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The Language Barrier

I think I first became aware while taking Philosophy classes in college that people will emotionally disagree with someone simply because of the definition of the word being debated. There are emotional attachment to certain words that will create a reaction that contributes to the "heat" of the debate. The argument itself may not be logical, because of the emotional nature involved. There are certain various topics that trigger this emotional reaction that will cloud the judgement of others…


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Spirit Inside, Spirit Outside

I've noticed something lately about my outlook on life.


I am an observant individual. I do not mean this in the way of "I know what you had for breakfast because your right foot is slightly smaller than your left". I simply mean that I enjoy watching what's around me. Sometimes, as a result of constantly watching, I notice things. I notice that many people, when practicing a spiritual path that involves nonphysical entities, tend to overdo it. I do not mean they work too…


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Believing It Doesn't Make It So - Tarot Speed Blog

"Just because we believe it doesn't make it so."




 [bih-leef] –noun

1. something believed;  an opinion or conviction: a belief that the earth is flat.

2. confidence in the truth or…


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The Magick of Perception

pen to page .. pen to page...



I've been trying to decide how to explain this topic. And it really has to start with perception and the action of seeing energy.  Science teaches us that in the human brain we have:

a. the hind brain source of animalistic thought and survival;

b. the fore brain source of spatial thinking, athletic skill, computational activity and motor skills, etc...

c. and the rest of it which is hypothesized to do lots of other…


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Perception and Style

I find it somewhat interesting, the multiple ways that the craft can be approached and considered. A lot of people seem to approach it as a series of basic skills and techniques that anyone and everyone can pick up and master. I approach it on the same level as art. In art, you have a unique style, based on your unique perspective of the world. I wouldn't expect an abstract painter to sculpt a mirror-image of his mother. Magic, at its core, is the use of your own will to create change. All…


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Reality check

It doesn’t matter how much I care or don’t care I can’t change the way other people chose to feel. At best I can behave in a manner that influences another’s mood but I can’t force a mood upon any one - others peoples moods are just that their moods. The same applies to mine. I find it sad when people hand the power of their own frame of mind to another by blaming.

When people want to feel angry they will find some thing some where to be angry about. We create a reality than matches… Continue

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