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Sunday, March 14, 2010
6:12 PM

Hey! If you like me-you’re gonna like me
Took me 48 friggin’ years JUST to get to be me
Hey! If you don’t like me-no sweat off either ones backs but if I got your back anytime you need one jack(that’s 80 shit)
Hey! If you’re gonna keep Talley’s to who said this and said that-let it just roll off our backs into waves of the sea
Hey! It’s okay with me
Hey! I won’t disrespect you nor will I let you disrespect me
Hey! If you can’t stand the colors that won’t run
Then our friendship has never began, go back to where you came from-just like you came.
Hey! I’ll respect yours just the same.
Hey! If you look for the good in the world and in the people and see the their brightness shine on thru
Hey! There might be something they can do for you.
Hey! If you see someone hungry-give them a sandwich
Always pack 2, someone will take it from you.
Hey! We can be friends ,talk about the weather, or how uncle Sam is stealin’ your bucks.
Hey! it’s called LIFE and sometimes it that sucks!
Hey! Pop a top and have a few and dance the night away and have fun from dusk to dawn
Do you’re part and don’t drink and drive-I want my kid a live
Hey! Did you FART?!” “gas x” is good for that
Hey! Don’t beat your woman or kids
‘cause life don’t work that way
Hey~! Don’t touch that little girl or boy that way
Hey! I tell ya what.. you beat your kids and wife and give ’em a miserable life
Hey ! I got some friends to kinda like take care of you.
But hey! This is to you who try so hard it makes you cry,
Here’s to you who feel lost and who feel hopeless and helpless
Reach out and talk to someone, anyone who has the ear to listen
You Are Here for a reason and maybe
Hey! It’s to make me smile!

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