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Heathen Seafarers

My father was a seafarer in the South Pacific during World War II. I have some of his memorabilia from his time in the Navy during WWII. I myself tried to get into the Navy but they would not take me. Fortunately, the Army was not as concerned about my criminal record and allowed me to join. It was great fun.

My family roots are from Northern Germany, Kiel to be exact. We were hell raisers back then especially in our…


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Painting with Urine

Artists are an interesting breed of people. Their imaginations and ingenuity are very creative. Today we find a wide array of materials available to use in artistic expression. In ancient times trial-and-error in the use of what nature provided was the main means of artistic endeavors.

Chameleons are an interesting creature. Their highly developed ability to change color is very intriguing. In Ancient Peru their urine was used for painting pottery. These artistic pieces were handed…


Added by Enigma on December 16, 2018 at 8:10pm — 4 Comments

Bone Jewelry for Yule

I’ve half-heartedly asked family members if I could have some of their bones after they died. Of course, the answer I received was a resounding “NO.” A great Yule present could be a family members foot bones made into a necklace.

It seems like bone jewelry and memorabilia was a common practice in some ancient cultures and is a common practice in some contemporary cultures. Tibet is renowned for their bone jewelry today. Most of it is made from yak bones but some is still made from…


Added by Enigma on December 13, 2018 at 9:46am — 4 Comments

Place Where the Dead Speak

I went to visit an old graveyard today. Most of the graves are of people who lived and died in the 1800’s. I have been there before under the cover of darkness but never by the light of day. I wanted to read some of the headstones and see things through a sunny view. It was a beautiful day outside. High wispy clouds, plenty of sun, mild temperatures, and a slight breeze.

The dead speak in many ways. The type of headstone, graveside ornaments, care given the grave, dates and epitaphs…


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Woman Warrior

Women warriors have played a vital role in history. During the final days of the Aztec Empire women fought bravely against the Spanish Conquistadors in defense of Tenochtitlan. In Vietnam, women fought and died next to their brothers and sisters of the North Vietnamese Regular Army and the Viet Cong guerrillas of the South. Any of the women that compete in MMA could kick my butt.


The US Military opened all combat arms jobs to women in January 2016. This month, the first…


Added by Enigma on November 18, 2018 at 9:14pm — 2 Comments


Humans are very migratory when it comes to searching for a better life or to increase material gain. Maybe these two things are one in the same.

The migrant caravan coming up from Central America in hopes of entering the USA is full of sad stories and sights. Those poor people are looking for a better life and are willing to risk the danger and endure the hardships of a long migration. By the way, if you want to read a good book about modern day Spanish immigrants and the paranormal,…


Added by Enigma on October 28, 2018 at 4:30pm — 2 Comments

Skulls & Vultures

Last night around sunset, while out strolling near the woods, I found a dead black vulture. It was a gray day outside, typical of the Fall season here in Texas. A few light sprinkles and nice cool temperatures. I guess it was a good day to die for the vulture.

While dreaming last night, I was playing billiards. What was unusual about this billiard game, is that the balls were all shaped like skulls. It reminded me of the Ancient Maya myths when they played the ballgame using people’s…


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The Wylde

Traveling through the long dark tunnels of the Underworld last night, I encountered various people and places. A soul can travel quite rapidly when it leaves the physical body behind. Leaving all people behind, I headed down a very long tunnel of the Underworld.

The Underworld is not far from our plane of existence. You could look at it as a parallel universe or dimension. There are doorways along the tunnels of the Underworld that allow access back into our dimension. Sometimes these…


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Mother Mosaic

This is a dream for all you psychologist out there. Is there a doctor in the audience?

Last night, I visited the house of my youth. It was absent of all the usual characters (i.e. siblings and father), but dear old mother was there. We were walking around the house and I was noticing all the changes she had made to the place. The house of my youth was a large wooden frame house built by wooden ship makers many years ago.

After noticing things were missing and tilted, then…


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Skull Rock

The last time this skull-faced asteroid flew by Earth was on Halloween of 2015 at 300,000 miles. To give you a perspective, the Moon is 239,000 miles from Earth. A very close call in astronomical terms. This fly by will be much further out, 25 million miles, and will occur on 11-11-2018. For you numerology enthusiast out there, that is 11-11-11, since 2018 breaks down to an 11. (i.e. 2+0+1+8=11) Eleven is not broken down any further in my numerology tradition. This skull-faced rock was first…


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Maya "Game of Thrones"

A recent discovery in Guatemala of a Maya 1500-year-old, one-ton altar, has archeologists comparing this region of Mesoamerica to the political and social environment of the modern-day television series “Game of Thrones.”


It was found at the archeological site known as La Corona. This site is located in a region frequented by drug traffickers and criminal gangs. A very hostile environment for researchers and adventurers. It was probably less hostile in the days of the Ancient…


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Volcanoes are a formidable force of Mother Earth. They have commanded the respect of humans since time immemorial. Climbing to the rim of an active volcano is a hair-raising adventure. I recall a tourist bus in El Salvador taking foreigners on a tour of an active volcano. The volcano started shooting hot rocks into the air which rained down on the unsuspecting visitors and punching holes in the roof of their bus. Mayhem quickly ensued.

Sacrifices to volcanoes have occurred in the past…


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Black Vulture

Today I journeyed to the “Heart” of the local community. Every community should have a Heart, a spiritual center point. Some communities have lost their Heart. It is a long-hot journey in the Texas sun, 13 miles round trip. A rather long walk. At several locations along the journey, the black vulture was circling overhead, looking to eat the dead, whether it be human or animal.

The black vulture does a very efficient job in cleaning up carrion. I recall passing in the past, a group of…


Added by Enigma on August 24, 2018 at 5:44pm — 3 Comments


Masks have been used by humans for over 9000 years. The oldest masks come from the hills and deserts around Jerusalem. They are a Stone Age product and are quite intriguing.

Masks have been worn for various reasons. One old Maya man said that they wore masks so the gods could not recognize them. I guess the “Anonymous” mask we see worn today at protests fit that bill in the sense nobody can recognize the wearer. Masks are worn to impersonate gods, animals, cryptic creatures, the dead,…


Added by Enigma on August 21, 2018 at 6:10pm — 2 Comments

Five Divisions of the Soul

The Ancient Egyptians believe the human soul has five divisions or components. They named them Ren, Ka, Ib, Ba, and Sheut.

Ren is literally your name. It lives as long as you are remembered, or read about by others, or prayed to as an ancestor.

Ka is the vital essence that makes the difference between the living and the dead. It animates your body keeping your corporeal existence intact.

Ib is literally the heart. It is formed from a single drop of blood from your…


Added by Enigma on August 17, 2018 at 8:52pm — 6 Comments

Dark Queen

The Dark Queen comes in the night to your place of rest. She has her maidens that prepare her way. Once the air is sufficiently fixed, she overwhelms her subject with deep desire.

Who is this Dark Queen that touches our heart? Is she some thoughtform we create ourselves? Maybe her roots run deep into the past. Ancient cultures have recognized her abilities and respected her ways. Is it Nyx, Lilith, Hekate, Kali, Inanna, Tlazolteotl, or some other name? Whatever you wish to call her,…


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While out strolling one hot summer evening at sunset, my hearing was molested by a tree full of cicadas. The noise was deafening. A single cicada can produce a sound of 120 db (decibel). This tree must have had hundreds of cicadas.

There are some 3000 species of cicadas worldwide. Some species are periodical and only emerge from Mother Earth in cycles, for example, 13 and 17-year cycles. Other species are not fixed to a cycle and emerge annually. The noise making cicadas are the males…


Added by Enigma on August 3, 2018 at 8:30pm — 11 Comments

Lynx Killing

While watching one of those real time police shows on TV, this one was following cops in Alaska, the cops responded to a call about a dog being attacked by a lynx. The dog was not killed, it was bloodied up a bit, but it was going to recover just fine. The cops decided that they needed to kill the lynx because it may attack a child or another dog. The first thing that came to my mind is that the dog probably chased the lynx and provoked the attack. Don’t kill the lynx for protecting itself.…


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While out walking the other day, I came upon a Great Blue Heron feeding on little fish in the stagnant waters of the woods. It really is a majestic bird and one can see how scientist believe some dinosaurs evolved into birds. The heron is a very widespread species in North America. It can be found from Canada to Mexico. The Ancient Aztec mythical homeland, Aztlan, is translated by some to mean the “Place of Heron.” A seasoned Aztec warrior wore a special hair-style that included a…


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The Judge

The recent nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court has some nefarious under tones. I’m not a political person, per se, but I do keep up with current events. I do not know Brett Kavanaugh personally, but I’m familiar with the Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh can be an accepting person, allowing for others to follow their path of choice, but Kavanaugh has a tough side that will not hesitate to inflict pain in order to gain.

Brett Kavanaugh is going to be forcefully pulled down a path he…


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