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Service and World Need By- Mike j Hughes

Service and World Need By- Mike j Hughes maitreya2 ‎27/‎03/‎2012

When I was in my early teens and through my 20`s I have always felt a heartbreaking condition in which people killing each other over their various man-made gods…


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Monday making some supplies.

For those who read my blog regularly, monday is the day I make supplies. Today I added some ingredients to my Summer incense blend some dried strips of peels/rinds of orange and lemon. Some thyme from my garden. I did not plant thyme guess a bird  left some seed and a little plant of thyme grows on my patio area. For weeks I had been thinking about buying some herb plants this year. Made some colored sands green , orange and peach colors, for my incense burner using food coloring. Sand is…


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Eclectic Witch

I so need to get this off my chest: Eclectic witch is not a bad word. Some practitioners fail to understand that witches can be called by many deities and spirits. Yes I am a witch who incorporates both Hoodoo and Voodoo into my practice. I have been called by my gods, some Lwa, as well as the Gede. I came to all with both reverence and respect, also as a witch, not as an initiate of Voodoo. I don't understand what is so hard for some practitioners to grasp. I do not tend, exclusively, to…


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Owl totem part 2

Animals had always been a very important place in Native American life.

The word totem is derived from an Objibway word.

The word "odem" refers to the mystical bond that united spirit to a place, to a nation.…


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Owl totem


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Updates On Me

I finally moved back to Phoenix, Az from San Antonio, TX. back in February. I am gainfully employed like I should be, surviving the summer like I should be doing, and looking for a home to move into.

I once again started up blogging, being on Twitter more often, and am getting really active on Facebook. All the links are current on my page here if anyone wants to come to any of the pages and give a quick "shout out" to me. (Would like it if anyone did).

Anyhoo, i am just… Continue

Added by Sstarfyre Wiseroot on July 14, 2016 at 9:42am — No Comments

Beach Magick

This week, the Spiral Dance is just a Day at the Beach! We'll start with the Charge of the Sea Goddess and we'll explore the role that Water has always had in religion.


From there we'll look at a few Sea Gods and Goddesses. Then I want to share a story. This is a spoken word peice presented by Mara Freeman. It's called, The Selkie!


Finally, we'll get right down to the shore and do some actual beach magick!

Hope you enjoy the show!…


Added by Radiohawthorne on July 12, 2016 at 1:59pm — 1 Comment

Belief and autism

I wonder sometimes if the reason I can accept my beliefs is because of just how much the physical world around me is tied into it. The whole system of time and cause and effect and I'm trying to explain something that brings me peace is so old! I'm usually very smithy with words, but this just makes a sense to me that I have no idea how to explain. For example I have no ability to filter out noises around me. It is chaotic and exhausting to hear. Currently, I hear two wall clocks ticking, the… Continue

Added by Lora Rachael Ray on July 10, 2016 at 12:37am — No Comments


So, I write a lot... I write because writing is easier for me than talking.  I am not much of a talker... I have no real life friends and I am okay with that because I am an introvert; a loner.  I love nature and Mother Earth... I love animals and the elements.  I love all things.  I do love my fellow humans as well.  When is this violence, hate and bashing going to end?  Don't these people realize that the people they kill, beat and destroy have families?  These people have families, just…


Added by Ashen Water on July 9, 2016 at 4:07pm — 2 Comments

I've been thinking for a while how to integrate Rory into the fact that people believe different things when he's older his aunt, and Nana Christian. Which is all good,, but it has often occurred to …

I've been thinking for a while how to integrate Rory into the fact that people believe different things when he's older his aunt, and Nana Christian. Which is all good,, but it has often occurred to me that my son Maybe confused as to why his mommy is different.
I figure I will introduce him to both and let him decide for himself when he's older. Continue

Added by Lora Rachael Ray on July 9, 2016 at 9:12am — 1 Comment

Lifting the golden weights

I like to lift weights.

I'm not anywhere near what a body builder looks like and i don't reckon i ever will be because i don't lift them like those guys who have the intensity and drive do.

I do it because it's fun. I like the way it feels when I contract, squeeze, then allow the stretch to complete the exercise. It's something I can do on my own - no one has to spot me because I use lower amounts of weight.

I've gathered a collection of cast iron in various pounds, even…


Added by Jameson Jung on July 9, 2016 at 8:20am — No Comments

Places where I am in the world's spider web

I am finally getting to a point in my life where I realize that my talents and acquired wisdom is to me shared with the world. So I am finally putting fire behind my dreams and joining the world. Here are the strands of the web I am on.

vac@vackristiv on Twitter…


Added by Kristi Green on July 9, 2016 at 12:36am — No Comments

I I feel more comfortable with my faith

And myself. But the place I stay is with family who dislike strongly my beliefs. But they will never be able to accept it. Still though, it is saddening to this.

Added by Lora Rachael Ray on July 8, 2016 at 4:46pm — 3 Comments


Hello friends today I want to talk about the internet and the false prophets. It is very common to find in the internet website of conversations on magic of all kinds, white, black, red, voodoo, santeria, mayombe, spiritualism and many other more. More sad is to see people with problems come to them put their comments in the hopes that some knowledgeable of these issues would you respond. caution friends there are more answers on these sites that seem to be taken out of theHarry Potter book.…


Added by Antonio Rodriguez on July 7, 2016 at 3:25pm — No Comments


Hello to all followers of Magic, the comment of today is about work of magic to attract the loved one. Please a lot of care you write and instruct to not knowledgeable of magic. There are many web sites that make promotion to SPELLS with the Sperm, the Urine, Blood and other Body Fluids. Be careful with this, are powerful tools to put in the wrong hands. To the friends who read this comment will not be put to play or to invent with the powers that be do not know, you can get the…


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HELLO today I am going to talk about these sudden changes in our life and those things that we cannot give explanation. The Magic like spirits exist and although our problem is not always caused by a spell or witchcraft the Astral of people can change many times product of our actions. There are many ways of cleaning our Astral, or bad Energy, or bad Luck everything is in dependence from that as OSOBBO (negative energy) we are, in the occasion with a simple pray to our advocate angel is…


Added by Antonio Rodriguez on July 7, 2016 at 3:19pm — No Comments


I've got a great idea! Let's all copy the entire content-base of Facebook over to Paganspace! I'm being facetious, of course, but it seems like that's what everyone wants to do.

Added by Spooky~ on July 7, 2016 at 11:46am — 1 Comment

Ok. Everyone talking about real men and bemoaning why they are single.

Listen up. If you are having trouble finding a relationship, typically it is because of you, not the internet, the men and women of today, loss of traditional values, etc. It is probably you. I know it sucks to hear this, but that's ok, once you realize this, you can improve yourself.

To men saying it is women's fault because they don't know a real man. Yea, they do. Tell me, is your idea of manhood being nice to women because they are women and you might potentially be attracted to… Continue

Added by Lothair Yul Dragonmyst on July 5, 2016 at 6:02am — 12 Comments

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