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As many of you have noticed our weather has been changing on its own. If we can believe a man who claims to have invented the internet, our planet is in trouble. Our recent category 5 Hurricanes and record numbers of tornados as well as record high temperatures would all seem to support a growing trend that could actually make me believe a politician could be right about the weather. Then again I am not used to trusting that sort of person and can take care of the weather with the help of my friends. Sorry did I forget to tell you I am a modern Shaman. I change the weather all the time, as long as it helps the people.

Last October I had an interview for a local paper in the Puget Sound area of North Western Washington and while chatting on the phone with the interviewer I told her that Hurricane Rita would be a category 5 at sea, 2 when it hit land and a 1 when it was over any cities. A week later that is exactly what happened. How do I do that you say, I ask the spirit of the weather to cooperate with me that’s how. You see in my world everything has a spirit. In your world too, some times you even notice it, ever had a car with a name? Did some one you know name their favorite tool? Boats often have names as well, I bet you have even talked to your car or boat asking it to cooperate with you at times.

To ask the spirit of the weather to cooperate with you is an easy thing. Now some folks will tell you that you need a blanket, music, blind fold and have to lay down. Those are the same people who claim to have invented remote viewing. What I am going to share with you in a simple way is what Shaman all over the world have done for 30,000 years or more. I learned this in a dream, and you don’t need any props to do it. Many of my students do this waiting in line at the grocery store or at the dentist office.

Take a deep breath or three and frame what kind of weather you want to ask for in your mind. Close your eyes or keep them open your call here. In your minds eye imagine that you are talking to the spirit of what ever weather you want in your area. Then ask them politely to change the weather to what you want it to be. Be specific about when and how this change should be, August 19th at 10:00 a.m. I would like no rain in Tacoma, Wa. This should happen in a good way and last until 6:00 p.m. Usually I ask the Thunder Nation to give me a hand with this sort of thing, I see them as a storm cloud over the ocean or as an Native Warrior, and some times as a Thunderbird with lighting flashing from its eyes.

You can call me for help changing he weather at 253-350-5755 or you can e-mail me at

My homepae is

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