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the Tarotlaydee )0(
  • 63, Female
  • North of Tampa, Florida
  • United States
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Aries Sun, Aquarius Moon, Capricorn Rising with Lilith SMACK DAB, RIGHT ON IT!
About Me:
I grew up in a rock n' roll radio station that my father owned. My family was very musical as I was growing up, my Dad played xylophone in a jazz band, my brother is a rock n' roll drummer and my nephew plays drums in a punk band. I am an English Major and have minors in the Film Arts and Political Science. I have worked in Military Intelligence (is that an oxy-moron or what?), Internet Sales and Marketing, Indymedia Op-ed writer, Internet Publishing, Technical Writing, Media Ratings Analyst, Union Waitress (in DC), Customer Service, Singer/Backup Vocalist in a band, Retail Sales.

Fresh off of working for one year with the Dennis Kucinich presidential campaign, now during the day I am an End of Life or Death Doula. Most of my patients are Hospice cases and often, my work often takes me to the dying person's bedside. This work is very rewarding to me and I love working with the families as well. I am also a licensed CNA. At night I am a scriptwriter, freelance author and political professional, organizing Code Pink Tampa Bay and Veterans for Peace and working with other local and national peace groups. I also work closely with such topics as election and media reform. I am on the Board of Trustees for the Florida Green Party and I supported Cynthia McKinney for President in 2008; I worked on her campaign doing VIRTUAL OUTREACH. In my spare time (what little bit I have), I appreciate the Arts, Music and Film. I spend a lot of my time writing, reading, camping (when I can), being outdoors, swimming, yoga, meditation, caring for my animals and nature. I love the news, current affairs and politics and intelligent comedy, news programs, NPR, C-Span, Community Radio, and boxing on TV. I listen to music of all kinds, sing and play percussion and a little guitar and hand drumming. I have lived in Europe as a traveler with a backpack and as an active duty military member, Washington DC, Omaha, Denver, Maryland, Michigan and Pennsylvania. I have also traveled to Mexico, the Islands and my beloved Canada. My mate and I are currently residing in in the woods and near a lake just north of Tampa and very close to the headwaters of the Hillsborough River (in the Green Swamp). We are also exploring the possibility of eventually living in an INTENTIONAL COMMUNITY, not sure where. We love to gourmet cook, swim, play with our fur and scale children and watch good movies when we are at home. I practice magick regularly and as often as I can with a close circle of like-minded sisters that mean the world to me.

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Occultist, Pagan, Witch, Mystic, Shaman, Native American Spirituality, Heathen, Druid
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The Tarotlaydee )0( is doing TAROT READINGS and ASTROLOGY CHARTS online or over the phone. Payment through PAYPAL. Send an email to if you have any questions about how this is done and need rate info.

I am a Reclaiming/Green/Womanspirit Tradition Witch, a blend of all three traditions, really! I mix peace and social justice actions and beliefs with my magick! You can see more about the Reclaiming tradition right here: CLICK HERE for the Reclaiming site! I am a Green Party member and I believe in sustainability, peace, no war, healing and I have a vision for a brand new future...


Tai Chi

Tai Chi

Health benefits of Tai Chi include:
Reduce stress
Increase flexibility
Improve muscle strength and definition
Increase energy, stamina and agility
Increase feelings of well-being
Reducing anxiety and depression
Improving balance and coordination
Reducing the number of falls
Improving sleep quality, such as staying asleep longer at night and feeling more alert during the day
Slowing bone loss in women after menopause
Lowering blood pressure
Improving cardiovascular fitness
Relieving chronic pain
Improving everyday physical functioning

Chakras w/Phoenix
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activism, advertising, anthropology, astronomy, beaches, broadcasting, camping, clearwater, code pink, comedy, crafting, creative writing, dancing, drumming, dulcimer, egyptology, england, environment, film-making, first nations, flute, france, gardening, gourmet cooking, greece, guitar, healing, herbs, herbology, hippies, history, homeopathy, homesteading, indymedia, intentional communities, ireland, jewelry making, journalism, late night tv, love, lyrics, media, metis, movies, music, myths, native american rights, natural remedies, nature, news, no war, orchids, painting, peace, permaculture, poetry, politics, quebec, radio, reading, reiki, resorts, scotland, screenwriting, singing, songwriting, sustainable living, tai chi, tampa bay, theatre, unitarian universalist, vegan, vegetarian, veterans, veterans for peace, vocals, voice, writing, xylophone, yoga, zephyrhills
People who are into peace, justice and social consciousness. Elevated souls such as Bhuddha, Ghandi, Princess Di, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, John Lennon, Bob Marley, the Kennedys and some living ones too, such as Arundhati Roy, Maya Angelou, Sister Helen Prejean, Medea Benjamin, Amy Goodman, Starhawk, Greg Palast, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Leonard Peltier, Lynne Stewart, sites like Truthout, Indymedia and Buzzflash and all of their stringers, writers and editors, Michael Franti, Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich, Cindy Sheehan, Cynthia McKinney, Rosa Clemente, Ralph Nader, ANYONE DOING GOOD IN THE WORLD AND SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER, etc.
How did you find PaganSpace?
From the Florida Florida Pagan Gathering elist on Yahoogroups.

Have a cup of tea and stay for a spell or two!

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My Messenger Screen Name is: "Tarotlaydee"
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The Tarotlaydee )0( teaches with the Motherpeace Tarot Deck (round!). The images on this deck invoke the Divine Feminine! CLICK ON THE GRAPHIC BELOW to get to the Motherpeace Tarot WEBSITE to see all about this deck, the creators and info on how to order your own deck!

The Tarotlaydee )0('s Blog

Full Moon in Gemini 12/1/09

Posted on December 1, 2009 at 8:58pm 0 Comments

Full Moon in Gemini 12/1/09

For OpEdNews: Cathy Lynn Pagano

As we emerge out of the cave of our Scorpionic depths this month, we might find that we need to expand our vision of life. Something has died within us so that new life can eventually grow. But before the new life arrives, we are left in a state of chaos and confusion. We need a philosophy that can encompass the changes we're going through. This Full Moon shines on how our minds cope with these changes.

The best way to… Continue

New Moon in Scorpio 11/16/09

Posted on November 15, 2009 at 11:39pm 1 Comment

Scorpio New Moon, November 16-17, 2009

By Cathy Lynn Pagano

For OpEdNews: Cathy Lynn Pagano - Writer

“Scorpio brings tidings of hibernation; its frosts seal the doom of red and golden leaves. It has become thus the symbol of death.” Dane Rudhyar, The Pulse of Life

We all know the stories about the Dragonslayers – St. George, Perseus, Archangel Michael. They battle to slay the dragon. For they see the Dragon as Evil. They see the Dragon as Death.

There… Continue

New Moon in Libra 10/17/09

Posted on October 17, 2009 at 12:30am 0 Comments

Libra New Moon, October 17-18, 2009

For OpEdNews: Cathy Lynn Pagano - Writer

Spending a few weeks enjoying the glorious colors of a New England Fall reminded me that Libra's concern with beauty is based just as much on the natural cycle of the seasons… Continue

Full Moon in Aries 10/4/09

Posted on October 2, 2009 at 10:19pm 0 Comments

Aries Full Moon 2009: The Harvest Moon

By Cathy Lynn Pagano

“Ikani, the Lord of Time and Mara, the Mother of Life, looked out over the harvest and saw that it was bountiful. Their hearts rejoiced, for in the silence of the Balance of the Light and… Continue

New Moon in Virgo 9/18/09

Posted on September 16, 2009 at 2:21pm 0 Comments

By Cathy Lynn Pagano for OpEdNews: Virgo New Moon

September 18, 2009

Focus. Simplify. Consolidate. If you have ever stuffed a backpack or a suitcase, you know the Virgo process of discerning what is most useful and necessary. If you have ever spent time in the desert, you learned about Saturn and how to thrive in challenging circumstances. This New Moon reminds us that we are in a desert time, when we must fully utilize what we have and eliminate what is not… Continue

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At 10:05pm on June 12, 2009, Treddle said…
At 5:06pm on June 6, 2009, Treddle said…
Enjoy your weekend!
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At 8:27am on April 18, 2009, JAGODA said…
Immersed in a gray everyday life
In the wild life as a mountain brook
At the current time I go łapiąc happiness
I want to touch it before the next przemknie

It may be in the rainbow colors of light rozbłysłej
dźwięczy of singing birds zmierzchaniu
Maybe sleeping in the cool morning hidden
Zaklęte In the moonlight and the stars in drganiu

Embedded in snow flakes wzorkach
In zieloności summer grass underfoot
Maybe in the rain cloud is gone astray
Or buds explode with flowers

Maybe in a love heart rhythm zasłuchane
Delicate hands to touch fists
I put the mouth on pocałunkami
What timid smile okryte

The dust of everyday przysypane
Przeplecione suffering and disaster
How to thread beads on the fate of nanizane
Shimmer brylanciki little luck

You have me only half way stop
From chaos to bring the image of thought
Conjure him into close powiekami
In jail dreams and never give

At 7:01pm on April 5, 2009, Alixendriss said…
Happy birthday.

At 5:49pm on April 5, 2009, Brennach said…
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At 4:22pm on April 5, 2009, Kat said…

At 10:46am on April 5, 2009, Terry said…
At 8:35am on April 5, 2009, Joshie said…
Happy Birthday!
At 8:28am on April 5, 2009, Dale said…

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