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Its odd how family can get under your skin isn't it. Some members of such I mean. Now I most definitely do not fit in with mine in general. Different ways of thinking afterall. Yet despite the differences I get along with the vast majority. All of them in complete honesty. Proably has somthing to do with living two hours away from the nearest of the extended. There is that exception though. My sister. Older then me by seven years on paper but otherwise she acts like some spoiled little kid. One proned to violent outbursts if she doesn't get her way. A rare occurrence in my lifetime so there should have been none right? How wrong that thinking would be. And yes I realize this is the airing of dirty laundry but I'm in the mood to vent folks. I need to. It will keep from snapping at someone who doesn't deserve it. And my sister is the only one who can still push me close to or over that linr. She's like our father in that way. To damn much like him. Others might get me upset but these days I can let it go. Mostly. Amazing what a complete change in your priorities can do for you. A sibling though has that magic all their own that let's her or him still manage to get to you. Not as much as in the past mind you. Last night for example I 'politely' told her and her ever present self-pity to,well I won't spell it out here. We'll keep things somewhat pg that way. Started with an f however and ended with an f. I'm expecting to hear about it. If not today then sometime soon. You just don't talk to the princess like that. She is superior afterall. Even more so these days since she joined up with Penicostals. Though how that came around I have no idea. And no I don't know if I spelled their name right. Don't care either. They are people I can go my entire life without interacting with. Let's digress though from all of it. You don't want to hear my grumblings. If you read this far however thanks. Now I'm off for the day. Have a good one all. Until our pathes cross again. Blessings.

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Comment by ΨClydeΨ on January 25, 2015 at 9:16am

Pentecostal, I bet she gives you hell about your spiritual path if the topic ever comes up.

Comment by shalon on January 25, 2015 at 9:21am

For someone who I don't think understands what faith is in general you bet your ass. She's one of those experts in all things afterall. We'll leave it at though. Have a good one brother.


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