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So today is supposedly the BIG day. It almost doesn't matter that there are GOP primaries today as well since McCain has been annointed as the nominee and Huckabee is just.....well.......a little nuts. Today is important because if you listen to the press, it will herald who will win the Democratic nomination for the Presidential race.

But, do or more importantly, SHOULD we listen to the mainstream media and press anymore? I admit to watching Anderson Cooper and Keith Olberman. Keith is somewhat of an exception in my rant today. But the media have become a joke. We never get news anymore. We get entertainment presented as if it's news and we get the press's paranoia at being considered too left-leaning and overcompensating for it. Honestly half the time I think they'd rather be covering Britney's most recent meltdown (that itself is a rant for another time) or jumping on a fear-inducing story like the latest school shooting (what is UP with those anyway?)

I read this article at AlterNet today. Now granted, AlterNet DEFINITELY leans left and doesn't really apologize for it, but they are equal opportunity critics of both sides as well. but there was a great article by Eric Boehlert regarding how the press and media treatment of Barack Obama is about to change and why.

I don't trust our media any longer. That is sad that I cannot trust what is presented to me as news to be the truth. Okay I too believe truth can be relative and seemingly opposing realities can both contain elements of truth. Okay okay but you know what I mean. I wish they'd at least be honest. Honesty has left the building. Every story has an agenda behind it it seems. It breaks my heart as I studied Journalism and Public Relations in college and took an entire semester studying our First Amendment rights. It made journalism seem very romantic and patriotic even. But it's not anymore.

Anyway, today's primary outcome really could determine who will be the Dem nominee. I admit to being caught up in the excitement over Obama and Obamamania. While I firmly believe we need a fresh perspective in this country and someone who believes in WE THE PEOPLE and isn't jaded by Washington and years in politics (Hillary has years in politics by default having campaigned for and been first lady to her husband) and a million backs to scratch. I think the country needs to BELIEVE in the ideals of what our country was founded on again and have someone who believes in it too and will work to reclaim some of that.

Anyway, here's the article I spoke of. Decide for yourselves and happy primary-watching!

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Comment by Autumnquest on March 4, 2008 at 7:26am
Okay, pagan space ignored the link I included, so here is the address and you can copy and paste it into your browser to read the article:


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