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The Oak and Holly Kings

The Holly King and Oak King

The Wiccan God is the Lord of the Greenwood, consort to the Lady of the Greenwood. Known also as Cernunnos, the Green Man, Herne the Hunter, and Lord of the Wild Hunt, he is a god of fertility, growth, death, and rebirth.

Two God-themes figure predominantly in Wiccan Sabbats: the Sun-God theme and that of the Holly King and…


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What We Are

We are not evil.
We don't harm or seduce people.
We are not dangerous.
We are ordinary people like you.
We have families, jobs, hopes and dreams.
We are not a cult.
We are real.
We laugh, we cry.
We are serious.
 We have a sense of humor.
You don't have to be afraid of us.
We don't want to convert you.
And please don't try to convert us.
Just give us the same right we give you...

"To Live In Peace".

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Today I heard my soon to be ex-husband on the phone to my oldest daughter. He had went outside to call her in secrecy. And he was telling her I was so mean. I know I'm not a mean person. But then he said "she preaches all this law of three stuff, and then she's a mean person". as the day wore on he became sadder and sadder. Finally crying. He said I had hurt him because he still loves me and I'm not in love with him. Anyway, my question is, no matter if he is right or wrong. How can I as a… Continue

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We all make a lot of mistakes. It's part of the human experience. Well, yet again Mowitch probably has made a big one. I did go back. I could not take my daughter crying for me on the phone everyday. I guess that makes me a weak person. But I hope every one understands, I love her more than live it self. The one thing I would like to add is I have found a safe place to go in the event I need it. The only thing is that I would have needed my car. Which I now have. So if it gets as bad as it was… Continue

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