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Friend Who Is Trying to Learn About His Druid Ancestors.

Hey Everybody,

I was wanting to make this discussion, but said 'What the hell may as well do a blog post instead.' 


I and my friend Danner both were discussing these documents I have been reading up on that another one of my friends shared with me. My friend is trying to get closer to his Druid ancestors by wanting to do the spells his ancestors did. What his Druid ancestors did was practiced magic using Runes to help harness different spells and use them to also…


Added by Cybil Rhona Blueshade on April 5, 2014 at 2:43pm — 8 Comments

How I Came Across This Site, And My Reason for Being Here.

Those that have been on this site for a very long time. They probably wonder why new people come here, why do they ask so many questions. It is always good to ask questions because we usually get a credible answer for asking those questions. That is why I came across this site thanks to my friend in India named Ani. He noticed my fascination for the Occult. Believe me I am highly interested in mysterious topics and Occult meaning "forbidden knowledge" caught me in it's web of mysteries. I…


Added by Cybil Rhona Blueshade on December 4, 2013 at 8:49pm — 2 Comments

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