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Return of the light

The light have truly returned to Scandinavia, and even though I don’t think I have ever suffered from winter depression, when we have this much light several days in a

row, I can feel how much we needed this. We truly are waking up after winters

long sleep; and it’s nothing new, but every spring I get surprised at the effect.

I guess it’s just one of those moments of…


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Times of transformation - how do that feel??

When you realise that you are in a period of transformation, hos do you feel about it? Dose it allways hurt? Do you feel exaited, or sad, or depressed, or happy?

A lot of things have happende in my life this summer, and more is on the way, all rolled up together, the good and the bad. But naturally pains of transformation usually leads to somthing good in the long rund....but still....how to deal with the big transformations? How to describe the feeling of the transformation, because… Continue

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Traped - danish mentality

I'm danish by birth and have lived here all my life. I'm from a small town but 5 years ago I moved to the capital because of education and cultur. But I'm starting to get sick of it. Not the capital as such, Copenhagen do really have a lot of beauty I think. But I'm truly getting soooo tired of my fellow danes. It truly takes nothing to stick out. People here are so closed minded and racistist. And it don't matter if you are black, arab, gay, woman, goth, punk, have a few pircings, the wrong… Continue

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Hate and what drives it?

I was walking over an intersection, a car slowes down and a guy sticks his head out and calls:"F**" after me, and then slowly drives on while giving me very nasty eyes.

This is a small thing and should not effect me....but it dose...at first......upset me. But not so much because of what he said, but because of the feeling behind what he said. It was not a boyish prank, or drunken slander. It was just hate, pure hate without reason, and for no logical reason at all, it was aimed at… Continue

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Reiki 2

I just got home, and I'm really really buzzing :)

I got reiki 2 today, and it was just amazing, I'm really happy that I started doing this, and I'm soo looking forward going all the way with this. I got reiki 1 allmost one year ago, and so much have changed in me, because of that, and I'm soo exaited to see where this next step is gonna take me.

But right now I'm just waiting for the buzzing to subside. Seriously my third eye is just buzzing like crazy right now, but I'm… Continue

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Beauty, fatness and selfimage...a few thoughts

I have been watching a lot of Margaret Cho on YouTube (don't have a tv) a lot lately, and a few things she sayed stuch at the back of my mind:

- when you look in the mirror and say to your self, I'm to fat, I'm to ugly and I'm not worthy of love, don't you know that it's not your real selfimage? That's milliones and milliones of dollers spent on advertisement, magazines, models, tv and movies, to make you hate yourself, so you can go out and buy a cream or lotion that don't make a… Continue

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Semester bummer......

Well after writing exam papers since march, and finally had my last oral exam yesterday...So now I have holiday up to september....But I'm just bitter that it went so bad.

I totally broke down yesterday during the exam...TOTALLY broke down, and thankfully a good grilfriend where there waiting with a beer, so I'm ok now, but dammit!!!! So humilating.....

ohh well, theres only one thing to do, and that's try agein and study harder and harder and harder......next time… Continue

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Should I call you father???

Well I have a dilemma. It's my fathers birthday, and I live in the other end of the country.......and I don't even wanna call.

I talked to my mother on the phone today (they are devorced), and when I said I only called the man father to be polite, and she remainded me that untill I was 5-6 years old I did not want to call him by the titel father, only by his given name. He's an alcoholic and he never really acted like my father, meaning he was never there. Not when they where… Continue

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Friends, Lovers, & Family...who stays and who goes?? (warning, I'm whining)

Ok...this is a subjekt that haveallready been mentioned, and it's gonna show agein and agein so just learn to live with it....

I'm really not sure what my problem is, maybe I'm just to naive or somthing. I guess the think is that I connect very easy with people. People I meet at university, work or where ever....I guess all those realtions you get at those places, go under the titel: "casual friendship", but efter a year or two I guess I end up considering them as more then then… Continue

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The three Lords (a gay mans midsummer)

Three Lords move in this time

three powers from the wild

three spirals moving into each other

seperated and yet one

Love calls me

lust drives me

with this I honor thee my Lords

Three spirals moving into each other

seperated and yet one

let thy blessings move through these

spirals three of mine

Honored Pan

Blessed Dionysos

Loved Cernonnus

Blessed be my people

blessed be my path

blessed me my… Continue

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Next step

YES BABY !!!!!!!

I'm sooo up and running right now...I just got a mail from my master/teacher that she offers Reiki 2 the 20th this month, and I jumped at it. I'm getting reiki 2, I'm getting reiki 2, I'm getting reiki 2, I'm getting reiki 2, I'm getting reiki 2, I'm getting reiki 2, I'm getting reiki 2, I'm getting reiki 2 :P

I can't explaine it, but this just have such a major pull on me, and ever since I got Reiki 1 a year ago, I only feel more sure of it. It… Continue

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Picking and picking and swimming

Well I finally got around to going out to the bog and forest to gather herbs, and naturally the sky grew heavy with water in very short time after arriving, and I ended very very very wet...ohh well I guess when you gather the gifts of the earth, you have to accept the comditions she offers, accepting the circumstances their world Consist of.

Under eany circumstances I'm glad I finally got around to it. It's allways a very learning experience, and like allways I found beautiful… Continue

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The Horned One Waits

The maze begins to take shape in the distance

luring walls slowly form an opening in themselfs

I can smell the burning wood from deep within

and I can feel the pull of him

waiting beyond the fire in the center

I can see none but I know I'm not alone here

we are call to wander

called to dare

called to know

called to run

and called to be transformed

And I'm called to surrender

to trust completely

and give up that part of… Continue

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Summertimer - the beginning

Well after voting (about EU and the danish monarki) I went for long walk on the beach, that raised more then a few thoughts.

The Horned One are making himself knownen a bit more then usual these days, but consedering the time of the circle, I guess it's to be expected :)

It's a very funny feeling....or should I say a bit of a frisky feeling ;P As a gay man, it's hard to look upon him with your soul, and not love him in more ways then one, and endlessly.

She is also… Continue

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Gay Magic & Witchcraft - some thoughts

I started thinking about this after reading C. Penczaks book Gay Witchcraft, Red Wheel/weiser LLC 2003, and make no mistake I love the book, but When thinking about it, I have a hard time putting my finger on what it is that makes Gay witchcrfat gay?!

C. Penczaks book have info on history of our people, queer positive deities, same-sex imagery in the wheel of the year and a lot of other witchcraft 101 info. But after reading it I just could not define in short what gay… Continue

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A storm bringing focus

The rain is running across the city streets below like heavy curtains that you can't really see. The clouds are heavy and dark, but theire light show enough.

I whis I could record this moment with perfect sight and sound forever. The glourious feeling this brings out in me, the joy of feeling the power thats released overhead. It's drounds out the bells, the cars, the nabours tv, my thoughts of the upcomming exames, the past, the futur. Only this moment is in me.

Remember… Continue

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Reiki, stress and lot's of exams

It's tursday morning abound 06:07 in my part of the world, the sun is shining and the birds are singing.

It's funny, I should be dying with stress just about now, but I'm not. I honestly don't know if i'm by some miracel become a better student (aaahmmmm ) or if the Reiki have effeckted my in such a manner, that it's easyer to handel extrem amounds of stress?

Copenhagen university is just sooooo not pracktical when it comes to planing exams. It would be nice if they actually… Continue

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Things are changing - burning bridges

It's kind of funny that it took so little. I had this group of friends, and I really love them and counted them as family. And it was like that for 4½ years, and then it happend.

The first time that I really needed them...they run screaming. And looking back the thing itself that caused this change between us, was not that big a deal (but to long a story for this blog ;D). It made it seem like a bade excuse really.

Now a year has passed since that time, and I have… Continue

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Reiki and the 3th eye

I guess it makes sense, but still it's kind of funny....but let me begin at the beginning.

When I meditate, and it's going well I get this feeling of pressur on my 3th eye, but ONLY when I meditate or are in ritual. Then I got Reiki 1 and ever since I have been feeling that pressur on my 3th eye severel times a day, without having to be in ritual or meditation. I guess it's logical that Reiki would effeckt the 3th eye and cause it to develope and fully openm, but I did just not count… Continue

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