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WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE A WITCH? CloudDancer (The Lady Vatrovia...LadyV) © I had to add this page to my site because I keep coming across people who tell me they want to be a witch because they want to be able "cast spells" or make someone "love" them or they want to be "special" or "impress" someone. This type of talk upsets me, really bothers my husband (also a witch), and annoys other witches as well! So what is it "to be a witch"? Well, for starters, it is a way of life, a state of being. It is who and what you are. It is not about making someone love you, running around saying, "I'm A Witch", or trying to prove to people that your something "special". Being a witch is something within you. You breath it, dream it, you live it! To be a witch means in part, that you have taken responsibility for your own life and many of the things that surround that life. To be a witch, is to be a part of all that surrounds you, of the creatures that you share your world with. It is to be one with all things of nature; the trees, the sky, the earth, the oceans. To feel with them and to understand that you are connected with all things, "as above, so below" all things are tied together within our world. What you do to "it/them" you also do to "yourself/us". To understand and live to be a witch. To be a witch, is to have respect for all of nature. It is to hear her cry in the storms or her laughter on a warm breeze. It is to understand and feel the unseen world around you. The world that is always there, hidden to those that choose not to see it. To be a witch is also to understand that we can change the energies around us through the use of our own energies to bring about the desired end result. It is to understand the power of prayer...YES we pray, probably more than most religions. Who do we pray to? Well, that depends on the witch. I personally pray to the "The Lord and Lady" , the mother earth and our father who is in the heavens, for there is both male and female. In being a Witch, we acknowledge there or other beings, we do not worship any entity as superior, and though we may recognize the existence of other entities , we believe in the equality of all beings in the Universe, seeing them as different, separate, but never superior or inferior. We may call the Goddess and the God as representatives of the creative force of the Universe, but will usually call on other spirits as well, each being seen as a separate and equal entity. We believe there is a Spirit World or Other World where these other entities reside. Most do not see this as actually separate from this world, but rather a part of it that is usually unseen. Thus, the spirits who are contacted during ritual are already there but may be conjured or evoked to facilitate communication. WHAT IT DOES NOT MEAN TO BE A WITCH Being a witch does not mean that we are special, on the contrary, we are like everyone else, We get married, have children, wreck the car, have disagreements, get depressed, get fired, have insecurities, argue with the neighbors, love our families, and adore our pets. In other words we have all the same ups and downs that anyone else does. The difference is, we understand the laws of the universe that throw these happenings upon us, we understand the laws of cause and effect. We do not sacrifice anything, human or animal. We do not worship a devil or Satan. We do however, understand that the universe is and has to be both negative and positive, male and female in order for it to flow at an even keel! We do not get angry and cast spells or hexes on others due to the fact the we practice responsibility, and ethics, and while the "Rule of Three" is a "Wiccan" rule, most Witches do believe in the old adage, "What goes Around, Comes Around". Being a witch is not like The Craft, The Witches Of Eastwick, or Sabrina. It is nothing like Hollywood portrays it to be. The inverted pentagram is usually used to represent Christianity's Satan. We do not believe in Satan, he is a Christian deity, not ours, so why would we worship him? Silly huh? But people continue to call us "Satan worshipers" LOL

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