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Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Sometimes I wonder if I am going senile because I am so forgetful. Well, i discovered that I remember very well, especially in recalling memories.

I was notified yesterday that one of my cousins died in January. I had not seen Donald in forty-two years but had called him about five months ago just to catch up on old times. The news was so painfull that I was completely surprised by my own reaction. Why was this so crushing? We had not been around each other for over half our lives,…


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What Will Come?

I know I am not alone when I wonder what will come to humankind. Will we survive a future of strife and restore our existence and our planet to a world of kindness, honesty, prosperity and morals. Or , Will we be foolish and continue on, blindly destroying our lives, our planet, our souls. Will bombs fall and desentigrate cities and forrest or maybe in some remote cavern a secret lab will unleash a destruction upon our world that takes no prisoners and distinquishes not between race, age,…


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Change Is A Good Thing!

Change is a good thing and I don't mean physical change. I am talking about the kind that jingles.Yes, nickels and dimes or even pennies.

A Few months back I was at my daughters and saw change all over the yard, under chairs and on furniture and I could not help but to say "My Lord, you could get rich picking up all this change!". My daughters reply was"It is only pennies!". Needless to say that was my que to lecture on the value of a dollar, 20…


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What If? DeepWater Horizon Disaster!

Many of the United States and other countries are keeping a vigilant watch on the DeepWater Horizon oil spill. Watching ,waiting and praying for a solution. Perhaps large parts can be frozen and scooped from the water. Obviously the chemical dispersent isn't helping the ocean life or the plant life that comes in contact with it, at best it is just adding more woes to be reckoned with.

What if the spill can't be cleaned up…


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That Awkward Feeling

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Altars: At Peace With Oneself

I have always thought altars were a beautiful thing, even before I surrendered to my pagan calling. I am a non-denominational believer. I believe that all creatures have a right to believe in their own way or faith. I believe that most societies know or believe that the one common denominator in faith is that there is a Great Creator, Above all else and by…

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Power Hungry Self Destructors!

I was at my grandadaughters birthday party yesterday and saw something amazing.

I watched a program about the Air Cars built by Francise Negra a French Auto Ingineer that once built super fast gas guzzleing race cars.

This air car is a dream come true to people who honestly does not want to live life with their kneck in the Oil Companies noose. the Air Car is reasonably fast and can go for 135 miles on one tank of air. You can't win a race but if you are in a hurry, well, this car… Continue

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Booty Call!

I read, just a few minutes ago, that Americans are relunctant to give up the comfort of soft toilet paper over simply good recycled toilet paper. According to this article if each person uses just one roll of recycled toilet paper in place of one roll of Charmin 400,000 (allegedly) Redwoods can be saved. That's Amazing!

One Redwood takes years to grow! One roll of soft, mushy stick your finger right through it Charmin only last, WHAT! A Day!

I, for one, like the savings on the… Continue

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EXPRESS Check Out!

I was in Krogers two day before Thanksgiving and I had only picked up a few things so as I started up to the checkout. I passed long lines of people with carts running over and came to stop at the end of the Express Line. There were maybe five people ahead of me so I felt sure I would be through there quickly.

I surveyed the line! A lady at the register was just paying for her stuff and behind her was a little old lady maybe in her 70's, behind her a young man dressed in a suit (probably… Continue

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Your Warranty is About to Expire!

I know that at least 99% of people in the United States has recieved phone calls about thier warranty on thier car. My phone rings off the hook with junk like this one.

Well I had had a very bad day this past week so I answered the call and decided to call the number. Not that my car has a warranty but mainly because I had been bothered all day by other peoples foolishness and I was feeling a little mean.

The phone rang and a young sounding man answered the phone. I explained that I… Continue

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Witchy Responsibility Times Three!

The web is a wonderful place to come to for info about Witchcraft, Wicca or most any other Pagan belief and it is also a great place to find services rendered in these fields, FOR A HEFTY PRICE! I know there are people out there who are not sure about thier powers and would rather have someone else cast for them or Maybe this person does not really want to be a Wiccan or Witch but just wants the benefits. Well either way these things have serious… Continue

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Witchcraft: The Real Reason We Are Here

Witchy Comments & Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~

I absolutely love the blog sites I have joined and it is great to talk about so many things. Sometimes I forget the real reason I am here. To learn and teach from my point of view. In all honesty I am a lousy teacher, especially if I had to do a video. All I can think about when I am in front of a camera is, "OH God, I wish I hadn't lost my partial… Continue

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Nitty Gritty Granny

I admit I have been quit frivolous with money many time, but watching and listening to the news about the economy has really made me check the debit card at the door. I am and I hope I don't appall anyone, been a roadside trash lover for many years. I don't have eight hundred dollars to buy a 42 inch tv but I have one never the less. I wear Prada, Louie Vetan, Nine West and I have several bottles of parfum that retails for two or three hundred dollars a bottle, about eight thousand dollars… Continue

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Save, Save, Save and Not Just Pennies!

Hi Everyone,

I would like to share a little piece of my future plan or survival in hard times plan. I was born in the early fifties when American was coming back strong from the depression of the thirties. There were still many dirt poor families. We had no money to call our own but we had a farm and was luckier than many. We grew everything but sunshine and we (kids) worked very hard.

The farm got sold during the good times ("70's") and then we became city folks.

I remember the… Continue

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