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Finally In Texas!

And Texas it truly is, there's no mistake. Hot humid air, warm oven breezes and too much sun. I wasn't expecting it to be quite this severe. But I love my new abode! An on campus apartment, two bedrooms with three other girls, a kitchen, living room and bathroom. The best part of all is being surrounded by the woods. I have trees all around me! Its simply lovely. Seeing the trees dappled with sun fills me with joy.

The culture is a bit...strange. And I absolutely despise my…


Added by Pixie Fables on August 29, 2010 at 10:24pm — 4 Comments

I'm Officially A Tree Huggin' Druid.

I joined the ADF this past week after a very powerful Shamanic journey into the Otherworld/Underworld where I met a Druid priest who led me to the Green Man/King of Forest and Animals/etc. We had a heart to heart, and I took the final steps to devoting myself to the Druid path. Finally. After dancing around it since I was 18 years old. I'm very excited, can't wait to begin the Dedicant course! :D

Just because I'm a Druid, doesn't mean I will cease practicing Shamnism (which I've began… Continue

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I Didn't Ask to Be Born

And I'm not going to continue apologizing for my existence.

I've absolutely had it with this mother of mine. She expects us all to sacrifice everything for her wants. She forced us to move to a shitty old house against our will. Well, alright, she gave us a choice. Either we moved with her or she'd leave us. She expects me to not have my own life and continually complains that I "don't care about the family and am only interested in my self".

Um. I'm 24 years old. I'm a… Continue

Added by Pixie Fables on July 9, 2010 at 8:54am — 2 Comments

Fear Cage

I need to get over this fear I've felt about the paranormal and spirit visitors. Some years ago I worked on developing my psychic gifts, then ceased for...well...many reasons. I knew I wasn't mature enough at the time to use them properly. I had what you would call a "guru complex" or the "special snowflake syndrome". It got me into quite a bit of trouble, and when I realized these things I stopped altogether so no one else would be injured due to my immaturity.

That and I was…


Added by Pixie Fables on June 28, 2010 at 1:44am — 1 Comment

Wander Dust

I think one of the Fairfolk snuck into my room and dumped wander dust on me...because I haven't signed in since, what, April? My Gods. I apologize if I caused anyone concern. Last time I logged in I was pretty ill. Health wise I am and have been much better, just busy with other facets of life...including some addicting games. I've been negligent of my spiritual side. Its a curse...When I become interested in something, I am immediately passionate and dive in as though I'm wearing blinders.…


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Writing Prompt for Arnold

Captain Frillywick eased down to his desk with a quill pen and coal black ink, gazed for a few moments at the leather bound journal sprawled open upon the desk. Dusk had long since descended over the lonely country manor. Today was a friend's wedding. Or acquaintance really, would be a more accurate descriptor. He barely exchanged even a few words with the couple any given month. More or less old family ties over the years, social bonds, that made expensive demands. So much… Continue

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Following The Wooded Path

The river she dances a serenade

to and fro waltzing placid waves,

A chimera, she sings,

a branch twitches in the sun,

and I'm moving toward the glen

where the haunted people walk,

A lyrical heart, beating in my breast,

she steps to the moss,

over the fallen fairy's stoop,

the circle beckons

whispering wisps in vivid bloom.

I want to dance, along the path

mimicking the the trees,

as they shimmer their branches

painted shadows

the… Continue

Added by Pixie Fables on March 24, 2010 at 8:30pm — No Comments

Taking A Moment

Around 10pm last night I got called in to cover a shift for 11am-5:30pm. I'm beginning to doubt my status as a part-time employee. Seeing as I've worked every day this week, except for yesterday. Which was amazing. I thought I'd get called in. Since when was I a "Call Girl" for my store? I mean, seriously...This is starting to get exhausting. The worst part, is that I was told by my other co-workers that the person I'm covering for probably made up the story about car trouble so he wouldn't… Continue

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I'm feeling incredibly anxious today for some reason. The worst part of all, is I had to work late last night (12:30am is when we left) and have to get up this morning for work again for a four hour shift, and then they're calling me back in again at 5pm. I'm not used to working the late hours and the morning hours. They've been spoiling me. Anyway, today I feel drained, exhausted and all around blah. My stomach hurts, I have no appetite, and all I want to do is curl up in bed. I've been more… Continue

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I'm finding that as I grow, and come to be on the right path, people who are unhealthy disappear from my life. Each time I have come close to dating another drug addict, alcoholic, dealer or whatever they always back off like they've put their hand in the fire. Its not something I do intentionally...I don't like making people feel guilty, I just think there's something about me that repels them. Which is probably for the best. Having healthy people in my life is more preferable. I never noticed… Continue

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Let Me See You Smile

I'm learning a lot about myself and others. I'm finally okay with disappointment, because life is full of disappointments. Expecting a lot from people places you in a situation to be disappointed in them: when you expect nothing, they can surprise you either way, and it is always forgivable. This isn't to day I don't feel disappointment anymore: I certainly do. I hold love and hatred in my heart and feel its full sting, yet it doesn't overwhelm me or my… Continue

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Best Convo EVER LMAO.

Me: I tried to join but it was FULL. This status is LIES. LLIIEESS!

Him: lol dont hate cause i have friends..

Me: Oh. I hate. I HATE THEM ALLL. Bitches!

Him: lol dont hate procreate

Me: But what if I dun wanna make vagina dumplings?! D:

Him: lol ppl are always doing things they dont want to do for the good of man its your call..

Me: I'm existing for the good of mankind. Now they want me to make BABIES too?! WTF?! ;D

Him:… Continue

Added by Pixie Fables on March 10, 2010 at 12:00pm — No Comments

The Full Mind

I've decided that studying Buddhism is to my benefit. Not only that, but much of what I already feel and believe ties into that path. It was a natural merging. I don't consider it a path to perfection (imagine a perfect human being! Now that IS a sign of the end of times) but a path of understanding and more awareness. Finally I've found a spirituality that matches my belief that all things are living and worth appreciating. It isn't odd that I wrap myself in my ultra soft blanket and consider… Continue

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My ex-sent me a message tonight. It was the first direct contact we've experienced since breaking up last December. I'm all mixed up on how to feel. We're not fighting. She doesn't hate me. We've agreed to be friends. That's about it. I wasn't expecting to speak to her again...I don't know. This was just so out of the blue.

Added by Pixie Fables on March 9, 2010 at 7:42pm — No Comments

Rush Rush RUSH

Now I remember why I hate the early morning: fighting against time, sharing the bathroom, and having people pester you about hurrying up! Its hard to practice my daily meditations with all the insanity. Last night I read a wonderful chapter in one of my books on daily spirituality that I wanted to try out this morning but it isn't going so well. My chest feels tight with panic and my stomach is queasy...I just want to sit here and enjoy a cup of tea, but people keep barging into my room to spit… Continue

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Russian Magic and Dragons

I bought the recently published book "Russian Magic: Living Folk Traditions of an Enchanted Landscape" by Cherry Gilchrist the other night. Fourteen pages in and I already recognize many beliefs that are closely related to Wicca. All this time I thought the Paganism of Russia, of the Slavics was hidden and difficult to reach but now I am learned it is common to others. I believe it has influenced Wicca, instead of the other way around...though I might be wrong about that. In any case I'm… Continue

Added by Pixie Fables on March 7, 2010 at 2:38pm — 2 Comments

Twitch It Up

I feel like I'm really close to losing it. Whatever "it" is. My mind? Oh. Hmm. Possibly that, yeah. *waves at it* I think I've had way too much fucking mental processes going on and am heading into a system overload. Which means I'll crash and reboot. My head hurts. Its ached since earlier when a slew of past life info hit me, and other memories...and much information...And my fucking hormones are nuts right now! Because its that time of month. How can a person feel bubbly and… Continue

Added by Pixie Fables on March 4, 2010 at 2:59am — 2 Comments


I bleed myself for you,

drain the changes in my soul,

that only you could see,

only you, and you alone.

I strip myself of all ill use,

of all the intricate facades,

fed to me on a silver spoon,

tinted with glimmering gloss.

Upon this thorny residue,

I'm laid naked as a faun,

drawn and quartered like the moon,

a present for the Gods.

For you I become something new,

a maiden enclosed in the cocoon,

within gossamer tendrils… Continue

Added by Pixie Fables on March 2, 2010 at 11:30pm — No Comments

Some Old Poetry


a firefly

agitated in my


1:00am solitude


me with its


echoing silence,

pressed heavy

on my eyelids.

A memory,

he glows within


stripped of tissue

and muscled


an iridescent


swaying between

impulses and


Internal sight

traces each

branching, dendrite


etched into his wings,


Added by Pixie Fables on March 2, 2010 at 11:00pm — No Comments

What Humanity Doesn't Get

Every time I engage in conversations focused around politics and society I find myself head butting a very base human perspective: us vs. them or me vs. them. I'm not going to deny that our country has problems: it has many, many issues that need to be worked through and solved. But I cannot imagine them being resolved at all unless we eliminate this mentality that we're different from other people. When you erase social status, race, gender,… Continue

Added by Pixie Fables on March 2, 2010 at 9:00pm — 3 Comments

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