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ok, this is something confusing to me.
i always thought if you believe something and live it , then that is what you are. right?

but then i hear about these "self-initiations" for solitary witches, and group or coven initiations.
and im you have to be "initiated" to be considered a witch??
is this a common practice from far back in time?
or is this just something that people CAN do to make them feel more accepted as a witch?
or is it like a final transition thing?
like they worked so hard to get to a certain spiritual point and this like confirms it for them??

is it a MUST?

or is it a casual thing? like you can do it if it makes you feel more like a witch, but if you dont have it done then it doesnt make you any less of a witch kind of thing?

what do other people feel on the subject?

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Comment by dragon_wolf on July 8, 2008 at 5:38pm
i agree with peter its not mandated but it is like a comeing of age tradition i chose to take part in one and i had fun but ultamitly the choice is yours do as you heart tells you to and dont let any one tell you diferintly


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