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Animal totems- She-wolf and stag.
solitary or coven- My family is all the coven I need.

In the Broom Closet or Out- Out, though my parents try not to think about it.

favorite pagan holiday- Samhain... Spread the Chaos!

dieties- Horus, Hermes, Michael, Gabriel, Odin

what element do you associate most with- fire

Do you perform formal rituals- rarely

Do you read tarot- I used to until my deck was destroyed.

cast runes- yes

work with crystals- sometimes. Mostly I use my runes.

work with herbs- whenever I have herbs to work with, yes

Sacred Place you need to see- Stonehenge, of course, and the Ganges River.

Zodiac signs- Leo, dog

Birth Month- August

Siblings- 2 little brothers.

Children/grandchildren- one beautiful daughter

Pets- mutant sapient goldfish and a very strange cat.

tattoos/piercings- one tat on my shoulder and pierced ears, though I no longer wear earrings

favorite vacation spot- Missouri.

next vacation destination- Missouri

Talents- Magical or otherwise? I'm an empath, and I play violin.

Are you a collector- kinda

Do you sing, dance, play any musical instruments- sing when I'm alone, but I also play violin

City, Suburbia or Country- city, unfortunately

Favorite season- summer, cause it's the only season when I'm warm enough

Favorite month- August

Favorite exercise- bicycle

Favorite outdoor activity- bicycle or read

Favorite boardgames- chess, monopoly

Favorite card games- blackjack

Favorite Foods: steak

Mexican- enchilada

Italian- lasagna

Chinese- spicy beef

American- burgers

Tea- green with honey

Alcohol- wine or whiskey... if you can see through it, it's not beer!

shot- kamikaze

herb/spice/seasoning- too many to name

how do you like your eggs- over medium

What are your cooking specialties- the grill, and desserts

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