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So, to kick things off here in my PaganSpace blog (which, by the way, I'll probably not use very often - you're better off checking my website,, I have an exciting story.

After almost 9 years of walking this Path (yes, I was 11 when I started - young, naive and dabbling [then] for the wrong reasons), I have finally come out to my mother about my spirituality and religion.

April 10th, 2008:
Today I decided to pull all stops and come out to my mum that I am following a Pagan path. Something in my head has recently ticked over and said "Stop taking bullshit from people, stand up for yourself, and be honest about who you are so you can get on with living." Pretty much everyone else I know (other than my grandparents, probably) knows that I'm Wiccan, and have been really accepting of that, because they've known me before they found out, and then when I tell them it's not that big a deal since they already know what I'm like.

I sent her an email (since she was at work and I tend to express myself better in writing anyway). I explained in the email that I have chosen the Wiccan path for myself, and explained a few of the basic ideas of Wicca ('an it harm none', etc).
I said in there that I was happy to answer any questions she had, and if I didn't know the answer myself I would endeavour to find the answer for her. I also made sure to explain it's not evil, threatening or Satanism.

I clicked 'Send'. Then awaited the onslaught of questions.

I received an email back.

My mum basically said (and I'm paraphrasing as I don't have the original email here at home with me):

Maybe I'm Wiccan too!
I think as long as you care for others and treat them with respect, have a respect for yourself, allow yourself to grow and don't hurt anyone in the process, then I don't care what it's called. All that's important is that you're happy.
I love you no matter what
Mummsie xxoo

I cried. It was the last thing I was expecting from my mum, who just a couple of years ago was in a bookshop with me and told me to stay away from the 'witchy' books. I was totally thankful to the Gods that it turned out better than I planned.

So I now have a fantastic "coming out" story to share - and I no longer have to hide my true self from her. I'm ecstatic about the outcome - couldn't be happier.

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