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You are the light

Meditation exercise:

Get comfy, breath deeply in, now let it out, with each breath feel your body relax.

In your minds eye, see a tiny spark of white light resting in your body, a couple of inches above your belly button.

Focus on that light, alone in the darkness, and watch it grow. Feel the warmth filling your body as the light expands.

Watch the light fill your body and in the space around you. Watch the room fill with this light.

Take the… Continue

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From Gods mouth to your eyes

Children, come back to me, for I am not a God of jealousy, hatred and vengeance. Those who have portrayed me as such know not me, but a misrepresentation of me, by those who would seek to control you through fear. That is not my way. My way is love. Pure and Unconditional love. You are created of me, and by me. I am you, and you are me.

Live your lives as Gods, and ye shall have all that I have to offer, and I offer you everything.

I am the way, I am the light. I AM.

Hide in the… Continue

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When a coven is no more...

A couple of years ago, I was a member of a Gardenarian coven. It started out strong, but slowly dwindled away... Not to speak badly of the HPS, but her interest's lied elsewhere, not with her home, and the coven which she created.

I have a question though... when a coven ends, is there to be some kind of ceremony releasing everyone from the ties of the coven? Are the rituals still secret, never to be spoken or written about? Are we still oath bound? I feel that there was NO CLOSURE at all… Continue

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Random thoughts @2am

Nobody really knows anyone as they truly are, they just know them as how they fit into their reality.

You think you know someone, but you really don’t know what’s going on in their mind. You don’t know the whole person; you just know what they want you to know.

We all wear masks. We all hide our true selves. But who are we hiding from?

Why can’t we tear down the walls that we hide behind? Are we totally aware of the walls? Are we even aware that we are hiding?

Are we so… Continue

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A "Quit Smoking" Spell

Hello dear ones,

This is for those of you who want to become healthier, but are having a little trouble quitting smoking.

The spell that I am about to post, worked for me, when I noticed I was smoking heavier than usual with Clove Cigs, and knew that I needed to stop, b/c of an uncomfortable feeling in my chest, and I was starting to get winded very easily. I hope it works for you too!

Tools: I'm not going to say that you "need" anything to make this work.... Use your… Continue

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Guilty Pleasure

SO many people in this world are suffering and in (mental) pain, and I have to ask myself why?

The one thing that I have ascertained is that Society has placed so many restrictions on people, that when someone strays from the heard, they are ostracized, shunned, ridiculed, etc… So is it any wonder that the suicide rate is so high? That therapist’s are becoming richer than Donald Trump, and that anti depressants are the drugs of choice?

Now let’s take a look at society. Who… Continue

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A song I wrote about the beautiful hills of West Virginia

There's majick in the hills of West Virginia

Mother Natures touch is everywhere.

I can see it in the mountains and the rivers

I don't want to be any where but there.


My home is in the mountains

but they're starting to disappear

'cause mountain top removal

is going on everywhere.

I hear her spirit crying to her people:

"Why are you treating me this way?

I've loved you and I've kept you through the ages,

but very… Continue

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Feeling Old!

Nothing makes you feel older than hearing "who's Gilligan?"

I'm watching my 2 lovely neices today, ages 5 and 11 (I'm sorry Julie and Jerry, I know we had a date, but...)

and they are such bundles of energy!!! But I love them dearly, and won't pass up a chance to spend time with them. They are growing up so fast! My 11 year old niece has already had 2 boyfriends in her short life! Egads! When I was 11 I was mad at my mom because she wouldn't let me wear lipstick...I don't even think I… Continue

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Full Moon Ritual

Last night something very strange happened to me... Well strange for me, because I don't recall ever having such an experience.

I shall start from the beginning....

I wanted to do a full moon ritual, but I wasn't with any pagan folk... So I decided to do it anyway. I went to the grocery store with my friend, and bought some wine, and asked her to pick out some (votive) candles. Unbeknownst to her, she picked the appropriate quarter candles (green, yellow, red, blue).

Fast… Continue

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Beltane Weekend

What a wonderful weekend! I went to the "Beltane Brouhaha" at Kings Mtn. State Park in South Carolina, and reconnected with some old friends and made some new wonderful friends.

It felt great being in the woods and reconnecting with Mamma Nature. I really needed that.

It felt great to get away from everything, and lose myself in the beat of the drum around the bonfire, and feel the crunch of the leaves under my feet, as I wandered through the forest.

I hope everyone had a blessed… Continue

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Lady of the River

Blessed be the lady of the river

Full of beauty, grace and charm

watching 'oer her beautiful creations, keeping safe from danger and harm.

"Enter all ye seekers of beauty

Enter all ye children of light

Safe you'll be in my hidden valley. Pagan's, witches, all unite.

Cast aside your earthly treasures,

Cast aside your inner fears,

Trust in me my sacred creation

I have kept you thru the years.

Gather round the sacred… Continue

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Lyric by: Andy Partridge

Please to bend down for the one called the Greenman

He wants to make you his bride

Please to bend down for the one called the Greenman

Forever to him you're tied

And you know for a million years he has been your lover

He'll be a million more

And you know for a million years he has been your lover

Down through the skin to the core

Heed the Greenman

Heed the Greenman

Please to dance… Continue

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Watch her walk
the gentle sway of her hips
the smile that plays on her lips
she know's she's a BEAUTIFUL woman

watch her laugh
her eyes, they sparkle and shine
the swell of her belly, divine
she know's she's a BEAUTIFUL woman

watch her cry
the sadness etched on her face
society say's she's a disgrace
But they can't stop this

By: Starshine

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Astral Projection

I'll never forget my first astral projection. It was the summer of 1987, and I was.. well never mind how old I was.

I was taking a nap during the day, not even trying to astral project... I don't even know if I knew what it was back then. I woke up, and went to my door to open it, but I couldn't grab the door knob! I looked around the room, and noticed how hazy everything was, and then I saw myself lying on the bed. I remember thinking how cool that was! So I walked through the house...… Continue

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I have a question to all of the people who have checked the box "Complicated", concerning their relationship status.
Why is it complicated?
I'm just curious.

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Video BLog

I just discovered how to work with the video settings on my camera....So I'm going to try to do a video blog, and post it...
This whole thing is new to me, and fun :)
The camera is a Cannon G9, and so far it's pretty good... I bought it for my husband as a birthday gift, but I think I use it more than he does.

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What a weekend

Wow, what a fantastic weekend! My husband and I went to the Grand Ole Opry Friday night, and saw some spectacular musicians, Old and new. My cousin, Little Jimmy Dickens was there, but I didn't get a chance to meet him. I will one of these days, because I am definitely going back!

Today we are in Kentucky, and went to visit Abraham Lincolns birth place. It is a nice little park, with a momument to Abe. I was surprised at how empty the park was! I would think that more people would be… Continue

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