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well i just found my fathers family online! i never knew much about them. my dad refused to talk about them.
turns out i had 2 uncles and an aunt. the aunts all thats left though unfortunately.
my grandmother was a horrible person! my dad hated her and unfortunatly i learned why today.
i have SO many mixed emotions right now.
im happy, but then learning the things ive learned im mad , ect....
this is quite alot to take in in one day! wow.

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Comment by Holly on June 29, 2008 at 12:03am
I understand the not knowing your family thing. My mother never told me anything about her family. I just kind of found it out on my own. It's weird once you find them isn't it? It's hard. You just have to remember your family, no matter how bad they are, don't make who you are as a person. I had good and bad experiences once I found my family. Good luck to you. Keep an open mind and remember that every story has two sides to it.


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