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Futhark Wolf
  • 36, Male
  • Melbourne, Victoria
  • Australia
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Red Ribbon From Bernice Van Den Heuvel Red Ribbon From Stareagle Red Ribbon From Bernice Van Den Heuvel Red Ribbon From Star-Dust

.....from out of the ashes we Wiccans will rise, be very afraid Christians, for soon begins, the Pagan up-rise......

Profile Information

Relationship Status:
In a Relationship
Astrological Sign
About Me:
What can I say, I am a 27 year old aussie pagan, I worship the Norse Gods, in my spare time I love writing poetry and I have commenced writing a book of shadows to hand down to my loved ones as a token of my love, my life, my heart and my soul.....The gods did bless me with the most wonderful woman and daughter, who I love and treasure forever more.....
Favorite Books
Metaphysical Poetry - Compilation
Rune divination - Horik Svennson
runes - Jonathan Dee
Le 'Morte D'Arthur - Sir Thomas Malory 1700's
Niccollo' Machiavelli - 1600's
The Raven - Edgar Allan Poe - 1830's
Ice Station - Matthew Reilly
Beliefs / Practices
Pagan, Wiccan, Other Spirituality, Heathen
Other Beliefs/Practices
Norse Gods and their practices,
Writing letters to the gods in rune script,
Interpreting lucid dreams,
Casting Runes,
Tarot Cards,
Automatic writing and visions,
Scrying in jewellery, mirrors and photos,
and also reading peoples eyes and aura's...
Writing poetry, deep poetry about life, love, depression and spirituality. I wish to publish a book in the future if the gods see fit that my wise words will touch peoples hearts and bring a form of happiness to their lives. :-)
Odin - For his self sacrifice to gather knowledge and wisdom
Loki - For his obstacles do make me stronger and patient
Frejja - For her love and fertility, more stronger than magick
Thor - For his Justice and his storms of vengeance
Tyr - For being a warrior and for giving me strength to fight
Merlin - For never giving up and also for making honest mistakes
and King Arthur - For being a true person of heart.........

and my woman Nicole - For everything.....
How did you find PaganSpace?
The universe decided to bring up this website just generally out of the blue, so I took the sign.

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At 7:04pm on September 17, 2010, TRACY YOUNG GWYNN said…
happy birthday Pictures, Images and Photos
At 2:35pm on September 17, 2010, Stareagle gave Futhark Wolf a gift
Merry Meet! my new friend, I want to wish you a wonderful birthday.
At 2:21pm on September 17, 2010, Stareagle said…
At 7:10am on September 17, 2010, Jada The Gypsy said…
At 2:53am on September 17, 2010, Cobra gave Futhark Wolf a gift
At 12:34am on September 17, 2010, Bell Book and Candle said…
Have a GREAT, Happy, Wonderful and Kick Back Day!
May All your Wishes come true,
Not only for today,but when ever you really need a wish to happen.
At 9:10am on August 4, 2010, Faery Pagan said…
Hey Bubba here is a funny picture of our cat Peppa lol Love you forever :)

At 1:42am on July 8, 2010, Kat HowlingWolf said…
Hey your boots I will :) Hoooooowwwwwlllll Nothing like a night sky filled with the glow of a full moon. :)
At 11:47pm on July 6, 2010, Kat HowlingWolf said…
Your most welcome my fellow howler :) This evening after the day I've had is definitely one of those times I'm ready to go to the woods and howl at the moon. Methinks I'll be doing so shortly :)
At 8:49am on July 6, 2010, Corylus said…
It's a greenman. I think this web link explains best of all the legend and origins of the greenman.



I sit here lonely, patiently waiting, all by myself,
My life is covered in cobwebs; I am an old leather book.
Sitting upon this here, age eaten antique shelf,
Waiting for someone to wipe me over, and take a good look.

Nobody ever stops and notices, what does that mean?
I need some help, why don’t they catch a glimpse of me?
I have many a story to tell, if only I can be seen,
I know my cover is boring, but don’t let that be the judge of me.

It’s merely just protection for my heart and for my spirit,
And once you get to know me, you will not bear a frown.
I will make such an impact; for it’s my wisdom you shall inherit,
And for many years coming to pass, you will proudly hand me down.

For every story that’s ever been written, true or make belief,
Has fragments of reality that’s been experienced by our writers hurts.
So curl up with me at night on a couch, when you’re seeking relief,
My stories were written, just for you, to enjoy my honest words.

Don’t forget, I am very alive, for I was born of a tree,
And when you’re with me please be sure, to take from me a leaf.

John David Jones


Why do we sorrow those that are no longer amongst us,
Fear of joining countless others, deep beneath the earth.
Eternal darkness is not, but the fate of the devious,
For death is the gift unwrapped, by the wisest to be re-birthed.

Those of us that embrace evil, swim within seas of abundance,
Whilst those who do not, experience waves of cold sadness.
Yet these liquid obstacles recede, revealing rewards for our patience,
If we truly understand our lessons, we shall live lives of goodness.

The flame on my life candle, will grow to its fullest,
Yet the life of my candle will eventually raze to the table.
Until it is time for my flame, to finally burn out to it’s smallest,
The light shall extinguish forever more, putting a cease to my fable.

John David Jones


Earth, Fire, Wind and Water,
These are a wise magician’ tools,
Not using cheap trickery or torture,
For he does not think we’re fools.

Pentacles, Wands, Cups and Swords,
He can augmentate them all,
By wielding these, he serves no lords,
He is not a warrior, yet he does not fall.

North, East, South and West,
All directions he shall venture,
Any path at all will suit him best,
Obtaining wisdom, until his final adventure!

John David Jones

Oh powerful Thor, mighty god of justice and order,
I look into the dark clouds, if you are there, do I wonder.
I invoke thee to unleash, for manners of mine own,
To come down and bless me, my heart to me renown.

The clash of you dwarf crafted hammer, creating thunderous sound,
Feeling your wrath in my chest, loudly does it pound.
The sparks from your hammer, brilliantly lighting up the skies,
Such a sight I wish to see, even in the event of my demise.

Feeling your sweat raining down, gaining momentum each lost second,
As I fall lightly to my knees, for your blessing I do commend.
I thank thee my lord, for your wisdom, I did invoke,
Escort me, the hall of your father, Valhalla is what I hope.

John David Jones

These crystal clear azure skies, I adore,
The sun’ radiant heat, warming thy soul’ stead,
The winter’ chilling wind, just beyond Autumn’ door,
As birds gather supplies, for the next season ahead.

Leaves enduring detachment from their homes,
Evicted from the trees, slowly falling to submission,
Spinning , curling and gliding gently in the wind,
Inevitability, their focus, the earthly ground, their mission.

A vastness of colours, from scarlet red to golden,
The gentle wind sweeping these leaves to and fro’,
The rustling noise, reminds us, ‘tis the season,
Like the leaves, we must let our negativity go.

Trees swaying, bending with the breath of the gods,
Leaves waving as if they are bidding their goodbyes,
One by one they fall from the safety of their grace,
Still beautiful and colourful they are, even after they die.

John David Jones


These eerie feelings linger, inside this here labyrinth of life,
Knowing not which path to partake, which direction serves thee right,
What could be lurking beyond this corner? Possibly a sort of strife,
Worry not for what lays ahead, use your mind and not your might.

This labyrinth is so cold and dark, with a musty smell,
Yet the warm wisdom flowing through its walls, eradicates the chill,
Thirst becomes thy enemy, when I stumbled upon a well,
My face reflects from crystal water, as a bless’ed drink I will.

The labyrinth hosts an assortment of fun and horrors along the way,
Wander on I will, taking care to balance each seductive portion,
For anything may happen here, no matter the path I stray,
I hope to find this hidden treasure, man’ one shallow obsession.

If one day you’re sure you’ve discovered every hidden remnant,
You’re unwise, for thou have only revealed one of labyrinth’s many ways,
For there are always quantum paths to explore and new things to regret,
Because, in the labyrinth of life, you are but a mouse inside a maze....

John David Jones


Sitting at home on my lonesome,
Face obscured deep within thy hands,
Thinking of my life, that has forever tasted,
The bitter taste of bland.

Every sun that dawns, more problems seem to arise,
No positiveness reigns, for my mind is not committed.
My eyes still are red from the night before’ cries,
I lock up my heart, as my soul too becomes convicted.

My tears fall upon deaf ears, no sympathy to be found,
Not a shoulder’ rest, nor breast, to soil with my tears,
It feels as though my saddened hands are forever bound,
Or some evil spell upon me has been cast for many years.

My stomach now turns, warning of an impending sickness,
Wishing for this melancholy door to be unlocked and pushed ajar,
Even if that were so, would I walk through it to find my bliss?
Or am I in worship with my sorrow, too scared to journey afar!

John David Jones


My brother, the only man in thy heart I hold,
An honest man, a gentle man, a man that is bold.
It hurts me to see him so incoherently disillusioned,
For his mind plays games, turning his soul to depression.

He knows not what he does say, and he says what he does not know,
For his mouth negatively flows, until he reaps what he cannot sow.
It hurts me to see thy brother, becoming to me unknown,
It kills me every time I see his eyes, for they are not his own.

I troubled myself a verdict, for him to defeat his demons unaided
I conquered it once before alone, for I too was jaded.
I know one day he will be better, his soul shall revisit its home,
Hopeful I am for that day to come, for right now he’s all alone.

John David Jones


My darling bride, my wife to be,
Look in thy eyes, for your groom you see,
My love as abundant as grains of sand,
As countless as, a handful in hand.

By thou’st side I shall linger,
Despite the thicker or the thinner,
If thou need’st borrow something blue,
Then blue are the days spent without you.

For thou guardian angel, I shall be,
With my life, I’ll honour and protect thee,
Even with my last breath, if the will motes it be,
For the next sunrise, you shall live for me.

Thy hands will always love your face,
My heart for you as never ending as space,
We shall always be one, forever after this rhyme,
Let us love together, through the sands of time.

John David Jones


Wide eyes fixed on nothing, vacant looks upon thy brow,
Focusing...thinking about all things, sometimes not at all.
Fixe’d still, are my organic lenses, capturing images of ‘the now’,
Images of which, become history, for every second does befall.
...No thought of regret

I wonder how things, hath come to pass us by so quickly,
Thinking...wondering, would it be better if, my path was strolled differently.
Fixe’d still, my pupils stray not from thy locked envision,
As my sight becomes history, as minutes complete their mission.
...No thought of regret

I ponder constantly, my mind not escaping from track,
Wondering...hoping another chance to redeem, for I could make things right.
Fixe’d still, my mind deters not, from the past that cannot be changed back,
As each choice I make, within each day I face, are eventually replaced by night.
...No thought of regret

Anxiously rocking back and forth, as this sickness claims my organic den,
Hoping...wishing it would all become better, as I lay in hospital’ bed.
Fixe’d not, my heart ceases beating, for I am no more, but dead,
‘Too late’, my life becomes history and my soul vacates its stead.
...NOW, I have thought of regret

John David Jones


Like a bee attracted to the nectar of a sweet bloom’ flower,
I am drawn blindly to you, love harvested upon your scent.
Your kisses rain down upon my skin, like a warm summer’ shower,
So soothing and special, more than anything I’ve ever dreamt.

Like a helpless fly, ambushed by a spider’ spindled web,
You caught hold of my heart, tightly bound by each sticky thread.
Your smile, so calm and gentle like a water’ flow and ebb,
You help me float free, of a hard world filled with dread.

Like a wolf who stares so intensely, upon a moon so vivid,
I cannot take my eyes away, from the very sight of you.
For beauty is indeed in the eye of a beholder’ vision,
I wish it so, that I had a thousand eyes to gaze at you.

Like an unfinished jigsaw puzzle, of my heart and body,
You were the missing piece that I have now since found.
You unlocked the love that was left dwelling within me,
You, the finder of my heart, gets to keep it forever sound.

Like a brave navigator, of the vast endless blue ocean,
I will sail the globe for you, unafraid of certain death.
I will never stop looking, for a way to make you smile,
For I’ll always have you smile, long after my final breath.

Like the stars that glitter upon the blackness of the blue,
How I love to hold you close, as we gaze to heaven’ bliss.
As I share a kiss with you, I spot a shooting star that’s due,
If I were to now make a wish, I’ll wish for a never ending kiss.

John David Jones


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