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Life is a witch than u into the fresh flowing breeze lift off from earth through the trees.. with spiritual guidance from your choice witching hour a time to rejoice.... Into your circle u cast for safety.. casting maliciously so effects set in.... Light fills from head to toe. Consideration in at its peak so strong never weak. Carefully speaking with magical enchantment with elements all around with them you are one never speaking for play nor for fun. Becoming full of greatness… Continue

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BAD Energy will Bring you Down take your Day and leave you Bound B Y- the Feet wrists even Behind Your Back... But your light is strong this you know energy Fromthe light only continues to Grow... AS it Radiates FROM YOUR crown To .your Root Hitting all Seven now Rich in spiritual loot. we started o FF on BAD Holding you Back But light Defeats all as you manifest GOOD Sending all Bad StR8 Back I cant stress enough how important it is To meditate and The BAD You RID... Balance iskey To a… Continue

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Evolution, Involution, and Devolution

The teachers of esoteric concepts or theosophy in the broadest sense of the word tell us that mankind has completed a stage of involution and must now begin a new stage of evolution. Those who understand these concepts in a dogmatic and inflexible way tend to regard the involutionary spirits that attended man’s development so far as evil, for it is felt that they can only impede our future advancement. Most of us, however, would be shocked to learn that the…


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Fractions of destiny past future life existences bound by paradox flux is the scientific new age explanation that we continue but just change form eternity is unstable life it self is not logical and only exists by infinite calculation there is no salvation we have lost it a revolving window is going to close until nobody knows rainbow's end might have already happened the living dead who would know the difference as consciousness was once only a royal inkling like poems the collective wave…


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Mr. Copperhead

While out exploring this hot Spring day, I strolled down a new path in the woods I found along the way. It was quiet and peaceful with Nature all about. Soon my path was blocked by Mr. Copperhead. He is an ornery old fellow with a nasty bite. In his case his bite is worse than his bark because he has no bark. He doesn’t even have a rattle to shake. Well Mr. Copperhead just looked up at me without much of a care. It was evident all he meant to do was stare. So, I grabbed some berries from a…


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The funny aspect a cryptic comedy an atomic explosion then what was the bomb it became a weapon not to end the war but to save all of humanity when it was created the scientists were dreaming controlling nothing the final circle eternal battle created by sentinels awakened through a time portal just as world war 1 started the Egyptian tombs were discovered maybe the atomic bomb was that ship manifested to save this planet a time slip invention from Einstein's imagination with his religious…


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within a dream so to be invisible a kind of miracle unravel synthetic astral transformation paradigm shifts open the doors there lipless mouths fitness stakes race course measurements question of conscience prism light primary colors trinity red green and blue fragmented refracted enacted giants,the eyes of the universe earth personified,a dictionary cosmic black hole windows a singularity, streams are the planets from the river's flow off energy official physics atomic ethics…


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Just then life began the vacuums formed lines shedding color across the universe,moving spheres into motion fragmented into crystal formations,the very existence of evolution within each dimension,limitations of movement order of planetary mechanisms,governed by relative position within the solar panel of each to make up the cosmic plan ,the heart of our very motion all entwining through universal planes of existence,coloring each fabric of vibration set into it a pointed sphere of…


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The Jesus Dilemma ~ What do you say to them?

First, I want to start off by saying that I respect ALL religions.  I want to start off by saying that there is no one true right path.  I want to start off by saying that each individual has the right to choose their spiritual path and the beliefs that they adhere to, and they deserve this right to be respected by the world community without coercion, ridicule, or prejudice.

I have…


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The mother, the father and the holy Planets. Depictions of the gods and the chakras

To understand the chakras one has to understand the sky. When we look into the sky, we see the two luminaries Sun and moon, the father and the mother, soul and body. Then we also have the smaller planets, each corresponding to a different chakra or aspect of the soul. These planets or "moving stars" are the children of the sun. They are the fires of the candlestick, sparks or seamen... (male seeds) that enter into the womb of the mother (behind the moon) and she get's impregnated with the…


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Pristine pixel dreaming there has to be a meaning responding must be the subject matter,multi colored fawning or to say good morning like some peasant at a cathedral hoping for a miracle,this human frailty how words etch into reality,me the soft flesh and blood cliche machine weakened an impact of Venus with the earth started life on this planet,they say Venus is a comet if an asteroid impact forms diamonds then anything is possible,worlds in Collision is a book written by Immanuel…


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My Creation story

In the beginning there was a void filled with Plasmaric substance, but this substance yet had no purose, because it was Just a chaotic Mix of energy. In the center of this substance hovered an Egg, being tired because or was still dark. So there needed to be a match to fill this void. Then it thought I need light to See and create. It Said biauiauiau and a Stream of light waved around in the darkness, the dark substance didn't Look so dark anymore, more Like milk! This Energy filled the…


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Life Males senses! Bewahre: [Censored] /no Kids! ^^

Just wanted top explain in Pictures... I think wird's are wasted here! :)

Some more…


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God writes it's message on the face of this round planet,man being self blinded is unable to read it,a few among us having sight try to interpret it to others,but the human mass sneers at them for their pains through the air deadly silence in a room,life of the sun streams from the void of space stopping the path and darkness,haunted by ones own fear of situations,walking gazing at the mystical moon i summon venus another god,i summon all the birds to join me and in the distance appears a…


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Sovereign Magick Book

My book is finally here everyone! Its a major revision from my old book A Grimoire of Tarot magick. This has way more juice through my experiences practicing Magick for 25 years. With this knowledge I have manifested many trips around the world from Mexico, South America, Thailand, Egypt, Dubai, Europe and now running a Yacht business on a Caribbean Island. Learn from someone who has actually made their dreams come true not from someone…

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Devotion to the Demiurge

The Greek word “demiourgos” and the Latin “demiurgus” mean the builder, artisan, or craftsman who built the material universe from the primeval “stuff” or “chaos” that preceded creation. The English word is “Demiurge”, a term that is as unpleasant to Gnostics as the name “Satan” is to Christians. But think about the material world for a moment. The only reason that Gnostics think that it is the product of an evil mind is that they do not wish to be…


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The Witch's Corner ~ May Magick!

“…Thank you to all the people who sent me their true Ouija Board Experiences! It was fascinating hearing about what you went through and how it has affected you. I enjoyed reading your stories, and I’m betting the viewers will enjoy hearing them! Again, thank you for taking the time and effort to send them to me. You’ll find the Ouija Board Stories in this month’s Newsletter Video…scroll down.

The “Special Offer” for this month’s newsletter ~ When you purchase a 3 card audio…


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Shematria ~ the secret gematria of the bible.

It’s finally here! After much coding I finished the first stage and it's available for public use.  Shematria is an app that calculates with the secret gematria of the bible!

Just click on the image to take you to the site and start playing!

Presenting Shematria ~ a new…


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Genesis Chapters 1-2 and the Tarot.


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