemic Wicca
20 hours ago
Eric C. Friedman liked cluthin drew's discussion Two Thelemic Light Bulb jokes!
cluthin drew replied to Lάđŷ Şħάđoψ☽☮☾'s discussion The Goddess Hel in the group Circle of the Serpent
"The interesting thing about the varying etemologies for Hel is the fact that Her Name may be read as both Hidden and as Light. The combination of Hidden and Light occurs also in the Hebrew Kabbalah where it is a symbol of the inner light seen during…"
cluthin drew replied to Oriel's discussion Thre three as sacred number and Triformis in the group Shadow's Nocturnal Cauldron
"As an instance Dog = perecardium Horse = heart and snake = spleen. with this information you can make herbal brews tuned specificaly to Hecate and if you know The Enegetics of the Western Herbs (book title:) you can easily reconstruct the original…"
cluthin drew replied to Oriel's discussion Thre three as sacred number and Triformis in the group Shadow's Nocturnal Cauldron
"I believe the true clue to hecatiestripple nature can be found in the Asian animal zodiac. in this Zodiac her three main animanl forms dog horse and snake areach at 60 degrees apart forming a perfect trine (triangle). since these animals also…"
cluthin drew replied to blackfire is hungry's discussion Ritual Candles and Hair
"I think rather than getinginvolved in a complex philosophical debate the following analogy will ilustrate my point:  There is a famous experiment with sand on a resonating plate in which different resonances give different patternsNowsay for…"
Dec 10
cluthin drew added a discussion to the group Grove of Ogham

Ogham Tree Dances Ogham Dance 3

The Inner Energy of TreesThe Ogham alphabet reveals another important mystery, that of the energy flow within the sacred 25 trees.Each Tree (as any Shaman who has used them as gateways will know) has two distinct (usually circular) movements of energy within it. One of the energy motions is here the choral centre of the tree and the other is in the outer zone near the bark. In some cases there is only a single flow of energy within the tree of this is rare and occurs only five times in the…See More
Dec 10
cluthin drew replied to Mary Sullins's discussion ghost traps?
"It seems from what you have said that you need a spirit filter rather than a spirit trap.If you live in a self containedhouse or if you can do it I sugest a circle of brick dust rather than salt as it lasts longer than salt, I also sugest that you…"
Dec 10
cluthin drew replied to Ariel Ganshmi's discussion Any books/resources to learn more about Ares/Mars?
"I would sugest "The Greek Myths" by robert Graves in the section "Aries Nature and Deeds" At the end of the section Graves quotes numerous clasicalsources which you can follow up on."
Dec 10
cluthin drew added a discussion to the group Thelema, High Magick, and all things Gnostic

Druidic 93: New Directions in Thelema ((7).

I will deal  with the number  93 in a Celtic and Druidic context here.  This number is associated with the "Eight Festivals" of the traditional Celtic year.  This can clearly be seen when we compare the "letters" associated with the "trees" for each of the "festivals" when defined astronomically.  The data can be tabulated as follows: FestivalDateLetterNumberWinter SolsticeDec 22R19ImbolcFeb 5L3Vernal EquinoxMar 21F6BeltaneMay 5S7Summer SolsticeJune 22D11LugansadAug 5C13Autumn…See More
Dec 9
cluthin drew replied to cluthin drew's discussion Forgotten aspects of ritual (2). The technology of Ink! in the group Ritual Magick: Its Powers & Purpose 3
"All traditional recipiesfor ink unless they use blood used gum or resin of some kind as an essential ingredient. If your formula does not conthis aspect then it is unlikely to be a traditional formula."
Dec 7
cluthin drew replied to cluthin drew's discussion I braid youre Shaddow to my Hair...Forgotten aspects of Ritual The technology of hair. in the group Ritual Magick: Its Powers & Purpose 3
"For some of us like myself who are Traditionalist wearing long hair is a religous obligation as part of the ancient witches covenant. There is documentry evids cence for this custom in a specifically witchcraft context from Scotland in the 16th…"
Dec 7
Raven Heart replied to cluthin drew's discussion I braid youre Shaddow to my Hair...Forgotten aspects of Ritual The technology of hair. in the group Ritual Magick: Its Powers & Purpose 3
"Yes I remember this aspect of witchcraft...especially the braid because it's divided to three parts....I had very long hair a while back but keeps it short now...nobody witches it anymore..."
Dec 6
Raven Heart replied to cluthin drew's discussion Forgotten aspects of ritual (2). The technology of Ink! in the group Ritual Magick: Its Powers & Purpose 3
"Gum resin is for dragons blood ink ...I'm not quite sure about the lampblack...think I did make it once when I had loads of fancy need to research it, but was it jus mixed with water as I think it was? "
Dec 6
cluthin drew replied to cluthin drew's discussion Polarity Praxis in Traditionalist Pagan Magick in the group GLBT (Etc.) Pagans of PaganSpace
"I Specificlyused the term "polarity praxis to imply more than just sex Magick as that term is normaly understood!naturaly All levels of the Human subtle bodies including the emotional mental and spiritual levels are involved! I recomendDion…"
Dec 5

Profile Information

Relationship Status:
Astrological Sign
About Me:
i am a traditionalist witch and druid i have been ab occultist for over 40 years I am alsp a member of several magickal groups. I am a thelemite. I am also an academic and hold several degrees.
Favorite Books
The White Goddess by Robert Graves
Wiccan Sex Magic by Inga Steddinger
Where the Spirits Ride the Wind by Felicitas Goodman
The Witches Bible by Gavin and Yvonne Frost
The Sepher Yetzerah
The Book of Jubilee (SAROS foundation)
A vision (Both editions) by W.B. Yeates
The Cosmic Doctrine by Dion Fortune
The Book of The Law by Alester Crowley
There ate many more but this will do for now!
Beliefs / Practices
Occultist, Pagan, Witch, Wiccan, Mystic, Shaman, Christian, Other Spirituality, Heathen, Warlock, Druid
Other Beliefs/Practices
I am an adept of Hindu and Buddhist Tantras and of several Taoist systems. I hold 116 lineages from around the world (At Least 1 from every continent (except Antartica!). I am a sex magician.I am Bisexual.
Researching esoteric and Occult Lore and practice around the world. I was formerly a smith and ab ethnobotanist and alchemist but I an now seriously visually dissabeled. I still like to ride horses and am an adept in some od the hoursrmans mysteries.
Hey wjat about or heroine you sexist people! so here are a few of mine (both sexes):Count Cagliostro; Boudicca (Queen of the Icini) Jaques de Morley and Isobel Godrie.
How did you find PaganSpace?
in the course of researching other related subjects on the internet.

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At 3:34am on November 19, 2017, Oriel said…

You did nOT just go to bed!? Need you on the group:)))Post what you know and explain why you say the gods are the Hatman and terrorizes people,I may know the answer-but many will not:)

At 8:55pm on October 26, 2017, Rosey Cross said…

Image result for blessed samhain

At 11:53am on September 22, 2017, Moses said…
I love this page
At 12:41pm on September 21, 2017, Star Raven said…

Thank you Cluthin! Glad to meet you! 

At 6:33am on August 24, 2017, Prithvi said…

Hi cluthin. You might not recognize me because I changed my name and profile picture, but for most of the time that I have been on Pagan Space I called myself Sophia Lucifer. I was away for awhile, but I noticed that in the meantime you joined two of my groups, The Church of Asherah and Wotanists Against Neo-Nazism. If I were to revive either of the groups it would be the first because I have continued to research the goddess' history by occult or psychic means and have unearthed some remarkable information---which if believed could destroy a major world religion. I will not elaborate now because it is just past 3 AM and I got up from bed only for a moment. I would rather share what I know in the general blog section because I want as many people as possible to read it. But you may use the group "wall" to post the result of your research as well as your comments and questions---which will allow you to guide me in my total presentation. 

At 7:14pm on August 18, 2017, Barry J King said…

Welcome to my circle of friends.

At 7:13am on July 26, 2017, Moses said…
Am an occultic priest and a leader of the Billionaires brotherhood see our website
At 7:13pm on July 21, 2017, Shawn Blackwolf said…

Just so you know Cluthin , all my sheets and information , is copyrighted...

I figure you understand that , and why I am clarifying it...

I shall be showing where the pentagram came from by tomorrow

in that thread , as well , there , or sometime soon , showing Salmon's

Nine Hazelnuts Of Wisdom...part of the Code...

If you are a Thelemite , then consider I speak from the level you

would know as the A∴A∴

Best to you !

At 10:35am on July 18, 2017, David J. Mcessey said…

Where do you go when you dream?

At 4:59pm on July 17, 2017, Spider Witch said…

belated welcome to Equis.
Feel free to post discussions, share stories ect.


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