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I was born August 17th, 1983
That makes me 26
I am a proud and rightful Leo
I am of Irish, Scottish, Italian, Welsh, Polish and German Decent
I am mother to two boys
We do not vaccinate
I believe that vaccine education is more important than doctor advice
I am pro-choice
I am anti-abortion
I believe IUDs cause unknown abortions and don't use them
I believe Sex education is important
I support Sex education in Schools
I believe Parents should start sex education in the toddler years
I believe teens should have access to birth control without parent's consent
I do not believe in teaching abstainance
I have Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue & Labyrinthitis
I am Bi-Polar
I am not on any medications
I almost died because my medications shut my liver down at 15
I am happily married to a wonderful man!
I met my husband at work
I am bi-sexual
I believe we are all born in to our sexuality
I support gay marriage
I do not have a good relationship with my mother - and I like it that way!
I never met my real father
My mothers second husband adopted me at 3years old
He then left us when I was 7.
He is currently a homeless crack head - and I don't want contact
I am an Eclectic Pagan Witch
I was raised Jehovah's Witness
But I never believed there was no goddess
I discovered Paganism at age 6
And started to study at 15
I believe in the Law Of Attraction
I believe in Reincarnation
I am building a website for "Pagan Education"
I believe in Religious Freedom
I believe that Religious Education Can End Hate
My husband is Agnostic Non-Practicing Christian
He is also afraid of witches - lol!
I support the Death Penalty
I support Stem Cell Research
I support Cancer and ALS Research
My mother in law died of ALS
I support President Barack Obama and proudly voted for him
I started working at about 9 for my mothers cleaning company
At 12 I was working for her and a family friend
At 16 I got my first real JOB.
I worked there for 7+ years
Now I have a full time business with Ameriplan
I love Ameriplan services and use them myself
I also sell with TeaPoria and GreenSmoke
I am a sometimes smoker
But never smoke tobacco products (GreenSmoke only)
I have tried many other home businesses and failed!
I have been scammed!
I do my best to stop others from being scammed
I own a website aimed at helping others earn and save money from home
My website is called Sabrina's Closet
I have my own Social Network
I was a drug user as a teen
I cleaned up at about 20
I do not drink alcohol anymore
I am not ashamed of anything I have ever done
Sex is not something I see as "sacred" - it's just fun!
I get in to the kinky stuff
I have been in love 3 times
I only married one of them
I still think about the other 2
I have never been a huge fan of traditional romance
I was raped at 15
Two of my ex-boyfriends are in prison for murder - Yeah, I pick winners
My Husband is recovering drug addict and alcoholic
I love music! All kinds
My favorite Broadway musical is The Phantom Of The Opera
I have seen it 8 times
Twice in Canada
The only musical I have ever seen and didn't like was Cats
I love to read!
But I am dyslexic
Mostly I read religious education, ancient history or true crime
I love the unknown
I love religiously, ancient history or crime based documentaries
I am a big drama fan!!!
I am addicted to All My Children
I still watch Sesame Street from time to time
I love fantasy dramas
My favorite movies are Labyrinth, The Craft, The Mysts of Avalon & Stigmata
I am so super excited to see the new Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp
I am a HUGE Buffy and Charmed Fan!!!
I love the dark and night
I'm not a fan of the sun
I love roses!
My favorite colors are Black and Red and Purple
I find Goth very very sexy!
I kinda think hippie chicks are sexy too.
I want to go to Ireland, Scotland and Egypt before I die
I want to tour Africa and help to feed children there
I am overly honest and will answer any question you throw at me!

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