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God writes it's message on the face of this round planet,man being self blinded is unable to read it,a few among us having sight try to interpret it to others,but the human mass sneers at them for their pains through the air deadly silence in a room,life of the sun streams from the void of space stopping the path and darkness,haunted by ones own fear of situations,walking gazing at the mystical moon i summon venus another god,i summon all the birds to join me and in the distance appears a…


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Sovereign Magick Book

My book is finally here everyone! Its a major revision from my old book A Grimoire of Tarot magick. This has way more juice through my experiences practicing Magick for 25 years. With this knowledge I have manifested many trips around the world from Mexico, South America, Thailand, Egypt, Dubai, Europe and now running a Yacht business on a Caribbean Island. Learn from someone who has actually made their dreams come true not from someone…

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Devotion to the Demiurge

The Greek word “demiourgos” and the Latin “demiurgus” mean the builder, artisan, or craftsman who built the material universe from the primeval “stuff” or “chaos” that preceded creation. The English word is “Demiurge”, a term that is as unpleasant to Gnostics as the name “Satan” is to Christians. But think about the material world for a moment. The only reason that Gnostics think that it is the product of an evil mind is that they do not wish to be…


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The Witch's Corner ~ May Magick!

“…Thank you to all the people who sent me their true Ouija Board Experiences! It was fascinating hearing about what you went through and how it has affected you. I enjoyed reading your stories, and I’m betting the viewers will enjoy hearing them! Again, thank you for taking the time and effort to send them to me. You’ll find the Ouija Board Stories in this month’s Newsletter Video…scroll down.

The “Special Offer” for this month’s newsletter ~ When you purchase a 3 card audio…


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Shematria ~ the secret gematria of the bible.

It’s finally here! After much coding I finished the first stage and it's available for public use.  Shematria is an app that calculates with the secret gematria of the bible!

Just click on the image to take you to the site and start playing!

Presenting Shematria ~ a new…


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Genesis Chapters 1-2 and the Tarot.


Added by Bethsheba Ashe on April 28, 2018 at 5:30pm — No Comments

Very Old Spell for Evil Eye Removal

This is an OLD ass spell..

Evil Eye Removal Spell 2

You will need:

1 egg

1. Pass one egg around the afflicted person three times, muttering blessings sacred texts and difiance towards the eye.

2. Take the egg outside, ideally off your property and smash it on the ground.

3. Check for signs of blood, if any appear, continued magical action is required.

A typical chant can be as follows. This was written by the amazing Scott Cunningham...all…


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Evil Eye Removal and Repel

Evil Eye Removal and Repel


You will need Tamarisk (Salt Cedar) good sized stick, maybe around 1ft in length, or more. It is really up to you.

A pinch of Alum or Salt

A small well contained fire outside.


1. Place a piece of tamarisk wood and either a pinch of salt or a pinch of alum in a pan over a fire.

2. The patient or victim must walk around it seven times.

3. As soon as a crackling sound is heard,…


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A year of Transformation and connecting to my true roots


I am adopted closed adoption, Told very little. I have had a whole most of my life not knowing my blood roots, My adoptive mom is Irish,Scottish, and some others.

I decided to pay for DNA test I still  knew I may not, or most likely not find  my blood birth parents, but wanted to know my roots, Now  I was also going through losts of changes reconnecting to my magick and matrons. The Crows…


Added by Lάđŷ Şħάđoψ☽☮☾ on April 28, 2018 at 10:19am — 1 Comment

Breath of life

Hey yah hey yah goes the breath of life or uoaei ieaou.

You can also call it ieaou-uoaei or yhwh.

The name yhwh contains yod (the seed) and hwh (the breath, in and out).

Chawah (eve, born by adams rib|cage) is the mother of life, because she contains chayah or the breath of life. For god put the breath of life into living/chay beings.

Adam is the emanating blood, because dam is red and blood is similar to sea water, which is moved by the tides, the same living…


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This is true!!!

Like all other deities or pantheons worshipped, we are these same people.

Hi everyone. I needed to update my network statuses personally before I travel into my slumbers and go to many places where inspiration, desires, and all that's true reside. My powerhouse is here, and it's my home.

I have been incredibly busy lately. Tuesday afternoon, OMG like The Moody Blues song, me and my soon to be fiance are moving to our new home. We spent time today (well my sweet…


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Nephele and Shawn

Where is the Lady of Letters and the Dude of Digits? Did Nephele leave the herd without giving us the ultimate anagram? Did Shawn forsake his flock without revealing the greatest of codes? Take another hit off that bong Shawn and don’t bogart those letters Nephele. Shall we all be doomed to the simple ABC and 123?

Added by Enigma on April 26, 2018 at 12:13pm — 2 Comments

Apollo And Artemis - Young Witch Question

I have started looking into dieties to incorporate into my practise.  Ive been involved in the craft for a couple years now and in my rituals ive just refered to the great moon goddess and horned one sun god.  This worked but I feel like my faith is growing and im starting to have more belief in folklore, myth, and legend and how they work in my magick.  So ive always known people have picked "Patron and Matron" God and Goddess's to work with and now ive done some reaserch on who i want to…


Added by Scott Free on April 25, 2018 at 9:40pm — No Comments

Sensing all of life

Do you sense life?

Yes everyone does, with their senses.

But Do you know your senses?

Let me explain something i Fond out about the senses in the head.

When we look AT our ears, we see a spiral like form. This spiral kind of looks like an embryo or a kidney bean... then it also looks like the brain from the side. So we look the seed of our thoughts, the spiral, which returns the vibration of something into the mind. This Vibration is a vague image(ination) of a…


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Twin Flame or Anima/Animus

My personal feeling is that the adherents of the New Age Movement are guilty of self-indulgence when they propose that each of us has a Twin Flame waiting to bring us love, meaning, and happiness. The Twin Flame can be described as a kind of Über-Soulmate, for he or she is our other half, with whom we were one when our soul was created by God or “Source” (a familiar New Age term).

The idea of the Twin Flame was first…


Added by Marion Jenis on April 21, 2018 at 1:30pm — No Comments

The Fateful Meeting of the Son of God and the Queen of Heaven. (a short story)


A messenger quickly strode into the hall of the King of Ai in Canaan and approached the throne. “Great King” he said as he bowed. “What news of Jericho?” asked the king. “The city has fallen” the messenger said. The king turned to his commander and said, “Send a detachment of soldiers on the road to Jericho to gather the refugees and bring them into the city.” “Forgive me for speaking, O King” the messenger…


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The matrix of god

What if life was a matrix...

But not an evil matrix with robots farming on humans.

What if we lived inside the thoughts of the thinker.

You can see that the universe looks like neurons in a brain.

So what if this life, in the physical realm we are actually manifested in the right or rational brain of god.

So if you think about the aboriginees and their stories about dreamtime, wouldn't it be possible that AT this point we were living inside the left or…


Added by Midrash on April 18, 2018 at 5:11pm — 2 Comments

-Art Bell Has Passed Away -

Art Bell Has Passed Away - 

By- Mike j Hughes .





Added by Mike Hughes on April 18, 2018 at 1:19am — 3 Comments

Spring Cleaning

It's time for Spring Cleaning!


The idea of Spring Cleaning actually goes all the way back to ancient Egypt. We'll take a look at why Spring has become the time when we Clean House.

And, while House Cleaning IS TERRIBLY, BORINGLY mundane, it does have magickal implications, and so we'll talk about some ways we can bring our Magick into our chores in some very powerful ways.


While we're clearing out our attics, let's look for Crafty Ways to…


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The Anger Myths of Aphrodite

There may be a tendency among neo-pagans to look upon the polytheistic past as a golden age. This tendency seems to be especially strong among those who wish to rediscover Aphrodite. If her title---goddess of love and beauty---is an indication of her real nature, her reemergence in the modern era should substantially increase our happiness. But I would like to caution the would-be devotee of the goddess of love that love is not known to bring happiness. Both…


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