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Most of us want prosperity. We try all kinds of things to attract it, even Feng Shui. I have heard of folks putting coins in the corners of their home to attract monetary prosperity. There are some who say changing the position of furniture in a room can make that happen as well. Of course, you can always pay a few hundred dollars and buy the latest secret of prosperity on late-night TV. * This year I even gave myself a prosperity blessing.

What I have found out about prosperity is not a secret. You can just make up your mind that you want it, need it, and deserve to have it. Maybe you tried that already and have not had much success. I am a skeptic about many things, even my own work, so I use my advanced class as a testing ground. When I got the idea to do an Attracting Prosperity class, I needed some test subjects. So I sent out an email asking them if they wanted to participate in my Prosperity Test. My goal was to find a reliable way to attract prosperity, made easy for everyone.

Since I am a non-traditional shaman and like to experiment with different methods, there were three groups in my prosperity test: a control group, props group, and a non-props group. In my work I am learning all the time, and there was a lesson here for me about props. The group with props was the most successful. For beginners, tools are extremely helpful.

Each group received the same basic instructions for a tobacco ceremony. (In the ancient way, no little colored pieces of cloth are used. Native Americans from 400 years ago didn’t use them and that is good enough for me.) Go outside and find a center point where you can walk four steps in any direction. You will offer a handful of tobacco to the cardinal directions. Call out to the Grandfather Spirits of each direction. (“Grandfather Spirits” is just one name, if you’re Christian then you can call them Angels, and others call them Devas. Whatever you call this spirit energy, they are here to help you. All you have to do is ask in a sincere way, (though I have asked sarcastically and still got the help I needed.)

First, play some music, beat a drum, ring a bell, or sing. This will get the attention of the Grandfather Spirits. Walk four steps north and say, “I call the Grandfather Spirits of the North.” Then toss the handful of tobacco in that direction and walk back to the center point. (About 50% of the time for the props group, the tobacco faded out of existence. Yes, I know that violates a law of physics; matter may not be created nor destroyed. “Then again I never studied law.” (a Bugs Bunny quote.) Keep going if this phenomenon should occur at any direction(s).) At the center point, offer the tobacco to the Grandfather Spirits from above, below and within, for a total of seven directions.

At this point we will break away from ancient tradition and use the props. You will need a permanent marker, a bottle of water, a flat rock big enough to write prosperity on, shampoo or bodywash, and a sticky-note pad. Then we ask the Grandfather Spirits to bless our lives or those of others with monetary prosperity or whatever blessing you desire and within a specific amount of time. It’s a good idea to ask for this blessing to come in a good and gentle way. Now bless your props by asking the Grandfather Spirits to bless each item with the ability to attract prosperity, and write the word “prosperity” on them. Drink the water twice daily: morning and night. Carry the rock in your pocket to remind you of the blessing. Use the shampoo or bodywash every day for the next four to seven days. (As you can see I borrowed a bit from Masaru Emoto. Shampoo and bodywash are mostly water, our brain is 95% water, and our blood is 80 %.) Place the post-it note where you will see it many times during your day. If you feel you need more days than four, then do more days, but not more than seven. You don’t have to bless the objects each time, though if you want to, go ahead, it won’t hurt.

Sometimes there is a problem with feeling that you don’t deserve to have a blessing of this sort. People put all kinds of blocks in their own way, for instance: “My contract in this life is to learn to live with less,” or “I am unworthy because I don’t like dogs,” or “I am just not good enough or lucky enough,” and so on. I like to remind those people of the ripple effect. If you’re a parent and successful then your whole family will benefit. Does your child deserve to have a successful parent? Yes they do. Do your parents deserve to have a successful child? You bet they do! You touch so many lives and those lives could all be better when you’re successful. Don’t be afraid to feel you deserve this blessing.

* My prosperity blessing is going well. I now teach my classes all over Puget Sound. In August there were two articles about my work, one was published bi-coastally. I have had two radio interviews: Nic Daniels’ contact talk radio and Acaysha Dolphin’s syndicated show was broadcasted from Hawaii nationwide. Visit my website to see more of the results,

Here are the results of one of my test subjects:

Dancing Flame...with my story of the prosperity blessing that I have begun: I started it last night, 7/17 and I will be carrying it through for the next 3 days...I blessed 7 objects with my "prosperity" labels (water, shampoo, deodorant, rock, post-it note, business card from my shop, and my pressed powder compact that I keep in my purse)...before I started the ceremony, I rolled a cigarette with the tobacco that I was going to use to offer to the grandfather spirits (I thought it would be a bonding experience to "share" the tobacco with them after the blessing was complete, even though I don't usually smoke)...during the blessing ceremonies, my tobacco did not disappear, however, after I completed the blessing for my prosperity objects, I looked up to the north and saw 4 large birds flying over me in a circle, they were very high up, so I couldn't tell what they were, but it felt like a good sign, that I was being heard. My situation is severe, at the moment, so my request was great, I absolutely feel that I deserve this much help, because I work hard for my business, I put my heart into it and intend to send that positive energy out with every purchase, I asked for $2,000.00 that I could deposit in my payroll account within 24 hrs (so that I could pay my employees) and then within the next seven days I asked to receive $15,000.00 so that I could catch up on some bills, I said that even if the money comes in the form of a loan that I can afford to pay back, it would be appreciated...I also said "I am open to receiving the abundance that I know I deserve" and of course all of this was asked to come in a good and gentle way...after the blessing, I sat down in the middle of the 4 points and lit the cigarette and took a drag off of it, closed my eyes and even though there was a cool breeze blowing around me the entire evening, I distinctly felt the weight of a blanket being draped over my shoulders, making me feel warm and watched over. I was so thankful for that, although the cig made me a little woozy feeling, so I just held it and let it burn a little while, as I sat there putting my heart energy into the request I made. So, that's how it started, I will continue to post happenings of each day. Thank you for taking the time to read this and lending your energies to my requests. Blessings.

Day 2 of Prosperity Blessing (update), I forgot to mention that after I completed my 1st day blessing, I saw a number of tiny white orbs, like sparkles, floating around my yard, I felt that the spirits were present...So, day 2, it appeared as though the tobacco offering for the south was gone from the 1st night, the rest was still there...I repeated the blessing, and again sat down, cross legged and lit the rolled tobacco, to bond with the spirits, I had a strong feeling of confidence and calm, that I was being heard. My days' sales in the shop yesterday were about $1,300.00 and I was able to make payroll, and today I had a deposit of about $700.00 that came earlier than it should have (that makes up the $2,000.00 that I asked to come in 24 hrs, so that I could pay my employees) far so good! Again, I repeated these words during the blessing: “I am open to receiving the abundance that I know I deserve." Blessings to you all

O.K., so here are the day 3 reports...when I went out to do my blessing last night, it appeared as though the tobacco offering for the east and west were gone from the night before. I did my blessing again as I had done previously, and still used the line "I'm open to receiving the abundance I know I deserve...", this time I also thanked the spirits for bringing me the $2,000 that I needed to make payroll...I sent in loan papers yesterday that could bring me the $15,000.00 that I asked for (in an affordable way), and today I received at least 4 phone calls from different people affiliated with the lending company, I also know that they have called most of my references, and so far, it sounds like it's going well! So, tonight, I will do the final day of blessing, and I have a feeling that tomorrow, I will hear from the lender, that I am approved!! Thank you all for any energy that you have given me by reading this posting...I wish for blessings of prosperity for all who need it, (it helps if you feel worthy!)...Blessings.

day 4 of blessing: it appeared as though the tobacco offering for the north and south were gone from the night before...there was a very interesting breeze blowing around me as I did the final blessing, it changed directions with my movements, when I faced north it blew directly at me from the north, and so on...when I asked for a grandfather spirit to enter me and bless me with discernment, the breeze turned into a gust of wind that blew directly through me from the front to the back, it was quite moving...I could feel the magic at hand...I felt confidant that I was going to be granted the prosperity that I asked for...and first thing this morning, when I got to the shop, the lending company called me and said that they had decided to approve my loan, without even completing the interviews, etc...They said that I should be receiving the $15,000.00 in my account early next week!! And the repayment schedule is very easy to accommodate, (I asked that if it came in the form of a loan, that it be one that I could afford to pay back)...So, it worked!!! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Blessings

For a private prosperity blessing from me call 253-350-5755 or e-mail or feel free to visit my homepage at

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Comment by ™ßµttêrf|ý~Tigëréss® on November 1, 2007 at 6:44pm
Skips Around The Room, Wonderful I Am Happy You Recieved Blessings! I Have Printed This Out For Putting Into My Ritual Journals. Thankyou For Writing This Piece On Prosperity. BT : )
Comment by FreeFleur on November 6, 2007 at 8:35am
I'm also printing this, thanks, I wish I could come to your classes my friend....Blessings
Comment by Tuesday's Child on November 7, 2007 at 10:48am
Very interesting! I will definitely keep this close at hand and please don't be surprised if I call upon you for pointers one day SOON. =) Thank you for posting this blog.

Peace, love and light my friend.
Comment by T*A*T on January 15, 2008 at 9:33am
How wonderful!!! I hope you don't mind if I rpint this out. Can I do this for someone else? Meaning for my husband...he would call this sillyness, but I for one do believe in the power of magic.


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