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Dec. 12 2012 The end of the world ????

Some people beleive that the world as we know it will end on December 21 2012. Let me begin by saying that I am not convinced. Dec.12 2012 may have no more impact on us then Y2K did. Yet Y2k created a great deal of fear, yet resulted in no significant problems. That said, there is much evedence that 2012 may have significant consequences. There are references to this date in the historical documents of the Mayan, Tibetens, Egypyians and the Chinese. Another prediction came from Nostradamus, who said an earth size comet would hit the earth around this time. Einstein said," If the bee population disappears from the earth, man would only have four years to live" { based on the need for bees for plant fertilization} The bee population has dropped by 70% over the past 2 years. The Mayans based the end of the world on thier calender. Their calander was based on a combination of 3 calanders. Their religious calander, the solar calander, and their long count calander.The long count could record any day in history because it is the measure of days from the begining of humanity (according to them) to the end of humanity. The number system used by the Mayan used 5 sets of numbers seperated by a decimal, The first day of their long count calander was ,which is equivalent to Aug. 11 3114 BC of the Gregorian calander. The Mayan long count calander ends on which equivalent to Dec 21 2012. For that date they predicted an event called "The Sacred Tree' which occures once every 25,800 years. We can look at this event from a scientific point of view. It is known that every 11 years, the sun flips its magnetic poles. The sun does not flip; only its magnetic field causing very large solar flares.The next flip is due in dec 2012 This flip will be slightly different then past flips as our 2 largest planets, Jupiter and Saturn will be in line. Also, the Mayan " sacred Tree' event will occur at the same time. At this time the sun is also lined up with the centre of the milky way galaxy where scientists believe a black hole exists. The conjecture is that the alignment of both planets and the black hole may create enough gravitational pull to not only flip the suns magnetic field, but also the earths magnitic field causing devistating earth quakes and volcanoes It is this point in time were the Mayan calander ends. Ther is another prediction for the year 2012 written by a Dr. Mau. He believes that the termoil of 2012 would not be the end of the world, but the begining of a new age of enlightenment when mankind would begin to reactivate our inate abilitys such as telepathy and multi dimensional thought. What ever it is you believe about 2012 , I would be interested to hear your comments. Personnaly, I believe the world will end in about 5 Billion years when the sun burns out. Thanks for reading. Terry

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Comment by Theia Raayne on August 29, 2008 at 6:38pm
Merry Meet Terry! I have heard about this before. I try not to think about stuff like that b/c I tend to get myself caught up and worked up about it. I start thinking "just great! It's my time to live and now it's all gonna end, my kids, I don't want them to have to suffer thru it ". It's mom here trying to protect and would go thru anything just as long as my kids wouldn't be hurt... Back when I was little and was Christian, they'd start preaching about Armageddon and it would scare the heck outta me! But, every so often, this topic keeps popping up and I always tend to end up finding it (end of the world predictions that is). When Y2K was coming around, I'll admit, I held my breath for a few> (silly I know)....then nothing happened. As usual, we won't know if this prediction is true until Dec.21, 2012 rolls around. Until then, I'll try not to drive myself crazy thinking about it-lol! j/k! Blessings to you and yours!
Comment by MommaWhiteCougar on August 30, 2008 at 5:07am
The Millennium Bug didn’t bite us
Ma Shipton says our end is near.
The Mayans and Hindus say
2012 ends mankind's day,
And a comet will hit us next year.

A brown dwarf haunts the galaxy -
There’s Aliens inside the Moon.
Mountains are crumbling
And icecaps are melting
They all say it’s almost our doom…
I’m a’gettin tired of Armageddon!

When it comes, it comes...Momma.
Comment by spiritlove on September 6, 2008 at 4:08am
hi and Merry Meet Terry i read what you had to say with intrest as i was reading something on the net the other day about the significance of 2012 ,i dont know what to make of it really but i think there might be changes that take place ,but that said you have to ask yourself if we arent already experiencing world change anyhow .Over here in England we have had about 3 weeks of summer and the rains are getting worse ,the ice caps are melting and over all the seasons have altered somewhat from what we used to expect.I think some of this is down to human misuse but i also think that there is a natural element to what is happening and that while we should respect all nature if those that dont see earth they only see power and money actually stopped for a minute and thought about things then the world wouldnt end in disaster it would just change slightly .This is only my therory on things but i thought id drop you a line anyhow.Take care until next time Merry Part and Blessed be xx
Comment by spiritlove on September 6, 2008 at 4:10am

Comment by spiritlove on September 6, 2008 at 4:11am
i was browsing some pics yesterday and found this i thought you might enjoy it ,Blessed be xx
Comment by Soul Windchime on September 7, 2008 at 10:15am
With no means of clashing, there was someone who clubbed the Mayans with the Hindus(??) said that the Hindus said that the world would end in 2012. I differ.

The Hindu religion being much older than most of the other world religions and also the Semitic religions has already writings that outline the great flood (Matsya avatar) in the 10 incarnations or avatars of Lord Vishnu which show the process of evolution from the fish to the super human. The Kalki avatar is expected at the end of the fourth yuga as there are 4 yugas that divide Time starting from the first, that is the Satya Yuga to the Dark Iron Age or Kal Yug. The fourth yuga is when man reaches the crescendo of crime, darkness, evil etc. and Vishnu comes down to vanquish all evil and there is a sense of apocalypse. But at no point in time there is a mention of a date because the Time sense in Brahma's life and in human years is not the same. There are of course speculations and we are in the 51st year in Brahma's life. Wherever that leaves us.

A kalpa is a day in Brahma's life or Time of creation and pralaya is the night in Brahma's life and Time for dissolution. This kalpa ends in 427,000 years. And frankly I dont think we have exhausted it :) These are just calculations made by man.

I couldn't care less if the world ends tomorrow but the point of all this (and I am not one for religious debate) that these baseless things just create panic and as you said the panic over Y2K and dooms day in every other religion is in my opinion a way to instill fear. Personally I think just live your life right and we'll see when (and if) Kalki arrives.
Comment by Joseph Andrew Zuchowski on September 23, 2008 at 12:35am
Hello terry, I, personally concur with you. Let's look at some of those claims, Saturn and Jupiter are approximately seven light hours from the sun, and even they're combined mass is still about 1 1/100,000 of the sun, hardly sufficient to affect something the size of the sun, also our position in the milky way galaxy is about 30,000 light years from central point and we are on the narrow part of the arm so it is very unlikely that we will align with the center, if anyone is interested a the formula to determine the amount of miles in a light year is: 186,000 (lightspeed) times itself, now multiply that by 60 times itself then this you multiply by 24 then this times 365.4, this is just the amount of miles in one light year. our sun is 8 light minutes away. As for Nostradamus, he claimed the world will end in the year 3,000, I don't think anyone around now will be to verify that. Finally, I find it interesting that the Mayans were able to predict the end of the universe and not the end of their culture. Joe
Comment by Goldenwolf on October 8, 2008 at 1:14pm
I'm not entirely sure what, exactly, is going to happen here on this Earth of ours soon. All I know is that something -will- happen, because it must. Something's gotta give. I would love to believe what the mystics are saying, that we will soon "evolve" into consciousness, and that Mankind will finally wake up. I believe that no change can occur without some discomfort (to put it mildly) and it will be no different with the human race, but at this point in time I really don't see how we could rise above ourselves and make this transition without some divine help. Because either we change as a species, or we and our planet are screwed. I just don't see that humanity is yet capable of this on our own. What 2012 heralds is anyone's guess, if it means anything at all, but -something- is going on in the energy of this world. Everyone feels it, and it is coming faster and getting more intense with each year. I just hope it is a sign of -good- transition, painful as it may well be. I guess we'll just wait and see.
Comment by ShunDei on October 13, 2008 at 2:28pm
I belive when it ends it ends. I dont really look at what others try to speculate. I belive in living life to its fullest today,and not worry about tomarrow. For each day is a New day.
Comment by Rennwyn on November 29, 2008 at 12:52pm
I believe it was the history channel that recently aired the various prophecies concerning 2012. They listed several prophecies, including those of the Oracles in Delphi and Rome, ancient asian prophecies (I Ching), and a modern computer program that was designed to forcast the stock has since gone on to give other predictions as well...and all accuratly...and it too says the end of things will happen 12.20.2012. Scientists now believe that the earths crust will also shift, which would put Alaska on the equator. With the polar ice caps melting, the solar storm due to hit earth (which will devastate not only because of the electronics we depend on but due to the hole in the ozone layer) and the fact that we will be in the center of the Milky way will all combine to cause this dramatic shift of the earths crust or a shifting of the poles as has happened before. According to this program, the Earth enters the center of the Milky Way every 25,000 years. I am not so worried about this event, but am worried about the solar storm and the possibility of a shift in the earths crust.

This entire thing causes me to wonder what life will be like for those who survive whatever happens. As this has happened before, perhaps man lived prior to the event and only a few survived , keeping the knowledge as best they could, bringing about the capability of the building of the Pyramids, draining of the swamp land Rome now sits on, etc. all the wonderful advance technologies that once existed but somehow were lost over the years, only to be rediscovered in the past 200 years or so. Or perhaps someone found the knowledge and tucked it away to be lost forever. I could be way off on this line of thinking, but it's fun to think about. I've been toying with the idea of writing a book based on what I believe life will be like after this massive event.


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