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Cherokee VS Apache

If you read my page, you will know that I am cherokee native and that I know nothing of my heritage. I have read book after book, article after article. It doesn't matter how much I read, I still have no clue about my heritage. Lately I have been reading about the Apache and their heritage, it seems very similair to my own. Does anybody know a lot about the Cherokee and Apache history? Are they similair or very different when it comes to beliefs?

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I don't know what to do.

I've been feeling kind of lost and tired lately. I've lost interest in pretty much everything, and things I should be overly excited for might get a smile out of me for a small bit of time. I feel like I've lost control of my life and I'm just on autopilot. I feel like I haven't done or achieved anything and everyone is just moving past me with their lives and there a nothing I can do to get myself out of this sort of state of mind. But it's not just my mind, its my body too, its breaking…


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phoning it in today

Not much of interest on my mind today so you are spared for the moment. Here then is to you all habing a good day. Until our pathes cross again. Blessings.

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Altar Pointers

So I thought I would share some pointers, for those who are new and making your own altar.

First, know that anything is an altar if you so say so.

My first altar was a stump I saved from the fire and a candle on top. It doesn't have to be fancy, it is what you want.

Since I have been doing research and I am interested in the druid culture I would suggest FINDING everything you want for your altar.

  1. Make it, if it’s your BOS or Wand,…

Added by Mariah Jade Higgins on October 20, 2014 at 11:04pm — No Comments

From A Druid

Don't presume you know a tree.

What you think may just be limbs might really be an eye - or a finger.

That's okay; we all look the same to them, too.

This is what I shared with my trees today:

It is very early spring - late March.

The air is chill, and it's been raining.

Just before three in the afternoon, the sun breaks through

and shines dimly down from behind a…


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My Guilt

What is guilt?

Is it this pain that gathers in my chest?

Is it this pain that weighs down my shoulders?

This guilt, this guilt that I am feeling, is in my blood.

This guilt is my skin color, my hair color, my eye color.

This guilt is me and it is inside me.

Why do I feel guilt?

This guilt has been with me my whole life.

I’ve known this guilt since I have been in school.

I learned, read, known this history and I have understood.

This guilt bloomed in…


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A White Woman's Religion


I am a white woman, with blonde hair and blue eyes. I can afford college, but by no means am I rich. But I’m the epitome of privileged. Until you look below the surface of my skin. I might by white, but being a woman means that I am always less than a man. My pay grade, my intelligence (or so it’s thought), even the fact that I can bear children puts me below men, something to be protected. I live in a dominantly Christian country and just like the African American’s I am…


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A Ritual Unlike: Voodoo Ritual



            It’s time to think about something other than ourselves. It’s time to expand our way of thinking and to move from one walk of life to another. We can’t just stay in our safe rooms and safe homes and safe lives anymore. We have to understand the world around us because regardless the world is there. If we ignore it we will never know how to live in it, and then we will never live. The world isn’t just full of white people and…


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Scary dream. Thought I'd share since it's Halloween season.

I had a dream that I was parking my car in my driveway (weird since I don't drive, but whatever) and when I turned my head to open the door I saw this scary guy standing on the other side, staring at me. He was ashy pale with big gaping holes instead of eyes, blood droplets all down the front of him, and missing the left side of his lips/cheek (so you could see his teeth). I immediately locked the door and he leaped against the window, banging on the glass and the door, throwing his body…


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let the week start

Yes its that time again. We must head back to work for another go around. That is if we got the weekend off  at all. If you didn't well that just sucks. If you did its time to drag yourself out of bed and get back in the game. For me its not much of an issue. Sooner the ball starts rolling afterall the sooner the weekend will return. It is raining as I write this however. Not hard enough to keep me home though. And with that I must get myself moving. No rest for the wicked afterall. Here's…


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Door Guardians

In magic, thresholds are places of power - and vulnerability. Your home's threshold - the front entrance - is particularly vulnerable. All sorts of energies can enter through the front door.

Door guardians are objects selected for the protective magic…


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Hence is the fate, Of the Night Dragon.

Destroyed six times,

Reborn seven times.

Hence is the fate,

Of the Night Dragon.

As to the ground I…


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How Philosophy Influenced Witchcraft in the West

Many contemporary wiccans and neopagans may not be aware of just how great of an influence the great philosophers and certain philosophical thoughts have had upon the development of witchcraft throughout history and even into today. It is probably true that many of the old beliefs predate the ancient Greek philosophers, but it cannot be denied that those whose ideas are written down are those whose ideas eventually become the most prevalent, and consequently their views on those ideas also…


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Cats Bits for Oct 19-25 Equinoxes, Eclipses and Portals for Change

Cat's Bits for the Week of Oct 19- Oct 25

Oct 23 New Moon at 5:57 pm EST

Oct 28 Celtic Tree Month of Reed begins

Oct 31 Samhain / Halloween


Thought for the Week:

 What step can you take towards your dream, today? Who will you inspire, today? Who can you make laugh or feel loved, today?

~ Robert Louis Stevenson




Article for the…


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and away I go

Yes very soon I must be away. That drive back home afterall is a decent one and here in southern indiana on a Sunday its best to be out before that church traffic. Those christians always seem to be in a rush afterall. No need to get on that there topic however. My focus is all on my mother whom I'm off to visit once more. She is still in the hospital but now more for much needed PT then anything else. Looks like she'll have at least another two week hitch confined to the place. Not fun for…


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Lilith's Promise

Lilith's Promise

Just come forth child,

Do not be scared,

I am the sacred Whore,

The Goddess of the Moon.

I can lead you to fornication,

I can lead you to freedom,

I shall drink your blood,

And mine have in return.

Abandon yourself to me,

Let your heart succumb,

To pleasure and pain,

To insanity and rage.

Many shall desire,

To penetrate a child of mine.

To feel her warmth,

To feel the ecstasy.

It is to…


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Days Of The Week Comments

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somthing to look forward

Finally I pinned down a time when I can take my vacation. For time promised all the way back at the begining of the year in writing its been a little difficult to receive. For me at least it seems. Now though I cornered the boss and told him it was happening before the year ran out taking the promise of a paid week off with it. He wasn't happy obviously. Apparently I don't need any time off. Yet once you put somthing in writing there isn't much wiggle room. Plus its not like I get time off…


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{My Experience and Deeper Thoughts} 10/17/2014

Tella'sae, Readers & friends

     I feel that before I begin that I must apologize for my absence on pagan space as life has recently taken up much of my time or being as we would say in the Qua'Nae'Va faith. I have kept to myself for a bit as I composed myself and taught…


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six months

Yes it has indeed been six months since I started writing this. And through it so far I have met some truly remarkable people. The only downsde to these sort of meetings is that they are fleeting. One moment there the next gone without so much as a whisper. Such is life though. That aside since I set down this path its been a good time. Hence the reason tomorrow we start the next sixtn months and beyond. I'm hanging around for as long as the powers that be let me. And so here's to good vibes…


Added by shalon on October 17, 2014 at 6:46am — 1 Comment

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