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Friday is here

Usually that means in twelve or so hours I'd have the chance to crash for awhile. Not this time around, at least not tomorrow. I have been volunteered you see. Not so much asked as told that I will be helping to move a family . I could say no of course. My freewill is just fine afterall but its not happenng. One the guy being moved is terminally I'll, as in circling the bottom of the drain. Two I like the dude even though I don't know him all that well. And three its my brother ' asking ' me…


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Caim (pronounced Kah’ eem), aka Camio and Caym, is one of the 72 spirits of Solomon. The Lemegeton, or Lesser Key of Solomon, is a grimoire that gives instructions for the evocation of the 72 spirits. They are also known…


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Please pay attention to DonLewisHP's blog post about ISIS it is worth repeating, and is a serious and important subject that he has addressed.  He makes excellent points in this post I can respect that he, as a devotee to Isis, has presented his opposition, and I think it sets an example for Pagans who find themselves facing an obvious injustice.  I believe it deserves more attention than his post initially received, so I will connect you to it in this post.  


ISIS is not a Terrorist Group in the Near East - ISIS…


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The Times They Are A Changin'


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time flies

I've rambled about it before but birthdays always bring me back around to it. Today my youngest niece turns eleven. Seems like only yesterday I stood outside that nursery window with her dad watching them bring this tiny little girl in. I was eightteen. Here I am now though at twenty-nine. Not ancient by any standard. Its just strange to realize how fast our time really moves along. One moment you're a kid thinking you know everything and that it'll be so easy as an adult. The next you are…


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Is there anybody out there?

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About Alraune and His Interest and Study of Witchcraft

I have had an interest in the occult nearly all of my life, yet I only dabbled in it sporadically up until 1999 when I met my first real witch/wiccan. However, my own personal path did not begin until late 2000, when I first read the books Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner and Living Wicca, by Scott Cunningham. I would dedicate myself to the Craft the following spring of 2001.

In 2001 I began actively practicing the Craft and I read nearly every Scott…


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It doesn't happen often but today is one of those exceptions. Need to make this quick then. Short and to the point. I know its nothing deep or even semi thoughtful but have a great one. Try to at least. Until our pathes cross again. Blessings.

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Why does love have to hurt...

Why does love ha e to carve such horrible pain in our hearts? Why does society show us movies with happy endings? My life is a joke... I am ashamed at what ive become. Im so confused at which way to turn anymore. I fell in love an I seem to have lost myself along the way... I thought she loved me too but instead im only used... I dont understand why when ur good to people an give them ur heart so freely, that they stomp on it... I hate that I cater to.people cuz it gets me nowhere. It seems… Continue

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A Celebration for Mabon

This week is our annual Celebration of the Autumn Equinox - what many of us know as Mabon.  So we'll look at some of the well-known myths, legends and traditions  surrounding Mabon.

And we'll honor The Dark Mother, plus we'll bring a little Balance and Gratitude into our lives.

And finally - An Apple Harvest Ritual!


I  hope you enjoy this week's show!

Some of the music you'll hear on this weeks show include: Urban Myth: "Harvest Lammas Song"; Neal Young:…


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In the end

Time laid trust in a broken gentle heart, to find it crushed

It was lead far, but at the end a crushing blow

brought a dragon to its knees

In the mud of its own tears,

realisation brought strength

to rise as the rain beat on its face

as the blows fell on its hide

By those it once trusted

A dragon rose, stronger …


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let's try this again

Appaerently someone out there didn't like the first one I wrote today. Maybe to simple yet I'll try again. You get a break from my rambling today so here's wishing you all well. Until our pathes cross again. Blessings.

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A continuing study

Of the Goddess and the God. I feel it important to make mention and bring to the attention of those with questions regarding the God/dess that the all powerful is taken into and seen in the image of the follower. In our faith and following we learn much of masculine and feminine properties and so automatically find ourselves defining who we follow as male and/or female. In nature nothing is born without one of the two, mother & father. So many people get caught up on which deity is right…


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Journey to the Void

Many times it is hard when I find myself pronouncing words which where embedded in my memory since I was a child. I find them popping up in my head and I quickly dismiss them, as I know that they are the result…


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here we go

Time once more to get ourselves back to it. Some of us didn't stop and you folk have my respect. For those of us who did get a break here's hoping it was a good one and that we're all semi ready to get back to work. Not all that easy some weeks I know but in all honesty we're a lucky lot. Come Monday afterall we have jobs to get to, money to make even if it doesn't seem like enough for the work at times. You just have to be willing to do the work, no shortcuts, as in all things. My opinion…


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Pagans Behaving Badly: The Follow Up

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ridicolously beautiful

There is no other way to describe yesterday. It dawned with heavy slate

colored clouds hanging low, looking ready to dump rain at any moment. Gloomy some would say but oddily enough not me. Grey days are some of my favorite afterall. The clouds thogh didn't hang around. They scuttled off fast to leave a few snowy white puffballs scattered across that clean deep, deep blue you can only see after the rain has gone through. In fact it was so beautiful I went for a walk. Two miles worth to…


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The Most Powerful Magickal Tool, IMO

You start by simply viewing your entire world as a mirror, nature, people, events, everything.  Now, when you look into a mirror, you do not tell it to smile, you do not demand that it smile, you do not threaten it with a hammer if it does not smile.  None of these ideas will make it smile one tiny bit.  But, if instead, you smile, you will easily see the mirror smiling back at you.

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Can I talk private to a witch? Sorry I'm just new to this site today an not sure how it works :/ iv an issue I'd like to discuss with someone that knows

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welcome to the weekend folks

We made it,most of us at least. Another week on the books,another few dollars earned. All in all here in this corner of Creation it was a mellow one. Work was smooth and the weather....well damn can't complain on that front at all. Today for example isn't slated to go over seventy. Its the sort of weather that makes me a little restless in all honesty. I can hear the woods calling to me afterall. Probelm is in this area most of the woods has been eaten up by sub-divisons. Not like I have…


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