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CrystalLotus's Blog – February 2012 Archive (3)

Make Your Own Handfasting Cord

While it’s completely up to the people being handfasted as to what to use for a handfasting cord, I love the idea of making your own cord in sacred space as a spiritual and magical support for your union.  Here I’ll share two methods of creating a handfasting cord.  The first method is for a floss cord and the second involves braiding ribbons to make your…


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Imbolc Activities after the Ritual

The circle was cast, the Goddess and God were invoked, and the candles blazed through the night.  Imbolc came like a bright star in the winter chill and you’ve rested from your vigil.  What now?  Are you one of those Pagans who celebrate the Sabbat and forget about it until next time?  There’s so much more to do between circles…so many activities bring the energy of…


Added by CrystalLotus on February 5, 2012 at 11:48pm — 2 Comments

Signature Oil Blends for Covens

Although it’s certainly not necessary, some covens like to have a special “coven oil” for various uses in ritual.  A working partner and I first created a signature oil blend for our home coven about 6 years ago as a Yule gift for the coven.  We created the blend by selecting an essential oil to represent each of our members and then rounded out the recipe by…


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