well today was a crazy day just found out that Jess's brother is haveing a girl that makes 4 nieces and NO nephews . went all around bought some more mead in Jackson since we werealmost out and will need some for Einjerjar day. I worked out man am I sore. I also went to the Co- op and the nursery spent about 120 bucks but got a salt block and 2 lunges for the goats. dill, zinnias, cosmos, marigolds strawberrys and 3 kinds of tomatoes early girl baby boy and romas. jess's uncle has a canner so we should be ok. . my roomie had a scrath in his eye and we waited at the doctor for a couple hours. as he got in the door on the side.I could fix it if I had a friggin welder . so now we are down to 1 working door in the van. started planting and with only half the tomatoes in the ground it started pouring. in fact in writingthis I had to stop and go get the salt block that was sitting out there. better luck tomorrow to do list is bleed the brakes, plant the tomatoes corn and cucumbers and maybe dig up a spot for the strawberries. at least it doesn't look like a drought this year


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