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The accursed 34 Bus route :(

So I have to take this one route in town - the 34 every morning! 7 days a week to my methadone clinic. Every day it seems like abunch of pans get stuck there waiting for me to entertain them! It is way too much for one person/ psychic/Satanist etc to conquer! Like I get there and every single person is on some topic that is way too intense for me in public LIKE every morning!! I mean I am on high pain meds but it still gets intolerable   sometime the shear VOLUME of clogged up people . LIke…


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So Wow the house is on Fire. I mean demons and PANS in and OUT ALL hours of the night!

So anyway I think where I left off is that the DWAYNe creature- to refresh, he thinks /says he was sent from hell to show me (Elisabeth satans daughter) that I cant posses people and have fun with it likehe can. For those of you reading with intelligence yes it is that bluntly stupid. I don't possess people that I love care about like or know well because I believe that makes me inferior.

Anyhoo so the thing has deteriorated ot one of its juvenile stages it says that ( we sleep in bed…


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Looking for Asatru kindred in Charleston WV

Hi I'm new to Asatru. I'm not interested in the white supremacists crap, I'm just trying to find my way. I am looking for any like minded ppl in my area.

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On Course Journal Entry 9 page 86

Feedback for Journal Entry #2: Page 86

Dropbox Feedback

Criterion 1: I wanted each student to use the example on page 85 to complete this assignment. List 2-3 short and long term goals with DAPPS. Ex: Cultivate patience and kindness with others and self could've been listed as a long term goal.

Rubric Name: Journal Entry Rubric (Revised 1/19)

This table lists criteria and criteria group name in the first column. The first row lists level names and… Continue

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On Course Journal Entry 3 page 38 Results and feed back

Feedback for Journal Entry #1: Page 48

Dropbox Feedback

Criterion 1: You did a good job on your journal but I wanted you to address the sentence stems at the beginning. Your writing was very insightful about the experiences that you've endured, you explained how it has effected you. Continual wishes on using your Creator language and mindset for all the experiences that are yet to come!

Rubric Name: Journal Entry Rubric (Revised 1/19)

This table lists… Continue

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On Course Journal Entry 3 page 38

Through out the course of my life I have been known and prone to human mistakes, as well as contributing factors that have have lead to where I am at now in life. Growing up I was fairly a loner and to this day still have this to a degree. Growing up I would either be outside in the woods exploring nature, or in my room. If I was in my room I was partaking in studying, playing instruments(music), or partaking in recreational activities.

Within this format other processes have… Continue

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Helping and building

For a majority of my life, One f my many labels, I have been what one would call a seeker. A seeker is basically one who believes that a mind blowing answer could be revealed at any moment, and often will look into anything could reveal answers to questions. I plan on using what I learn and experience to practice in order to help other beings, and our own planet. Through out the course of my life I have studied and practiced many things in hopes of being able to be a helpful individual though I… Continue

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Teachings of Zangpo, Losang ( My Buddhist refugee name )

Teachings of Zangpo'Losang

3d3I is dedication, desire, discipline, integrity, intelligence, intensity a key formula for most journeys in life.

One can exist, one can survive, or o,ne can live

Foolishness is knowing truth, and choosing differently.

One repeats a ( karmic ) lesson until one learns from it.

For everyone finger one oints forward one has three pointing back.

To put one down one, one self must be down.

Impressions ( especially first ), often can not… Continue

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GLBT / Non-Binary (Pansexual & Hetero) PAGAN QUANTUM ECLECTIC BOOK LIST 2019 - (Revised)

GLBT / Non-Binary (Pansexual & Hetero) PAGAN QUANTUM ECLECTIC BOOK LIST 2019 - (Revised)

Posted by Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon

Revised 2019

Books selected by Sky also known as JD Aeon




Doreen Valiente Witch - by Philip Heselton.


Summoning Forth Wiccan Gods And Goddesses. (The Magick of Invocation and Evocation) - by Lady Maeve Rhea


Astrologickal Magick - Estelle Daniels Magickal


The Talisman…


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Fruit in Myth and Magick

Have you ever thouthgt about the role that Fruit plays in myth and magick? Well, this week we'll compare apples to oranges.


Fruit appears in myths from around the world. Often it is a symbol of abundance, associated with goddesses of fertility, plenty, and the harvest.


And, as you may expect, many of the most significant fruits in world mythology, such as the apple, have different meanings to different cultures. We'll take a short look at many of…


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 * IMPRESSIONS AND THEIR MASKS - May 2015 - Revised June 2019 *

Meeting somebody new, being introduced to somebody new to us...

In the present day different Cultures, we all are well-trained like trained-puppy-dogs to put forward our very best version of ourselves to other people.

Usually that poetic and theatrical…


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I'm working on an Ancestor's altar. I have pictures on the wall above the altar space. I some SOME items that belonged to a couple of the people but for the others, I'm going to put things on the altar that represent the people. For example, I had two great uncles who I loved dearly. One would always give me a quarter whenever I saw him. The other...I remember him buying me candy. Usually reese cups. So for them, I'm going to put a couple of quarters and a couple of those mini reese cups. I…


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Been so dry and now we finally have rain. I'd done a ceremony to summon the rains two days ago. The wind came immediately but the rain was a bit slower. I think I'm rather successful at this because of my connection to the water element. I'm proud to be a water witch. 

But sitting here, looking out the door, my mind is wandering. I feel as if I'm missing something, that I'm meant to do something or go somewhere or reach out to someone. I hate feeling so restless but the water…


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Going home tomorrow

Well, I did it. I spoke up for myself this evening. Going back home and leaving the lake behind me for a couple of days. The energy at the lake is toxic and I'm reacting badly to it. I told my husband I wanted to go home and I get the "why, what's wrong" conversation. Nothing's wrong (other than I hate it there), I just want to go home and water my plants, clean my altar, and maybe have some much needed spiritual "me time". The place at the lake is idyllic, or should be. But it doesn't feel…


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Building a strong relationship with Lilith

I've really been working on my spiritual life, being a stronger and more grounded person. I'm trying to maintain focus and I think that I've done really well since making the connection with Lilith. I've welcomed her into my life and work with her daily, or as my own imperfect life allows. One thing I'm doing is building a rosary ritual. Yeah, so far I'm using a typical catholic rosary but I don't feel any conflict with that. The cross is a symbol and that symbol means nothing to me from a…


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Job Hunting with spirits.... God what a saga

So I have a spirit attachment that is OBSESSED with watching me apply for jobs! Its been like 5years and everytime I sit down to the computer to look for a job it sits down too and wiggles around in the seat and telle me he/she is going to make people sick for hours because? ? ? SPirits don't llook for jobs? I mean he /she is the spirit and they just  sat dotn to look for jobs? I think that one is bizarrely sick and stupid

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More stories from THE HOUSE on ELMwood

So anyway more stories about the house that CATHY built! So after Linda left a lady from Egypt she said? took over some of my body with some kind of crazy strong hold and they the lady near the rug broke my leg. It hurt but didn't also the leg turned bright red! there was some talk of maybe something could take the leg and I could return to PURE HUMAN again but I guess the deal did not go through :

So then there is THE CAT HAMLET! Cathy has a BIG FAT Cat with little bitty…


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2nd time writing - More on living in Buffalo NY with PAN- Visit form the tree of life

So I guess you got that the last paragraph and deleted it and then ate it and then looked around and then jumped to some bodies and then. So anywho.. so they Sasha or Sash spirit took cathy - the owner of the houses voice and traveled around we had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs

So the kitchen experiments:

So every night while I was sleeping or sleeping stating etc.  A group of "beings" went out and covered the walls , cupboards floors table and food…


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Leprechauns and Other Wee Folk

It's springtime, and Fearies abound. Let's see if we can't catch us one!


The Leprechaun is one of the major images that the Mainstream Culture has of what a Feary is, or what a Feary looks like. The other, of course, is Disney's Tinkerbell. Whatever Pagan path you may be following, I'm sure I don't have to tell you that neither of those images fullfills the whole tradition of the Fearie.


But anyway, the Leprechaun has a pretty interesting story by itself (or…


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Artificial Jewellery

Kanhai Jewels – An Imitation Jewellery Manufacturer, Wholesalers and Suppliers based in Mumbai, India. The range of Kanhai Jewels’ imitation jewellery is vast and stunning. The classy look however, is not compensated with high price. We are suppliers and exporters of imitation jewelry at highly affordable prices. Come explore the beauty of imitation jewellery with Kanhai…


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