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When I was new at this weather control ability I had a friend in Canada email me and ask for my help, here is a copy of her email:

To: WalksWithThunder; Gray Buzzard; Can’t dance (Their names changed, mine is the same)

Subject: Kelowna fires

Hi Shamanic friends: My friend in Kelowna tells me they lost another 200 homes last night to
fire. On a suggestion from her shaman in town (his name is Preben) I did a
journey last night to help calm down the fire and the wind. It went well in
my journey but all it did was change directions. At least that's good it's
blowing east now away from the city but it's still almost 75 km/hr in places
and is fueled by the fire. I wonder if we all do a journey to calm the wind
and fire if that will help?


What happened next was unthinkable to me. These other two folks are Shamanic Practioners and they said they would not be able to help because of the butterfly effect. Sorry wrong answer, Shaman are here to help the people. When people are losing their homes, I as a shaman should help if I can. In this case my friend had permission to ask for outside help from a local Shaman. These two wanna be’s couldn’t see past political correctness to do their duty as Shaman. I replied, sure I can help, we Natives have been changing the weather for thousands of years, if we had a charter it would be in there, Shaman change the weather for the good of the people and nature.

I did the exercise above, closed my eyes and saw a black storm cloud over the ocean. I called out to the Thunder Nation and asked them to have pity on these poor Canadians and put out the fire. They answered in my mind saying we can and will help in four days. I then had an idea that I should ask the spirit of the fire to have pity on these poor Canadians and stop burning down their homes. Behind me I felt heat, as though from a hot oven. I turned around and there was a large human made of black rock, he had orange cracks in the join areas that spit fire and smoldered. He sat down and I sat across from him. He said in my mind, “if you are brave enough I will do as you ask.” A shiver of fear ran down my spine, as this guy was about 8 feet tall and looked like he could break me in half with one hand. I looked at him closely and noticed he had what looked like a sword handle pointing towards me. A stray thought told me this was what he used to keep the fire going and spreading. On impulse I grabbed this handle and took his weapon away from him. He looked at me in a slightly disappointed way, as he didn’t get to break me in half, and walked away. I knew I had passed his bravery test. In four days there was a cloud burst over the area that put out the fire in 30 minutes. 10,000 Canadians were able to return to their homes.

If you would like to read the full story about that go to my web site an look under forums

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