Beltane Comes......

Beltane comes on the hooves of a deer,

The racing of your heart when the God is near.

Beltane comes with the bellow of the stag,

Routing the winter and the icy hag.

Beltane comes with a primal roar.

The waves are crashing on a distant shore.

Beltane comes in the Bel-fire’s light,

A flickering haven in the dark of night.

Winters gone and the spring is here,

Away with hunger! Away with Fear!

God and goddess, entwined in the dance,

Reliving once more the first romance.

With her below and him above,

Creation sparks with the heat of their love.

Now he’s below and she’s astride

Her rhythm comes from the moon and tide.

Beltane comes and we all rejoice,

Uniting our joy into one loud voice!

Is that distant thunder or the sound of drums?

One and the same, when Beltane comes!



Beltane 2011

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