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Abramelin Oil
From the ancient Jewish formula specified by Abramelin the Mage.
Adam and Eve Oil
A primal scent compounded for love-drawing and finding one's perfect mate..
African Ju Ju Oil
An all-purpose magical formula alleged to derive from an African recipe.
Algiers Oil
From the Algiers district of New Orleans; a Fast Luck type formula.
Attraction Oil
Alleged to attract money, love, luck, success, or whatever you desire.
Aunt Sally's Lucky Dream Oil
To encourage the remembrance of lucky number dreams for betting.
Banishing Oil
To remove unwanted people or conditions; far milder than Hot Foot.
Bat's Blood Oil
For enemy work, and to signify the sealing of a pact or promise.
Bewitching Oil
Adds mystery, fascination, and sexual allure to love spells.
Black Arts Oil (also known as Dark Arts or Mystic Arts)
Believed to be a powerful aid in destructive spells and pact-making rituals.
Black Cat Oil
A popular dressing oil among gamblers, also used as a form of "reverse bad luck."
Blessing Oil
Used to bless a baby, for new ventures, new homes, and for healing.
Boss Fix Oil
If your boss isn't right with you, bring him around to favour your cause.
Break Up Oil
Used by those who wish to break up a pair or lovers or a married couple.
Cast Off Evil Oil
Alleged to rid one of bad habits, wicked influences, and evil companions.
Chango Macho (Shango, Xango Sango) Oil
For invocation of and petition to the African Yoruba Orisha Chango.
Chuparrosa (Hummingbird) Oil
For love and luck -- and especially for luck in a sincere and lasting love.
Clarity Oil
To put an end to confusion and unknowing; for insight and true vision.
Cleo May Oil
Used by women to attract quick love and by prostitutes to draw clients.
Come To Me Oil
Designed to attract a new lover of the opposite sex.
Commanding Oil (also known as Commanding Power)
Said to give the power to bring another under your command.
Compelling Oil
Used by those who wish to compel another to make good on a promise.
Confusion Oil
Said to bring confusion and befuddlement to those who are working against you.
Controlling Oil
Alleged to grant the user control over the actions and thoughts of another person.
Court Case Oil
It is claimed that this will influence both judge and jury to decide in your favour.
Crossing Oil
Used in so-called enemy work or tricks to bring on crossed conditions.
Crown of Success Oil
Many people anoint the head with this for financial, school, or career success.
Crucible of Courage Oil
Alleged to increase one's personal determination, courage, and bravery. <
Cut and Clear Oil
Used in rituals to rid yourself of any remaining link to an ex-lover or ex-partner.
Damnation Oil
Utilized when cursing a wrong-doer to suffer in Hell for his or her crimes.
Destruction Oil
Burned on candles and used to dress doll-babies for the destruction of enemies.
Devil's Oil
Used by those who wish to harm others or to do mischief to them.
Devil's Shoe String Oil
To tie down and restrain the devil and also human enemies.
Contains genuine Devil's Shoe String Root
Dixie John Oil
Used for help in family, love, and luck.
Contains genuine Dixie John Root.
Dixie Love Oil
A Southern-style love-drawing formula for men or women.
Contains genuine Dixie John Root.
Do As I Say Oil
Said to give one the power to command others to obey.
Domination Oil
For those who wish to rule others and control them.
Double Cross Oil
Used to dress gifts that are actually intended to harm another.
Dove's Blood Oil
For love, and to signify the sealing of a pact or promise.
Dragon's Blood Oil
For luck, protection, and to signify the sealing of a pact or promise.
D.U.M.E. Oil
"Death Unto My Enemies" -- burned on black candles to harm other.
Essence of Bend-Over Oil
Used by those who wish to impose their will upon others.
Fast Luck Oil (also known as Luck In A Hurry)
Alleged to bring luck in a hurry in matters of money, love, and business.
Fear Not to Walk Over Evil Oil
Believed to protect from any tricks that have been laid down around one.
Fiery Wall of Protection Oil
Said to protect one from all the harm that enemies can devise.
Fire of Love Oil
For passionate desire; as a flame burns, so does love burn
Five Finger Grass Oil
For success in all the things that your five fingers can do.
Follow Me Boy Oil
Southern style formula, said to make a man follow you like a dog.
Follow Me Girl Oil
Southern style formula, said to make a woman follow you like a dog.
Good Luck Oil
An all-around, all-purpose luck-drawing oil from love, money, and success.
Healing Oil
For relief of sickness and sorrow; to mend emotional and physical problems.
Hindu Grass Oil
For cleaning out old messes and cutting ties to past events.
Hot Foot Oil (also known as Drive Away or Moving)
Many claim this has helped to drive unwanted persons from their lives.
House Blessing Oil
Used in dressing homes for family happiness, health, and prosperity.
I Can, You Can't Oil
Alleged to hold another person back so that you can get ahead.
I Dominate My Man Oil
Used in attempts to gain complete mental control of a male lover.
I Dominate My Woman Oil
Used in attempts to gain complete mental control of a female lover.
Indian Spirit Guide Oil
Used by those who call upon Blackhawk or other Native ancestor spirits.
Inflammatory Confusion Oil
To cause people to misunderstand one another so much that they quarrel and fight.
Influence Oil
Worn by those who seek to influence the thoughts or actions of others.
Intranquility Oil
To cause someone to suffer from troubled sleep, a restless mind, and wandering feet.
Japanese Lucky 7 Oil
A blend of seven luck-bringing scents for calling on the Seven Luck Gods of Japan.
Jezebel Oil
Used in the curse of Jezebel; also used by prostitutes to attract wealthy customers.
Contains genuine Jezebel Root.
Jinx Oil
Said to help one person put a jinx on another.
Jinx Killer Oil
Believed to break jinxes, curses, crossing, or hexing.
John the Conqueror Oil (also known as High John)
Alleged to increase personal power and mastery, draw money, and restore nature.
Contains genuine John the Conqueror Root.
(This oil may be used to anoint a John the Conqueror Root, which we sell.)
King Solomon Wisdom Oil
Said to grant the user the wisdom of King Solomon when making decisions.
Contains genuine Solomon Seal Root.
Kiss Me Now! Oil
Said to rapidly bring about a sexual affair or increase desire in marriage.
Lady Luck Oil
Popular with gamblers and those who take serious risks in life.
Lavender Love Drops Oil
Designed to attract a lover of the same sex.
Law Keep Away Oil
Used by people who wish to conduct their business in private.
Lodestone Oil
Its live magnetism is alleged to draw love, luck, and money to you.
Contains genuine live Magnetic Lodestones.
(This oil can be used to anoint Lodestones, which we sell.)
Look Me Over Oil
Used in glamor spells to attract attention, particularly from men.
Love Me Oil
Said to draw passionate love from a specific party of the opposite sex.
Lucky Buddha Oil
To attract luck and wealth through the help of Hotei, "the Laughing Buddha."
Lucky Hand Oil
A popular hand rub with gamblers, who say it brings in the winnings.
Contains genuine Lucky Hand Root.
Lucky Mojo Oil
An all-purpose lucky incense.
Lucky Number Oil
For catching lucky numbers to bet.
Lucky 13 Oil
For lottery and bingo play; uses unlucky conditions to generate good luck.
Magnet Oil
Alleged to attract things to you.
Mandrake Root in Oil
Contains American Mandrake; a Native American formula to draw love abd money.
Marriage Oil
Used when hoping for marriage and also to bless a marriage.
Master Oil
Said to powerfully aid one's ability to control situations and people.
Master Key Oil
Used by those who are seeking occult and spiritual mastery.
Money Drawing Oil
Said to draw money in games of chance and in business.
Money House Blessing Oil
Combines Money Drawing and House Blessing for a prosperous, happy home.
Money Stay With Me Oil
It's not how much you get, it's how much you can hold on to!
Moses Oil
A spiritual oil used to dress seals.
Nature Oil
Said to increase the user's sexual vitality.
Pay Me Oil
Burned on candles when attempting to get back money that is owed.
Peaceful Home Oil (also known as Happy Home)
Alleged to calm family members and bring happiness to the home.
Power Oil
Believed to increase your personal strength and spiritual power.
Prosperity Oil
To increase your income and lead you to a better life.
Protection Oil
To keep away all harmful influences.
Psychic Vision Oil
Alleged to enhance spiritual insight and induce prophetic dreams.
'Q' Oil
Used by men to find passion and love.
Queen Elizabeth Root in Oil
A favorite Love Root, also called Orris or Iris Root.
Reconciliation Oil
To forgive and forget past problems, fights, and break-ups, to fall in love again.
Restless Oil
To keep others in turmoil, to trouble their sleep, to disturb their minds.
Return To Me Oil
To bring back a friend or lover who has walked out or left.
Revenge Oil
For exacting justice upon someone who has done you wrong.
Reversing Oil
Used in sending jinxes and curses back to the one who sent them.
Road Opener Oil
To break old blockages and open the way for new opportunities.
Rue Oil
Contains genuine Rue (Ruda, Ruta) Herb; for protection from the evil eye.
Run Devil Run Oil
Said to drive the Devil and his imps away.
Safe Travel Oil
For safety while on a journey and for a happy welcome home.
Separation Oil
To drive two people apart, or allow you to depart from someone.
Solomon Seal Root in Oil
For the wisdom, strength, and beauty of King Solomon; for work with Talismans.
Spanish Moss Oil
Used for wealth, in "war" work, or to dress doll-babies.
Spirit Guide Oil
Encourages the coming-forth of helpful, beneficent spirits.
Stay At Home Oil
To keep a spouse from spending too much time away from the family.
Stay With Me Oil
Alleged to hold the lover you have and to ensure marital fidelity.
Steady Work Oil
Believed to assist in gaining and maintaining regular employment.
Stop Gossip
To shut the mouths of false friends and those who speak ill of you.
Three Jacks and a King Oil
Very popular with those who play at cards and other games of chance.
Tobacco Infusion Oil
Used in court case and spiritual contact work.
Tranquility Oil
A peaceful, soothing scent for calmness, gentle thoughts, and quietude.
Uncrossing Oil
Said to remove crossed conditions, break a jinx, or put an end to bad luck.
Each bottle contains a Broken Chain.
Van Van Oil
Used for opening the way and dressing mojo bags; increases the power of amulets.
(This oil is especially popular to anoint a Rabbit Foot Charm, which we sell.)
Victory Oil
Used when seeking triumph over rivals or enemies.
Wealthy Way Oil
For prosperity and plenitude.

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