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Living a virtuous life in Hardships: rough draft (working on the examples to add later).

Do we show each of these in our life: wisdom, piety, vision, courage, integrity, perseverance, hospitality, moderation or fertility? Do we live them in the good times and hardships?

We all know what the virtues are and most of us have gotten far enough along or completed the Dedicant path to know what they mean. But how often do we relook at them and ask, “Are the virtues in practice in my life?” I for one find myself at times having to go back to them and relook at my… Continue

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If the Kindred Wrote us a Letter

If the Kindred wrote us a letter, what do you think that it might say? Do you think it would be all good? Or do you think it maybe all bad and that we need improvement? I found myself blogging what one might consider as such a letter. I had spent much time in meditation and had witnessed many things that were bringing my spirit down. I was looking to the Kindred for comfort and guidance. And here is what came over through the meditations.

Dear Children of the Earth,

The… Continue

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Adopted Child ritual

This ritual is to give honor to the memory of a child who is adopted out and send love and peace to them. Though they are no longer with the birth mother or father, they are always in our hearts.

To start out the ritual, there are some things needed.

3 candles




offering bowl of herbs



picture of the child, for me it was my son

a small box that is wrapped but in a way I can still get into it, made of biodegradable… Continue

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Poetry to Domnu




Goddess of mine.

You rule life,

You rule good,

You rule true.

Your touch is in the sky,

Your touch is in the sea,

Your touch is in me.



Goddess and Queen of Formarians.

Though you are not seen,

Though you are not physical,

You are metaphysical.

True to your ways,

True to your sight,

Will get me to your… Continue

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