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Costuming Headaches

It's amazing how time consuming costuming can become. Clothing plays such an important role in first impressions and showing a character's personality and development that we have to spend the time on every last detail. Complicating the fact is the elaborate action sequences we've blocked out, and the deliberate disintegration of the clothing over the course of the night. Every last tear and blood stain has to match up between scenes filmed a week apart but occurring minutes later in the… Continue

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Movie Magic Begins

MoonTree is gearing up for pre-production on And Then There Were Nuns! Which means I have a lot less time to spend with my friends here and outside as spring begins. My only consolation is that once we start filming this summer, I'll be forced to be outside for up to 16 hours a day! Even if it will be in costume under a pound of fake blood, or padded up to film the fight sequences. As the only cameraman with a goalie helmet I find myself volunteered for the dangerous work. Funny how that works… Continue

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The Continental airplane crash has struck a chord with this nation, and I've been touched by many of the remembrances posted around the web. My college hockey teammate was on that flight, and I've been numb for the past week trying to get my heart to understand I will never see her again in this life. Maddy was such a caring teammate. I'll never forget how supportive and excited she was for me before my first collegiate start, and she kept skating by during the game shouting encouragement. I… Continue

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Mongolia: Cradle of Modern Society

Right now I'm on a serious history kick and I'm reading my way through the ancient history section of the local bookstore. I was lucky enough to travel internationally through high school and college, and retroactively learning the history of a place where I've been is immensely satisfying. My favorite country is Mongolia, as I found the most friends and kindest people there, and thanks to the modern scholarship of their history I'm learning everything I can about their society. Of course… Continue

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Some initial thoughts

I love this site. When I first became a pagan it was found out at school too quickly, and the resulting teasing was unbearable for many months. If I had only had the support of a community like this! If it allows one person not to go through what I did, never mind the great networking and discussions to be found, I want Pagan Space to stay around for a long time.

This is one of the reasons I want to make films about pagans, films with pagan themes, and films that give back to the… Continue

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