This ritual is to give honor to the memory of a child who is adopted out and send love and peace to them. Though they are no longer with the birth mother or father, they are always in our hearts.
To start out the ritual, there are some things needed.
3 candles
offering bowl of herbs
picture of the child, for me it was my son
a small box that is wrapped but in a way I can still get into it, made of biodegradable products and made to look like a gift.
Initiating the Rite -
Musical Signal - ring my bell three times
Opening Prayer - I ask the Goddesses and Gods to give me strength
Processional - I walk to my altar that I set up. I am usually in another room till I can get my mind ready to do this.
Two Powers Meditation.
Purification - Sage the area around and close the door to the room. I place a cup of juice outside it first for the outsiders. (Usually my cats drink it.)
Honoring the Earth Mother - I offer oil to dirt (that I hope grows it plant soon) that is on the altar and ask her to be with me.
Statement of Purpose - to honor the child’s birthday and memory.
(Re)Creating the Cosmos
I concentrate the tree representative, well, and fire at this time with oil.
Opening the Gate(s) - I call upon Badb to open them this time.
Inviting the Three Kindreds
Ancestors be with me this day.
You know the price I paid, give me strenth and walk with my son!
(Light Candle)
Nature Spirits be with me this day.
You who gave me comfort when no human could.
(Light Candle)
Shining Ones, Deities be with me this day.
You carry me so many times when my spirit fails.
(Light Candle)

Key Offerings -
Goddess Modron, you know the bond of a child and mother.
I have need to send my bond of love to my son.
Grant that on this day, my son who is now ten know this:
That my love for him still dwells deeper then any ocean.
That he is my birth son and though we are apart, that love will rejoin us one day.
But let him also grow in the bond with his adopted mother, so they maybe a family.
Modron, you know the love I have for him, please send it forth.
(At this time a drop of oil and herb is placed in the box.)
Goddess Rhiannon, protector of youth.
I need you to protect the son I am not with.
Grant that on this day, my son who is now ten know this:
That he be protected and watched over by those who know him now.
Let his adopted parents know when harm is to come and let them take him away first.
Keep them all safe and strong that they may grow as a family.
Rhiannon, you know that I would if I could, please protect him.
(At this time a drop of oil and herb is placed in the box.)
Goddess Annis, keeper of wisdom.
I need you to grant my son and I wisdom.
Grant that on this day, my son who is now ten know this:
That he is young and still has much to learn.
Let him know that he can play and love.
Let his adopted parents be wise in their choices for him.
Annis, you know I am not wise, but please grant my son to be.
(At this time a drop of oil and herb is placed in the box.)
Prayer of Sacrifice
These things I ask for my son, these are my gifts to him.
He is ten today, ten today.
Though we are apart, our heart strings are not.
The three kindreds look after us both.
Happy birthday my son, my son.
May the Goddesses and Gods lead us forward on our paths.
May the lead us to cross once more.
(At this time the box is sealed close. The box will sit on the altar till I can go to the woods and bury it.)
(From here down, it is just like normal. Nothing spectacular is said.)
Calling (asking) for the Blessings
Hallowing the Blessing
Affirmation of the Blessing
Thanking the Beings
Closing the Gate(s)
Thanking the Earth Mother
Closing the ritual

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