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It's the Friday before Independence Day (4th O'July next Wednesday), and I know. Most people celebrate the weekend AFTER the holiday, but around here no one cares. Before, after, as long as they get wasted they're happy. So this being said, I know that today my day is bound to be ruined by someone or some thing.

Here are my 4th of July plans.

One: on my way to work today, traffic is going to be hell-acious. Two: the bridge is going to be crowded. Three: I work in the ghetto, people are going to be in & out buying 40's ALL day. LOL.

& even though the local radio announcers specifically said, "We're waiting until NEXT Friday to celebrate 4th of July in this area." there will still be the drunk drivers. Not to mention, there is sure to be a roadblock at Carpenters Bluff which isn't that bad. I mean at least they'll run off the crowd maybe. But I go a crossed the Bluff to go to work & to come home. That should be fun, considering I'm still waiting on my tags to come in the mail, which I sent off for and sent them my last proof of insurance paper with it. But I have a printed off version of my insurance, but that's going to seriously look fishy,

Police Officer: "Ma'am... why is this printed out?"

Me: "I'm sorry officer, but I accidentally signed up for paperless a few months back. But when I canceled the paperless and wanted the paper, they sent it to me. One I accidentally sat under a coke and the perspiration ruined it. The second is in the mail with my tag papers, so's I can get my new tags."

Either I'm going to come off as an irresponsible young lady, or a fraud & possible vehicle thief.

So that's my before plans, so far. Does anyone have 4th of July plans, before or after?

AND! It just hit me, Lammas is just around the corner & my mothers birthday... I need to get her something A.S.A.P. Time has just flew by this year, it's so odd. Because for me, normally, it takes forever. But we're already half way done with this year... it's madness.

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