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cluthin drew added a discussion to the group Climate Chaos

Oh do not try to ride the wind as Mothers Children do...Wind working 1

Wind working is one of the most important skills of a weather worker. It was also one of the characteristic skills of traditional witches.There are several methods of wind working. I will focus on two here:(1). The whirl wind pattern. This is a simple wind calling pattern. Wet both your hands and hold the left hand palm up and the right hand palm down with your hands held out horizontally in a cross shape (If you are left handed reverse the palm position).Spin fast on your axis.Clockwise if…See More
cluthin drew commented on Meridian - The Idaean's photo

The Godess

"Interesting I note the Sumerian Word Til (Life or Rib is written over the Altar in a combined ogham Tifnagh rebus. III = T and oo = L =TiL."
cluthin drew replied to Corbul's discussion Knowing your ancestral heritage?
"The traditionalist Circles to which I refer are those associated with The Temple of Ancient wisdom In Australia. At the moment it exists as a Facebook Group but it will hopefully go online as a website soon ! The Temple is associated with a number…"
Spiralmatrix liked cluthin drew's discussion Resemblences Between Druidic and Native American Colour Magick:
cluthin drew commented on Wade's blog post The Spiritual Nexus
"As usual this is accurate and informative, I would like to add that the morphology of the nexus point makes a considerable difference to the stability of the Nexus for example certain types of rock strata and even weather conditions can make a…"
cluthin drew replied to Corbul's discussion Knowing your ancestral heritage?
"There is a method Known in traditionalist circles of separating genetic and past life memories from each other,(useful that)! The Method is called Memory filters and there are seven different types of memory that can be separated out by this…"
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cluthin drew added a discussion to the group Rανєη Mσση Cιяcℓє- $ĦÂÐØЩ ЩĪƚĈĦĈRÂŦƚ

The Shadow and the Elementals: New Directions in Shadow Magick 2

I will consider here an obscure form of shadow magick called Chaos shadow Magick. This form of Magick requires the knowledge of some relationships between living creatures and the elemental spirits, and the knowledge of the fact that shadows can serve as portals between dimensions.There is a particularly close relationship between elemental spirits and certain classes of animals and the elemental spirits. The relationship is as follows:Fire = Salamanders = InsectsAir = Sylphs = BirdsWater =…See More
cluthin drew replied to Blackened's discussion Remote Viewing
"I consider myself a viewer, but I am not impressed with most recent work in the public forum which in my opinion lacks the necessary "Checks and balances. A necessary prerequisite for distant viewing is a comprehensive intuition training. The…"
cluthin drew replied to The Serpent's discussion The pressure on the top of my head
"The felling at the top of the  head may indicate a blockage in the cebro-spinal rhythm or the kundilini. I suggest that you try "The Alexander Technique or CranioSacral Therapy for relief. In regard to meditation I suggest the…"
Enigma replied to cluthin drew's discussion Subtle Forces in Human Bood. in the group Vampyrian TempleUVUP
"Very interesting."
cluthin drew added a discussion to the group Vampyrian TempleUVUP

Subtle Forces in Human Bood.

Human Blood has many subtle forces running through it. This is a brief preliminary survey of some of the source materials for a nuanced discussion of this matter.Firstly we must consider the fact that the blood contains the twelve tissue salts. These tissue salts have a direct despondence to the zodiac signs an d each one reaches the height of its subtle influence during the corresponding Zodiac sign. These Salts have also been shown to respond to human Psycokinetic impulses.Then there is the…See More
cluthin drew added a discussion to the group Grove of Ogham

Book Review

I don't usually do book reviews particularly not of books about ogham (ogam) but I am making an exception this case.. This is a review of The Poets Ogam a Living Magical Tradition by John-Paul Patton. I regard this book as one of the best books on Ogam so far in the twenty first century CE.The book has three unique features an extensive section on Ogham and Harping (the author is a harpist), An interesting section on Ogam Martial Arts with good references to the ancient Celtic sources and…See More
cluthin drew commented on Prithvi's blog post The Mysterious Magellanic Empire – The “Dragon” Warriors of the Magellanic Clouds
"My point was that in spite of your belief that you were writing only fantasy you were actually picking up verifiable information. This is very common in fantasy authors. H.P. Lovecraft being a prime example. In regard to schizophrenia are you using…"
cluthin drew added a discussion to the group Shamanic_Ways

shamanic Ecstatic Body Postures. New Directions in Shamanism 1

The Technique of Ecstatic Body Postures was "Rediscovered" by The anthropologist Dr Felicitas Goodman in the 1960's CE. I place the word Rediscovered in inverted commas because the method has always been known in traditionalist sources.Dr Goodman found in her examination of various artistic sources agreed by experts to be of shamanic Provenance that certain body postures kept recurring.Dr Goodman was intrigued and decided to investigate. She had students assume the postures and close their…See More
cluthin drew replied to cluthin drew's discussion Joseph of Arimathea and the Glastonbury Tradition in the group ChristoPaganism
"In the Seed Bearers Trilogy the First volume is set in Atlantis, The second volume is set in Megalithic Britain and the third volume is set in the time of Joseph of Arimathea, thus emphasizing the continuity of the ancient wisdom."

Profile Information

Relationship Status:
Astrological Sign
About Me:
i am a traditionalist witch and druid i have been ab occultist for over 40 years I am alsp a member of several magickal groups. I am a thelemite. I am also an academic and hold several degrees.
Favorite Books
The White Goddess by Robert Graves
Wiccan Sex Magic by Inga Steddinger
Where the Spirits Ride the Wind by Felicitas Goodman
The Witches Bible by Gavin and Yvonne Frost
The Sepher Yetzerah
The Book of Jubilee (SAROS foundation)
A vision (Both editions) by W.B. Yeates
The Cosmic Doctrine by Dion Fortune
The Book of The Law by Alester Crowley
There ate many more but this will do for now!
Beliefs / Practices
Occultist, Pagan, Witch, Wiccan, Mystic, Shaman, Christian, Other Spirituality, Heathen, Warlock, Druid
Other Beliefs/Practices
I am an adept of Hindu and Buddhist Tantras and of several Taoist systems. I hold 116 lineages from around the world (At Least 1 from every continent (except Antartica!). I am a sex magician.I am Bisexual.
Researching esoteric and Occult Lore and practice around the world. I was formerly a smith and ab ethnobotanist and alchemist but I an now seriously visually dissabeled. I still like to ride horses and am an adept in some od the hoursrmans mysteries.
Hey wjat about or heroine you sexist people! so here are a few of mine (both sexes):Count Cagliostro; Boudicca (Queen of the Icini) Jaques de Morley and Isobel Godrie.
How did you find PaganSpace?
in the course of researching other related subjects on the internet.

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At 11:53am on September 22, 2017, Moses said…
I love this page
At 12:41pm on September 21, 2017, Star Raven said…

Thank you Cluthin! Glad to meet you! 

At 6:33am on August 24, 2017, Prithvi said…

Hi cluthin. You might not recognize me because I changed my name and profile picture, but for most of the time that I have been on Pagan Space I called myself Sophia Lucifer. I was away for awhile, but I noticed that in the meantime you joined two of my groups, The Church of Asherah and Wotanists Against Neo-Nazism. If I were to revive either of the groups it would be the first because I have continued to research the goddess' history by occult or psychic means and have unearthed some remarkable information---which if believed could destroy a major world religion. I will not elaborate now because it is just past 3 AM and I got up from bed only for a moment. I would rather share what I know in the general blog section because I want as many people as possible to read it. But you may use the group "wall" to post the result of your research as well as your comments and questions---which will allow you to guide me in my total presentation. 

At 7:14pm on August 18, 2017, Barry J King said…

Welcome to my circle of friends.

At 7:13am on July 26, 2017, Moses said…
Am an occultic priest and a leader of the Billionaires brotherhood see our website
At 7:13pm on July 21, 2017, Shawn Blackwolf said…

Just so you know Cluthin , all my sheets and information , is copyrighted...

I figure you understand that , and why I am clarifying it...

I shall be showing where the pentagram came from by tomorrow

in that thread , as well , there , or sometime soon , showing Salmon's

Nine Hazelnuts Of Wisdom...part of the Code...

If you are a Thelemite , then consider I speak from the level you

would know as the A∴A∴

Best to you !

At 10:35am on July 18, 2017, David J. Mcessey said…

Where do you go when you dream?

At 4:59pm on July 17, 2017, Spider Witch said…

belated welcome to Equis.
Feel free to post discussions, share stories ect.

At 11:51am on June 28, 2017, Debra A Smith said…

Greetings & Thanks for joing Free E Books.. also check out our home site a lot there!!

At 7:06pm on June 26, 2017, Tegwedd ShadowDancer said…

Welcome to Ritual Magick:  Its Powers and purpose!  It's not only the group leader who may post, but also the members, who may post articles about Ritual Magick.


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