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Opening Your Third Eye~Scrying for Beginners

Opening Your Third Eye~Scrying for Beginners
by Donald Tyson

The Chinese sacred text The Book of the Yellow Castle refers to this as "the square inch field of the square foot house." The square foot house is the human face. The square inch field is what is known in Kundalini yoga as the ajna chakra. It is linked with spiritual vision.

Just as the physical eyes see the details of the material world, so doesthe third eye pierce into the secrets of the spirit realm. Visualize an eye opening in your forehead between your eyebrows.
The third eye is smaller than your physical eyes and stands vertically on its point.
It is roughly the size and shape of a large almond. Its left and right lids draw apart simultaneously to illuminate its orb with astral light.

Speak the declaration:
By my act of will, with the holy
fire of my guardian angel I open
and illuminate my third eye of
second sight.

When you see astral scenes through your third eye, you appear to see them through your physical eyes. This occurs because the extrasensory impressions of the third eye (which is a psychic, not a physical, organ) are translated into visual images that you are capable of understanding with your
ordinary consciousness. Always bear in mind that in this process of translation, symbols and archetypes are used. These must be interpreted before the scried perception will make any
practical sense.

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Comment by Egyptian Tigerlady on April 28, 2008 at 1:14pm
Boy did I need this...thank you for sharing! When my third eye is awakened....mostly what I perceive is shapes like a keliedscope. The outline of the shapes are usually white while the outside is greyish to black....I cannot controll my third eye but know that the Goddess is speaking to me when I do.
Comment by Dragonwraith on April 28, 2008 at 4:00pm
Mediation brings flashes when it comes to me using the Third Eye Workings
Ty for sharing
Anubis Blessings


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