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Hurtin' deep

Not wanting, not hoping, not expecting, yet you came

Ethereal fog in the mist, you slipped past the defense

Fences, walls, and pits you drifted past as if nonexistent

At the perimeter you stopped, going no further

Enticing you wait my emergence….I awedly obey

You stole my heart and whisked it away

Hid it from me to keep as your own

Like Gollum with his precious, I became the enemy

You used it and abused it yet loved it all the same

Then you… Continue

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Best Suited Sabbat

You Scored as Samhain

Seen as the beginning of the cold season. It is balanced by the corresponding seasonal day of celebration called Beltain which signals the start of…


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Yule is upon us

Yule Pictures, Images and Photos

Merry Yule season Everyone! I have to admit that this year has turned out to be a tough one, but I am optomistic about the new year! I am at a very significant time in my life. I am learning a deep lesson about myself and relationship to my husband. He is a wonderful kind accepting Man and I am honored to belong to him. I can feel myself changing. At first I was not looking forward to the Yule season,… Continue

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Tribes vs. Communities

I recently heard a fellow talk about tribalism as being a very instinctive, primitive form of interaction. He stated , we are evolving beyond tribe to community. This was from someone who is not familiar with the current use of the word "tribe" to actually mean community.

So what's the relationship between "tribe" and "community"? A tribe is certainly a community, but a community may not be a tribe. To me, a tribe is more tightly connected. A community means those who are around you,… Continue

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Rainbow's Daily Treat Today's song is from Celtic woman The Blessing Infinite Being Your Inner Compass by Owen Waters The Nature of Change One constan…

Rainbow's Daily Treat


Today's song is from Celtic woman

The Blessing

Infinite Being Your Inner Compass

by Owen Waters

The Nature of Change

One constant that you can count on in life is change.

Change exists because life is in motion, and motion is one of

the three aspects of the original consciousness that… Continue

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There Is Only Down For Me

Here's a little something from a festival two years ago - a very rainy festival, most of which I spent in my tent. And, oh, how we needed the rain in that Georgia pine forest.

There Is Only Down For Me

There is only down for me

Compelled, impelled, propelled to fall

Gaining mass and purpose, stealing moisture from the sky

Through cloud and shroud and shadow

Joined with others of my kind

'Til I can't tell where they end and I… Continue

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Diana's Bow Newsletter 11/30/08



See us on the web at:


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Holiday/Ignorant People!

I know as the Holidays approach people can become quite stressed and this is when the really irritating, biggest idiots come out...remember they are the ones who have to live with themselves, so as you run into these people through out the Holiday season while shopping etc...just smile as they cut you off, flip you off, push their way through, etc...and first wish them a small Blessing for that they may find some semblence of happiness...and then remind yourself that you are the luckiest person… Continue

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Wolf Moon - The moon in deepest of Winter. In earlier times a time when the wolf came close to the villages to seek food.

Celtic - Alder - Masculine Moon of Completeness Exorcism; Prosperity; Banishing; Healing

Ritual - January is the time to conserve energy by working on personal problems that involve no one else. It is also a time for protection rites and reversing spells. During this month the energy flow is sluggish and below the… Continue

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Wait until night has fallen and the moon is visible. Go outside where you won't be disturbed. If it's difficult to find such a place near your home, an open window where the moon is visible will work.


Bask in the moonlight, concentrating on the energy of the moon and the goddess. Let her fill your spirit as you reach out to her. If the moon is full, visualize the goddess in her guise as Mother. If the moon is new, visualize her in her Maiden aspect. If the moon is… Continue

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Yule Crafts For Young Pagans

Yule Crafts for Young Pagans

yule log

Make a Yule Log

The Yule Log is an ancient Pagan Tradition that goes back many 100s of years.

The Winter Solstice (Yule) it is the darkest time of the year. Yet on this day, the Sun is “re-born” in the sky and begins to grow stronger and stay out longer and longer. The Yule log represents the Light overcoming the Darkness.

Since the celebrating and… Continue

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Blog on Quizes

How "right" are these quizes?Does it depend of the time or month?Is it random or do you say really what you mean?

How much is shadow and/or Self? Lets muse on this.......

What Kind of Empath Are You?

created with

You scored as Universal


You are a Universal Empath, you possess all the qualities… Continue

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Yule Sachet - Make an Herbal Sachet for Yule

Yule Sachet - Make an Herbal Sachet for Yule

yule Pictures, Images and Photos

These simple sachets are easy to make, and you can either use them as ornaments on your holiday tree, or give them away as gifts. You'll need the following:



Juniper berries

Orange peel, grated

Orris root




Squares of your favorite holiday fabric

Colorful… Continue

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Yule Greeting Cards - Make Your Own Yule Cards

Yule Greeting Cards - Make Your Own Yule Cards

yule cards Pictures, Images and Photos

It's hard to find Yule greeting cards commercially, and often when you do locate one you like, they can be expensive. Because there's not a huge market for Pagan or Wiccan greeting cards, sometimes it's just easier to make your own. With a little imagination -- and a couple of kids to help out if possible -- it's really easy to make stylish… Continue

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" All Witches Rejoice"

Rings of fire of futures and past show onto me the glories at last, Holding no boundaries, turning no stones, burning flames brightly for all witches are home. Come out and be heard, sing loud and sing proud, let your voice echo through the clouds, dance around the fires, singing to the goddess, rejoicing…

Added by DENITTA TAYLOR on November 30, 2008 at 5:30pm — 1 Comment


Ive been 1 of the lucky people to still have a job in my small town . Every time you turn around they are shutting down another factory here in sw michigan. Ive actuallly been working 7 days a week since last may .This is why i havent been on much .Last night i checked my email an it said i had a bunch of letters on here .Iam glad to be back and hearing from all my friends .Wishing you all a blessed day !!!!!

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1st December 08

Daily musing ~ Freedom is not without hardship and sacrifice

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Essential Oils: What Are They Good For?

Essential Oils: What Are They Good For?


Essential oils have many properties and can help in several different

Areas for your life. Below is a short list of ailments that occur in

Our daily lives and those oils that are helpful for each ailment.

Remember: These are not the only essential oils that can be used,

Just a very small guideline.

Abscesses/Boils: Basil, Chamomile, Clary… Continue

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Pagan in the Paralegal Department (Episode 27)

First off... I would like to apologize for not keeping the blog updated in recent weeks. For lack of a better description, things just have been absolutely insane.

It is really terrible when the author has to flip through her last entry to remember what happened, because so much has come to pass. I will do the run down of what has happened in recent weeks.

After the elevator incident, Hound and I were doing good. He understood that on some weird level he did care and I… Continue

Added by Bewitched Southern Fox on November 30, 2008 at 5:00pm — 1 Comment

Helpful Hints for Herbs and Spices

Helpful Hints for Herbs and Spices


* NEVER store spices above the stove. It's very hot and can be humid.

* Red spices will maintain flavor and retain color longer if they are

Stored in the refrigerator.

* Store spices in a cool place, away from any direct source of heat.

The heat will destroy their flavor.

* Arrange spices in alphabetical order and eliminate the… Continue

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