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If the Kindred wrote us a letter, what do you think that it might say? Do you think it would be all good? Or do you think it maybe all bad and that we need improvement? I found myself blogging what one might consider as such a letter. I had spent much time in meditation and had witnessed many things that were bringing my spirit down. I was looking to the Kindred for comfort and guidance. And here is what came over through the meditations.

Dear Children of the Earth,

The Kindred have come together and decided it was time for a letter from the three of us. We have witnessed many things over the years and want to draw your attention to the things we feel need work. It is nothing bad, but we want you to be future kindred with us and therefore we need to ask you to correct some things. Each of us will take a part in this letter to you.

Nature Spirits here and though we know you were not the ones who started the ball running for the trash on Earth, we need your help to clean it up. There is more pollution these days then ever could have been imagined and our natural garbage disposals are getting clogged up. Just the other day a goat could not digest some of the new products out there. And because some cleaning aides had to move to the marshes, the food chain is all out of wack. Oh, and our polar bear brother wants to know where you will help him move to when the ice caps are gone. If the Children of the Earth can not get things turned around, we will have to do more drastic measures. Also, you use to listen to us, spend time with us. We miss you as our friend. Take a walk in the forest or on the plains, swim in our lakes, rivers, or oceans. Come see your old friend and get out of the concrete walls you call work and home.

Ancestors here! What are yall teaching them kids? No ones words are matching actions. No one respects the elders. No one respects any one. In our days, there would be punishment. But now, you seem to fear telling some one no. You fear coming down on those younger. Kids are your future. What kind of role model are you being? Where are your morals and virtues? Did you forget the ways of old? Did you forget what we have taught you? Also, speaking of that, why have you closed your ears to the lessons we so earnestly try to give you? Spend time with us. Go to our resting place and clean it up! Speak to us, tell us your concerns. Remember also the oaths you took. Make good to your word and be a person of honor!

Shining ones, the Deities. There is so many different things that we wish to say. Why have we become a burden to go to? Why do you mourn worship in any faith? All we ask is that you remember us. You gift to us, we will gift to you. You be our friend, our worshipper, and diligent and we will be behind you all the way. Teach the others that actions are more important than words. Teach them the ways of us. Be true to heart. Come and spend time with us, dance with us, sing with us, play with us!

All we Kindred have concerns. Do you remember your oaths? Your promises? Not just to us but others? Why do you not keep them? Why must you speak one thing and do another? When will your heart and soul speak as one with the mind and body? Things are not looking good and you are the only one that can change it. All of you have potential to be Kindred when your time is up. Act like it!

Be true of word and action. Don't be ill will of any one. Speak truth and let your actions back it. Don't try to hurt others or bring them down. Reach out to those that are trying but still need that helping hand. Remember that what company you keep will also reflect on you. Remember what you do will also affect that company. And lastly, remember to live your faith and path, not just teach or preach it to others. Words are nothing, actions are everything.
Remember we love you! Many of you are doing well in one form or another. We applaud your works. We see the clean ups that have already begun, but a few can not fix what the majority broke. We applaud how you find ways to give back to the community. You are good people with good hearts. You just need reminders at times.

So we leave you with a challenge: Prove that you want to be a better person. Prove you can help where needed. Prove you can hold true to the virtues. Prove you can help heal a broken world of people and spirits. And this place will become beautiful again, you will know the gratitude of giving back and the blessings of our gratitude for you.


The Kindred

Now I leave it in your hands. Chew on it. Think about it and form your own opinions. This is what my Kindred brought to me when I sat down and wrote it. Now, sit down and write what you feel yours would bring to you in a letter. Are you up to my Kindred’s challenges or up to finding out what challenges your Kindred have for you? Thank you kindly for your time and may the Kindred bless you.

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