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Some nights it sucks to be psychic

I've been trying to go to bed for about two hours now. My biggest clue that it was going to be a hard night should have been the mini-migraine that has been nipping at my brain all day, but I figured it was just another run-of-the-mill headache. Heh, right, because it always works out that well.

I am not a prophetess, seer, or any of that and I'm about as precognitive as a rock. I deal with animals and dead people chiefly, and I rarely deal with whole grand vision thing. Now and again one pops up at the most inconvenient time and will not let me concentrate. I'm supposed to be studying for the ACT (which I'm taking Saturday) but now all I'm doing is waiting around for this damn thing to seize up my brain so I can just get on with things. There's always a "trigger" that sets things off, whether it's touching something, listening to a song, or reading a certain word. I've had the word "puppy" set one off, even though the vision was completely unrelated. Most of the vision thingies are so metaphorical I don't even get what they mean for months if not years, and the majority of them are not even meant for people I've met yet. I get this feeling of tension in the back of my head and cannot sit still for anything. I'll sit there staring at the program I use to channel (I'm an automatic writer/typer) for upwards of an hour with my fingers poised above the keys, just waiting for something to come. Ugh, it sucks to be psychic tonight.

BB all, feel free to leave comments. Maybe one of you guys will send my brain into overload so I can get this thing over with.


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Comment by silver fox on October 23, 2008 at 3:45am
well, i hope something triggers you soon hon! If there is anything i can do to help out just let me know, otherwise....just remember that this parrot is stone dead!(no he's not...he's just sleeping).


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