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By, Walks With Thunder

If there were an Easy Button™ for shamanism, it would have my name on it. Sometimes it is a disappointment to those who expect me to have them suffer through a test or ritual to feel worthy. A Vision Quest is not required; nor a stay on a mountain for four days with only a knife and blanket. I am non-traditional, and by that I mean I don’t do many rituals. My way is as easy and powerful as dreaming. I learned how to create an Energy Shield in the Dreamtime.

In the dream I was observing myself standing next to my car in a parking lot. While looking my Dream-self in the eye, my perspective changed from that of an observer to being in my body. I saw that I was encased in a bubble that glowed with a soft golden light. The bubble was too large for me to jump out of or reach past, being centered on my physical body. As I watched the bubble filled up with liquid silver and had a mirror-like sheen. My logical mind thought of this as if it were a one-way mirror, and was about to have a problem with silver being transparent, when my Dream-self said, “Hey it’s a dream, you can do anything you want in a dream.” My perspective changed again and I became the observer. I saw myself in the parking lot, where I saw a dark shadow spirit running towards me. It stopped in front of what it saw as a large silver ball. As it warily approached the ball, it was clear that it dared not touch it. Then it noticed my car, and the Dream Me set about making a larger bubble around the car, filled the ball with silver, and gave it a mirror finish. The dark spirit stepped back, turned around, and ran away.

When I awoke I envisioned reproducing this process. In my mind’s eye I saw the glowing, golden bubble surround me. Then I filled it with blessed liquid silver and polished it to a mirror finish. I then encircled the rest of my family, our cars, our house, our bank account, and our animals.

I see the Energy Shield as a passive defense; it doesn’t do anything until negative energy is aimed at it; then that energy is reflected to its source. I have a warrior spirit and sending that energy back is characteristic of me as I find it hard to be attacked and not be reactive about it. Some of my students modify their shields to ground out negative energy.

What good can an Energy Shield do in our modern world? I teach my students this in my basic class. Within a few classes they are returning with stories about what happened when they employed this technique. Jim from Belfair, WA, has such a story. To make him look bad his coworkers had been placing blame on him when he was not at fault. After attending my class he put up a shield; since then it has been deflecting blame and accusations. He looks forward to work now, and his wife has said he’s much easier to live with. Mike, who rides a motorcycle, listened to a radio interview of mine and learned my shielding technique. Mike says that now cars give him a wider area of space, as if he is in a car not a motorcycle. People see him more clearly and it makes riding safer.

Protect yourself with this easy Energy Shield. I find that negative energy likes things easy too. It’s doesn’t want to bother with someone when it is easier to attack someone who is unprotected. To find out more about shielding or for personal help with your shield please call 253-350-5755 or email me at you are also invited to visit my homepage at

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Comment by ™ßµttêrf|ý~Tigëréss® on November 1, 2007 at 7:30pm
Ahhhh Yes Like Crow Who Pecked at His Own Reflection, I Also Find The Self Taking A Defensive Stance Against Negative Energy, When It comes To Loved Ones But This Is Not What My Teachers Tell Me To do, I Am Moved To Protect My Kin As A Tigeress does Yet I Do Not Want To Feel Like This, Smiles, It's Nice To Have You Here To Remind Me "What I Already Know", Remembering Is Empowering ThankYou "Believe It & You Will See It!" So Be It. I Liked This Topic Very Muches : ) BT


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