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Properties: This stone is very versatile and is used for mental and Emotional clarity, problem solving, memory issues, will power,
Optimism, confidence and self-discipline. It reduces anxiety, fear
And depression. Citrine is one of two crystals which never have to be
Cleansed of negative energy. An energizing and highly beneficial
Crystal, citrine absorbs, transmutes, grounds and dissolves negative
Energy, which makes it a very protective stone. Citrine crystals are
Invigorating and positive. They can surround and fill anyone with its
Brilliant color, energizing every aspect of life. Increases
Motivation and Persons involved with education or business will
Especially benefit. Can guide you to harness and utilize your
Creative energy.

Helps us analyze events and steer them in a positive direction.
Develops inner calm and security, and makes us less sensitive and
More open to constructive criticism. Can dispel negative feelings and
Help us to accept the flow of events. This stone is great with help
In achieving goals. Because of its matrix of iron and quartz, it is
Most effective on the Sacral/Sexual/ Navel Chakra, the Solar plexus
Chakra and Crown Chakra. The grounding abilities of citrine help to
Alleviate anxiety, as the more orange encourages creative flow and
Sexual arousal, where the more yellow citrine has a soothing affect
On the digestive system.

Citrine energizes every level of the aura, cleansing and balancing
The subtle bodies as it aligns it with the physical body. Citrine is
The stone of abundance. It teaches us the lessons of achieving wealth
And prosperity. Not just on a monetary level, but in all aspects of
Our lives.

Folk Remedies: Eases digestion, stomach tension, food disorders,
Allergies. Detoxification: Spleen, kidneys, liver, urinary system,
Intestines. Citrine promotes physical activity, which in turn
Improves digestion and helps the cleansing organs. May also work as a
Detoxifier for the blood. Ancient cultures have used citrine for
Protection against evil spirits and in particular, against snake
Bites. Citrine has been used to reverse degenerative diseases and in
Treating chronic fatigue. It is considered the eliminator as it is
Used on the abdomen for eliminating constipation. It is also a
Wonderful stone used as an elixir for menstrual disorders, PMS and
Symptoms from menopause.

Feng Shui: This joyful stone is used specifically in the Southeast
Direction of your home for wealth/prosperity. It can also be used in
The Center area for spiritual growth and guidance. In the West
Direction for creativity and North for personal journeys.

History: Citrine (SiO2) gets its unique orange to yellow color from a
Matrix of ferric iron and quartz. Its color is usually a pale golden
Yellow, but can be found in darker shades as well, although some
Literature considers the darkest crystals to be Smoky Quartz. The
Celtic people of Scotland call the dark Citrine crystals Morion and
Cairngorm. Citrine was used in Rome as engraved figurines given as
Gifts. Citrine has been given other names in other cultures including
The merchant stone or the golden stone of wealth. Dark citrine has
Been call ox blood. Natural citrine tends to be a very pale yellow.
Much of the citrine on the market today is "created" by adding heat
To a poor quality of amethyst, turning it orange. When citrine forms
Naturally with amethyst, it is called Ametrine.

Andrew Pacholyk, MS, L.Ac

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