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Enlightenment/Help for anyone going through hard times motivational

Yes I am posting this openly as there are people that have gone through things just like I have and probably even more. I posted this on a group to someone that was going through something rough I didn't realize the post was made in 2010. But I figured after looking back over it to edit to help him It deserves to go somewhere else that could be as useful and hopefully someone will see it that needs it.



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You know the answers to your questions and the answers are right in front of you.

While I had this on my mind I figured I would share this as it is just coming to me as well as things I learned from experience.. the hard way.... :)

I realize a lot of our questions we ask we already know the answer to we just don't see it. If we look back at our own questions we have to ask others for guidance or for growth whatever the reason not that it's a bad thing to we can see the answer to that question is really us. We can be our own enemy and most times our…


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