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You know what gets to me? Pagans who are either evangelical or intollerant. I've never understood the need to try to convert someone to a different path, and all it does is drive most people away. More common from what I've seen, though, are the intollerant ones. Those of us who cannot stand Christians and will actually dump trusted friends if it is discovered late! It seems like we should be setting a positive example, espcailly considering the Craft is not exactly mainstream, rather than sinking down to their level.

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Comment by Starrfire Price on November 4, 2007 at 12:51pm
Bravo! Great Blog and so very true! I think it's ridiculous when I see some Pagans screaming about tolerance and respect but refusing to be tolerant. Seems like a contradiction if you ask me. I agree the only way to create change is by treating people with the resepct we wish to receive. Hugs & sorry if I wrote a mini-novel in this ~Starr


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