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I got this emergency message from another site I'm on. If anyone…


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If you are considering becoming vegetarian or vegan...

How humans are not physically created to eat meat

From ""


Although some historians and anthropologists say that man is historically omnivorous, our anatomical equipment ­ teeth, jaws, and digestive system ­ favors a fleshless diet. The American Dietetic Association notes that "most of mankind for most of human history has lived on vegetarian or near-vegetarian…


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Pagan Spiritualists

I have started a new group here called Pagan Spiritualists of Indiana. I have already sent invites and friend requests to many of you. For some who don't know, Spiritualists are messengers who communicate with those from the other side, and deliver (and receive) messages from others. Even those who don't think they have this gift really do; it just needs to be developed and trusted. Obviously I would love for everyone to join but I'm also hoping to get a local group of people who want to get… Continue

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Gaian Voices magazine and ezine

This is just to let everyone know that the latest Gaian Voices is out. It is mostly about the oil spills in the Gulf and there is a poem in it by yours truly, Iraja. I hope you check it out.

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Well the interview in the morning went well. It was with a mortgage company. I will have a second interview and shadowing with them next week. The interview in the afternoon was not as well. I could call people about their defaulted loans but not the hours they want me. Tomorrow I go to the info session with Kelly services about subbing. I will not have insurance as a substitute teacher so I will continue looking for a job, but at least I'll have money coming iin.

Tonight was the…


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People are stupid

Moonwaters emailed me and suggested that I need to write the next chapter in my blog. So this is it. People are so stupid it's hard to fathom how they get by.

I still don't have a job. I go to interviews and spend hours filling out applications and no job. Here is an example of stupid people. I applied for unemployment. The reason I dont have a job is that I retired and I'm looking for other work. The unemployment people didn't know what to do with that information. They called it a…


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Gaian Voices

Gaian Voices is the publication in which I have an article and poem in the last issue. It is currently on line, the entire issue. Go to and check out the magazine. Look for the article and poem by Iraja. That's me. I believe you will really like the publication itself.

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job search

Wow, looking for a job is a job all by itself! I knew I would take a drastic cut in income when I retired. I have to pay half of it for insurance! So I'm looking for a job, any job, I can do. For days on end I do nothing but sit a the computer most of the time. I take breaks and do other stuff, such as this blog. Indiana treats teachers like s@#t then they don't pay us crap when we retire. And insurance? It's great coverage but boy am I paying out the you-know-what. I… Continue

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My latest saga...

I retired from my teaching job after the first day of school in August. I tried to start unpacking my boxes, sat down and looked around, and realized I couldn't do it anymore. I am 4.5 years short of full retirement so I took a 30% cut in my pension. If I'd worked that 4.5 years, I may not be able to enjoy my retirement. But Indiana pays teachers so little to retire anyway, it would have meant another $350 a month. So I don't get a check until Oct 1, I have to pay craploads for my health… Continue

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New grandson

I have a new grandson, born on Mar. 11. That makes 10 for me! I'm going to Alabama for a few days to be with them over Spring Break.

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In Dayton OH

My sister and brother in law live in Dayton. They have 6 grown kids. About 4 years ago, they lost the second youngest, just after his 41st birthday. The following year, their youngest was in the hospital, the same hospital the other son had died in. Now the youngest, who is 43(?) is in the hospital again. He suffered two mini-strokes, or TIAs, over the weekend. He is undergoing several tests today and I'm at the house with my sister in Dayton. She is heavy, and has venastatious (sp?) legs and… Continue

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Another wedding!

The youngest of our 5 kids, Slade, is marrying his lovely fiance Friday, Oct. 30, in Georgia, which is where we are now. They aren't Pagan, or belong to any religion/belief system. The day was chosen soley for convenience and finances. I'm looking forward to the wedding of course, but I'm also curious to see what guests show up from the other side. I'll be able to see or hear or feel their presence. Or all of the above. I'm excited about that, as well. It rained from Indianapolis, through KY… Continue

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Busy, busy again

I'm back to work now, after my summer, then my surgery. Boy is it tough! I'm so exhausted every day when I get home. I also have 2 classes for myself a week, with homework, and I'm still trying to volunteer at the animal shelter on the weekend. I was there for 3 hours today. When I start limping, walking crooked, showing down - that's when it's time for me to go home. I don't have as much time to spend on the computer as before, obviously.

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St. Louis, here I come

Now my daughter has won tickets for the American Idol tour in St. Louis so of course, I'm going with her. Another chance to meet our faves! I'm still busy finishing up my summer class before my surgery Tuesday. Then my fall class will start on Sep. 1 so at least I won't have to worry about that while I'm in St. Louis. Does anybody else out there like the American Idols? Who is your favorite this year?

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Memphis, here I come

My daughter bought tickets for her and her best friend, who is 7 months pregnant with child #6, to go to Memphis to see the American Idol tour. Just this week, the friend started having Braxton Hicks contractions so now I'm going instead of her. I was going to baby-sit my daughter's twins but now her friend is, along with the help of her eldest daughter. I'm really excited! My daughter and I are really big fans of Adam Lambert so we can't wait to see him. She bought pretty good tickets, got a… Continue

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Animal Shelter

I decided that this summer I would volunteer with the county animal shelter. I went to orientation in May and I went to volunteer for the first time today. So many experiences, it's hard to put it in words. In the 4-5 hours that I was there I cleaned cages, saw sick kittens taken to be put down, found 2 dead tiny kittens in a cage with their adoptive mom, walked and bathed 3 dogs. Everytime I heard the buzzer sound I knew it was someone else at the back door to surrender a pet they can't keep… Continue

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Wedding, Feb. 8

My step-daughter's wedding in Georgia was very nice. I was not feeing well so my husband and our friend drove all the way there and back. I slept. Sage wore a black skirt and white sweater. Paul wore a suit with hints of green. Sage carried a bouquet of pink roses and other pink flowers and Paul had a pink boutiniere (sp??). The ceremony was short and sweet, with just family and a few friends in attendance. We went to a luncheon at their favorite restaurant in Decatur. The food was wonderful.… Continue

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Magickal name

I have just recently found, and dedicated myself to, my magickal name. It is Sanskrit, "Iraja". According to the Sanskrit baby names for girls I found on line, it means, "daughter of the wind." Since I'm Gemini, an air sign, and I love the wind, it fits me perfectly. My yoga teacher said that "I" (pronounced "E") is feminine, and raja is king or god. Vayu is the Hindu god of wind. Do you have a magickal name? What is it and how did you find it?

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Spiritual, not religious

I don't understand this term. It's an oxymoron, I believe. Paganism, in whatever form you choose to practice, is a religion. Even our government recognizes it as such. There was recently a huge fight to get the Pentacle on the grave stone of Pagan soldiers, remember? I teach in the public school system. The powers that be can no more tell me not to wear my Pentacle than they could tell a Christian not to wear a cross. My friend, an elderly lady, said she's atheist. Yet, she believes in angels,… Continue

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Sometimes I dont' respond to emails as quickly as I should. I hope you all will understand. I'm on several groups and get a lot of emails. Just be patient with me please.

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