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The Anti-God

Philosophy both east and west tends to avoid the word “evil” when speaking about the opposite of good, and often uses the words “illusion” and “ignorance” instead. In both Vedanta and Neoplatonism the good is identified with a person, a God; while illusion exists, curiously enough, without a creator. But while this kind of thinking may be adequate for philosophy, it is not sufficient for practical occultism.



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Why Hindus do not worship Brahmā

In India only a handful of temples are dedicated to the Hindu creator god, Brahmā. In the west we are familiar with only one of these, the Temple of Pushkar in Rajasthan. Vishnu and Shiva can count hundreds or even thousands of temples and shrines in which they are worshiped, even though Brahmā, as one of the Trimurti, is supposed to be their equal. When asked why they do not worship the creator of the universe, Hindus refer to a pair of myths that seem…


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When I Disagree with Benjamin Creme . . .

Benjamin Creme, as most of my readers probably know, served as a kind of “John the Baptist” figure for Maitreya, the World Teacher who was supposed to appear on the world stage after descending from the Himalayas and taking residence in London. As I reported in my essay, “Where is Maitreya Now?”, Maitreya will not appear before the world and returned to the Himalayas on March 31 of 2017, forty years after his descent. The wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen,…


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The Story of Mayavati and Pradyumna

The story of Mayavati and Pradyumna begins when Kama shoots his arrow of love at Shiva in order to make him love Parvati. Shiva had withdrawn into samadhi (a deep meditative trance) after the death of his first wife Sati, but it was necessary that he marry again in order to have a son who would one day save the world from the demon Tarakasura. Shiva was so angry at this attempt to subvert his mind and virtue that he burnt Kama with the fire of his ajna chakra…


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A Collage for Al'lat

This is a collage for Al'lat, the principal goddess of the Kaaba before Muhammad (see my blog post "Kybele, the Kaaba, and Al'lat). This art piece contains two carvings of Al'lat, date clusters, and a watery oasis set against the background of the Tree of Life on the flag of Chuvashia. One may speculate that the black stone (a meteorite) in a setting of silver in the side of the Kaaba is what remains of the goddess worship of Arabia.…


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Kybele, the Kaaba, and Al'lat

Kybele and Kaaba are cognate words---that is, words that share the same root. But what is Kybele? Kybele is the correct Greek pronunciation for the name that is usually spelled Cybele and pronounced with an “s” sound. Kybebe is another form of the name. The root syllable means “cube”. It is easy to see why the Kaaba is called a cube. Perhaps the goddess Kybele had a cube-shaped temple on Mt. Ida in Phrygia (Turkey), where a black meteorite that was supposed to…


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Babaji and Brahma

In another in a series on the ancient life of Babaji, the Mahavatar known to students of the Self-Realization Fellowship, I would like to clarify the meaning of an often-told myth about the creator god Brahma. At first he had five heads, four of which faced outward at the points of the compass; the fifth was in the center and probably functioned as a symbol of transcendence. When Brahma looked at his daughter with lust Shiva punished him by cutting off the…


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An Interview with Kama Deva

A frequently told myth about Kama Deva, the Hindu god of love, tells us that he is “Ananga”---limbless---because he shot his arrow of love at Shiva, who had withdrawn into an unceasing meditation after losing his first wife Sita. Ostensibly Kama had acted on behalf of all the gods, who wanted Shiva to marry Parvati in order that he might have a son who would one day save the world. Reacting angrily, Shiva destroyed Kama with a stream of fire from his third eye.…


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The State of Sexuality Today

Human sexuality will soon face the overt opposition of the Masters of the Ageless Wisdom when their Master, the Buddha Maitreya, announces his presence to the world. The Masters have consistently taught that there is only one purpose for sex, namely the propagation of our species. I myself have questioned this and have asserted that sex has another legitimate purpose, for it forges bonds of relationship and thereby strengthens marriages. My ideas,…


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Evolution, Involution, and Devolution

The teachers of esoteric concepts or theosophy in the broadest sense of the word tell us that mankind has completed a stage of involution and must now begin a new stage of evolution. Those who understand these concepts in a dogmatic and inflexible way tend to regard the involutionary spirits that attended man’s development so far as evil, for it is felt that they can only impede our future advancement. Most of us, however, would be shocked to learn that the…


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Devotion to the Demiurge

The Greek word “demiourgos” and the Latin “demiurgus” mean the builder, artisan, or craftsman who built the material universe from the primeval “stuff” or “chaos” that preceded creation. The English word is “Demiurge”, a term that is as unpleasant to Gnostics as the name “Satan” is to Christians. But think about the material world for a moment. The only reason that Gnostics think that it is the product of an evil mind is that they do not wish to be…


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Twin Flame or Anima/Animus

My personal feeling is that the adherents of the New Age Movement are guilty of self-indulgence when they propose that each of us has a Twin Flame waiting to bring us love, meaning, and happiness. The Twin Flame can be described as a kind of Über-Soulmate, for he or she is our other half, with whom we were one when our soul was created by God or “Source” (a familiar New Age term).

The idea of the Twin Flame was first…


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The Fateful Meeting of the Son of God and the Queen of Heaven. (a short story)


A messenger quickly strode into the hall of the King of Ai in Canaan and approached the throne. “Great King” he said as he bowed. “What news of Jericho?” asked the king. “The city has fallen” the messenger said. The king turned to his commander and said, “Send a detachment of soldiers on the road to Jericho to gather the refugees and bring them into the city.” “Forgive me for speaking, O King” the messenger…


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The Anger Myths of Aphrodite

There may be a tendency among neo-pagans to look upon the polytheistic past as a golden age. This tendency seems to be especially strong among those who wish to rediscover Aphrodite. If her title---goddess of love and beauty---is an indication of her real nature, her reemergence in the modern era should substantially increase our happiness. But I would like to caution the would-be devotee of the goddess of love that love is not known to bring happiness. Both…


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Rethinking the Myth of Attis

The myth of Attis and his motherly companion Cybele reminds us---probably more than any other myth---of a case study by Sigmund Freud. It would seem to explore the kind of neurosis that especially interested Freud. Attis is a priest at the temple of Cybele and as such has taken a vow of celibacy. But as we might expect in a “Freudian” myth, he falls in love with a young woman in the city and decides to marry her. At this point Cybele seems to be very…


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A Study in Mediocrity

My childhood might be considered a study in mediocrity. That is not to say that it lacked magical or beautiful moments, just that it was very commonplace. Only the excellent excel; the majority are by definition only average. The generation that grew up early in the decade of the 50‘s must have been the first to live with television. The situation comedies and commercials that served as my mental diet were certainly a recipe for mediocrity. Specifically, I did…


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Several of Maitreya's Lifetimes

Recently Maitreya, who had been a Bodhisattva, received an important initiation and became a Buddha. A Bodhisattva is an arhat or Buddhist saint who vows to postpone Nirvana in order to work for the enlightenment of all sentient beings. Accordingly we should not be surprised to learn that the Bodhisattva Maitreya incarnated on this earth many times in the past as a religious leader. Now as a Buddha he will return to his work in a slightly different way, as the…


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The Antichrist and the Number 666

I do not wish to deprecate the Evangelical churches in any way, but they lack a tradition of scholarship. Real scholarship can be found in the Roman Catholic Church, the mainline Protestant denominations such as the Lutheran and the Anglican or Episcopalian Churches, and the Eastern Orthodox Churches. If I wish to understand the Bible in a responsible rather than sensational way I will study the works of their scholars. They are grounded in history and have a…


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Twin Flame Divorce

The fact that twin flames sometimes receive a permanent divorce or curtailment of relationship is not well known. That is as it should be, for no one in the spiritual hierarchy of this planet wants to see an increase in the numbers of this kind of divorce. Publicity would tend to have that effect. Twin flames who suffered from a simple incompatibility in one lifetime might not be willing to wait for another lifetime to find happiness if they knew that a decree…


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An Unequal Distribution of Libido

Note: This study is not scientific and is intended for entertainment only.

Libido is a term that Sigmund Freud used for sexual energy or sexual drive. I can create a chart for the distribution of libido in a given population and it will most likely bear some resemblance to a bell curve. I cannot predict before hand the exact appearance of that curve, but I can be fairly confident that it will tell me that some people…


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